My Vampire System Chapter 1308: The Dalki special

With the chaos still going on the other planets, the Cursed group had yet to decide what their next course of action was to be. Sam had debated whether or not he should aid the Graylash faction or the Earthborn group. However, due to nothing happening to the Cursed faction planets yet, and no sign of the five spiked Dalki known as Graham, they had decided not to move out just yet.

On top of this, due to the recent warning that they had received from the all-mighty being called Bliss, Sam was In no rush to leave or go anywhere until they had either more information on the vampire world or the next move the Dalki would make.

However, just like before, when the whole world was watching the Cursed faction face Slicer, everyone was currently waiting for the outcome of the Graylash family.


After receiving the news from Hermes that a five spiked Dalki had been spotted with a large force heading their way, Grim and Owen rushed back as quickly as they could. They were able to charge their feet with lightning allowing them to move at a speed some beast armour wouldn’t even allow them to.

They could also move as fast as lightning, but that was only limited to a certain area and took a large amount of energy, so this was the best way to travel.

The good news was that the main planet that Owen and the others were on were filled with dark clouds and would often rain. Today was one of those days.

It gave a boost to the Graylash family, as their lightning attacks dealt more damage to the Dalki below. At the same time, the lightning power was good for both medium-ranged attacks and close range.

It was because of this, the Graylash family were faring better than others when fighting against the Dalki.

And there was one person leading them all while Owen was away.

“Keep up the pressure. Those at the front line, when you reach thirty percent of your MC levels, remember to switch. Head back to the Shelter and recover!” Hermes shouted.

In front of the Shelter, the Graylash family had set up several barriers of walls that they referred to as Bunkers. They had a small gap in the middle where they could fire off their abilities while hiding their bodies. These were often split into groups with not just the Main Graylash branch members, but they also had support type ability users with them by their side as well as other strong far ranged ability users.

Once in a while, the Dalki were able to break through and injure some of them. Still, when Hermes could see that happening, he and an attack force would go out and fight the Dalki that couldn’t be dealt with before, with hand to hand combat, and by his side were those that were best at it with their beast weapons and more.

In the meantime, the injured group would receive emergency healing and then head back to the base to swap with another group. Even minor injuries weren’t a problem for the Graylash group, that was until the five spiked Dalki appeared, with an army of around three hundred behind him.

“The rest of you stay back. Follow me on my command!” Green Horn ordered, and like well-trained soldiers, the Dalki stood there. Until this point, they had only been small groups of the Dalki. Even though there were around 50 thousand trained fighters in the Shelter, the actual ones with lightning abilities numbered approximately five hundred.

If the whole Dalki force was to charge at once, the Graylash members that were out in the front line bunkers imagined they would lose their lives instantly.

Yet, for some reason, only one Dalki moved forward.

“Fire!” One of the captains ordered, one seeing the Dalki come within range.

Abilities of not just lightning were headed towards the Dalki. Since there was only one Dalki, another order coming from the opposite flank had also ordered an attack.

Around twenty lightning users had fired off their attacks from each Bunker along with other ability users, hitting the five spike.

Greenhorn’s body was encased in what looked like a blue flame, even though it was lightning, and only its black figure could be seen. Eventually, when they thought they had done enough, the figure could be seen still standing there.

It hadn’t moved, nor had it fallen over like the ones it had attacked in the past. Seeing this, there was one person more nervous than ever. Everything in his gut was telling him that their attack hadn’t worked.

“The front line, second line, third line, and fourth line retreat to the castle now!” Hermes shouted, sending out the critical message to them all.

However, it seemed like it was a second too late. Green Horn had leapt up in the air, and on his way down, he readied his fist, swinging it back. As soon as he could see the Bunker he swung out his fist smashing the whole place to pieces. It looked like a small bomb had gone off in the building as parts of the rubble seemed to disintegrate from the sheer power.

When the others could finally see what had happened, the wfrom squad in the Bunker had been wiped out with a single hit.

“It looks like since getting a five spike, my scales have evolved to the point where your lightning doesn’t really affect me.” Green Horn smiled. “Now, where is that one form earlier?”

The others listened to Hermes’ orders and started to leave their bunkers heading for the Shelter. However, it was still a few hundred meters away before they could reach the Shelter walls.

Looking around him and looking at his fist, Green Horn wondered something as he saw the others running away. He started to pull back his fist once more. He then raised up one of his legs like a pitcher getting ready to throw out a ball. Carefully he aimed at a bunker that was around twenty meters away from where he was.

Just like a pitcher, he went and swung his arm out, delivering a punch as hard as he could, and a loud bang was heard. As a shockwave was made, it seemed like energy itself had formed in the air, as a ball of orange coloured energy went out.

The second it had hit the Bunker, an explosion was made, and pieces from the ground were chucked up everywhere, an attack just as strong as one done with his own fist was made, and the second group of the Graylash’s had been animated. Even though the Dalki army had yet to make its move.

Bonny and Void were filming far away from the wall. They had their drones out but the weather condition made it harder for others to see. Still, Void’s camera had a higher spec allowing him to film it directly.

“I’ve never seen a Dalki make an attack like that?” Bonny said. She had stopped reporting on the fight like she was doing, since her shock had made her speak on instinct.

Hermes, who was by her side, was gritting his teeth. He wanted to go out there and help them but knew that it would be somewhat useless.

“It seems like every Dalki at the five spike stage is a little unique,” Hermes observed. “The ones the Cursed faction fought with, had a sharp strong tail I had never seen before, and now this one can release energy from its hands, allowing it to attack at a far range as well. This means, we have just lost our advantage. Even we on this wall aren’t safe right now.”

Hermes knew there were still many things they didn’t know about the Dalki, how far this attack could go, did he need to wind up like he did earlier, and that’s when he realised from the look on Green Horn’s face. He didn’t know either.

“Hahaha, what is this!” Green Horn smiled. “I just wanted an easy way to deal with them, other than going over there myself. I thought maybe the wind could do the job for me, but the energy left my fists. With this, maybe I can become the next leader!”

Walking forward, it looked like Green Horn was now ignoring the Bunkers. When he was eventually around fifty meters away from the walls, he received attacks from not just Hermes, but the rest of them as well. However, it looked like it did nothing to the five spike.

Green Horn smiled as he continued his wind up, lifting up his leg and pulling back his arm, then in one smooth motion, swinging his arm out while shifting his weight forward, he threw out another orange energy blast.

It was heading straight for the wall, and that’s when it was as if the gods themselves were protecting the border. A large blue lightning bolt came striking down out from the sky. Hitting the yellow energy and causing it to fall into the ground, exploding the rocks below, and creating a large crater.

The rocks continued to be thrown with such energy that when they hit the walls, it had created holes and had damaged a few people that were close to the walls in the Shelter. It was proof of just how strong the Dalki’s attack was.

As for the one that had saved them, they could see him standing in the deep crater, with half of his white robes torn, showing his masculine chest and frazzled long hair. It looked like the god of thunder himself had crashed down from a meteor, and he did not have a smile on his face.

“I made mistake by letting you get away, but I will make sure not to repeat it!” Owen said.


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