My Vampire System Chapter 1307: Crossroads

Feeling there was some sort of tension in the room with Quinn and the mystery woman. Sam had suggested that they all get some rest while a few individuals would talk with the new stranger.

Of course, Sam also wanted to find out just what exactly happened to Quinn while he had stayed behind on the island. However, he wasn’t hopeful for a lot of information, considering how soon after Quinn was able to leave the place after them.

The group of Cursed individuals selected for this conversation were Layla, Vorden, Peter, Sam, Logan and Fex. The closest individuals to Quinn and the ones who understood the fuller picture of everything going on.

While the rest decided to check on themselves in the medical bay and took the well needed rest, they deserved. Still, there was a question on everyone’s mind at the moment. They were sure they had heard Quinn call the strange individual a god.

The group had moved into one of the break rooms, where there was a coffee machine and some snacks for them. It was emptied at this point and time and on one side, all of the Cursed faction were sitting down while Bliss was on the other, having made herself a cup of tea as if she was at home.

She hadn’t even asked what weather she could do or not. One thing they were pleased about was she didn’t seem like an enemy at least.

“I can see that you know a little about me then, although I’m starting to wonder if all you Talen’s have a bad temper. You can stop glaring at me. I’ll get to the point and tell you why I’m here.” Bliss said.

“As you are aware, I am one of the many gods that belong to the Earth’s solar system. I have been living since the beginning of time, and through that, I have been called many things, the Divine being at one point and time.”

The others were starting to wonder whether or not they were listening to a crazy person at the moment, but there was one reason they were inclined to listen. On top of Quinn’s words calling her a god, they had seen her use multiple abilities or powers. Something only the Blade family could do so far.

“My power allows me to see into the future, I receive set vision in points and time, and since every time I die, I go into one of the human bodies, I have decided to make it my job that you guys survive whatever chaos was meant to get rid of all of you many many times before. Just like in the past, a disaster fell on the world, and my vision saw it collapsing. However, Ray Talen was there to save them, which is why I have come to you, Quinn Talen.”

The others looked at each other, wondering if they were all hearing the same thing, and judging by the strange looks they gave each other, it seemed like they were. Still, once again, Quinn was continuing to listen intensely.

“Now, based on my visions, I theorized that there were two points in time where you could change the outcome of the human race. The first one being on Blade island, stopping the Dalki from getting the Dragon.

“In my vision, you failed, and it looks like you have still failed even now. This means you only have one more option to stop the Dalki from winning this war, which is in the vampire world. Stop them from defeating the Dragon there, and you have a chance at winning this thing.

“As for why I have decided to tell you this, even though you should somewhat know this already, is because you are currently at a crossroad, Quinn. I am a little worried that you might not choose the right option, so I have decided to intervene to help guide you to the correct option. Go to the vampire world.”

After finishing her long explanation, Bliss drank her cup of tea in front of her and looked as calm as ever.

Following the conversation, Sam figured what the crossroad might be. Right now, the Earthborn group, and Graylash group are fighting with the Dalki, having obtained one half the Dragon, they are likely to make their move in the vampire world any day now.

At the same time, their attack would continue, including the Cursed faction they had yet to touch. Quinn would have to give up protecting the Cursed faction to go to the vampire world and stop them from killing the other half of the Demon tier beast.

When looking at Quinn to see if he had grasped this as well, Sam could just see anger on his face.

“Tell me, if you could see the future, then why didn’t you warn us about what was going to happen on Blade island?” Quinn asked. “You’re strong. You have powers of a god, so why didn’t you join the fight as well?”

Bliss let out a sigh once again as if the question was annoying, and the answer should have been obvious.

“There is a reason why I don’t try to intervene too much. I don’t know if my visions are based on me intervening in the first place. In the past, trying to fix problems, all my visions came true, but the Talen family had changed that. At the same time, even if I did warn you, would that have stopped you from going? Could you have prepared more?

“Let me give you a guess without using my powers. If you had sent more of the Cursed faction there than you had done, then you would have just brought back more body bags with you.”

Quinn was annoyed by her answer, but she was right. He just didn’t like the fact that she wasn’t really telling him much. She was just giving him options that he already knew about.

“Some god you seem to be. You can see the future but can’t act on it. Then you are no different than a Banshee.” Quinn said.

Trying to ease the tension between the two, Sam decided to ask his own questions.

“You say you are one of the gods, then are there other gods that are trying to protect Earth at this moment as well, and is there anything else you can tell us. Such as who is alive at this moment or what more we could do?” Sam asked.

“The other gods are mostly dormant. When we die, our powers or our will passes onto another. For example, the god of war might sprout in a young child who is a master on the battlefield, but his memories and such would stay forever dormant. Unfortunately, as time has gone by and we have been needed less and less, their powers and memories have become more dormant. It seems like I am one of the few that is still able to help.

“As for your second question, I can not. I can tell you what you want to ask.” Bliss said, looking at Quinn. “I do not know if the man known as Richard Eno or Brock are alive or not. I can’t answer questions about this war because I honestly do not know much about it. But what I can tell you is that they no longer appear in my visions after this. Take that as you will.”

Bliss answered another questions of Sam, because he even wondered what had happened to Eno and Brock.

After answering this and finishing what was in her cup, Bliss stood up.

“Staying here for a long period of time is bad, so I will take my leave, but who knows. If you succeed in the vampire world, you will see me again.” Bliss lifted up her staff, and the crystal started glowing.

“Wait, you just come in here, say all that and just leave. I still have things I need to ask you!” Quinn said, standing up and holding out his hand.

[Skill activated shadow lock]

His skill activated, and the shadow portal was seen opening, but her body wasn’t going into the shadow for some reason. A strange barrier of light started to ripple as if it was stopping her body from moving.

“What ability is that?” Layla wondered.

“It is not an ability,” Bliss said, winking back. “It’s magic.” The next second she was gone.

Quinn was beyond annoyed. After Wevil’s death, the Cursed faction was hurt, and Richard and Eno went. He had so many questions and no one to answer them, he didn’t even have the time to ask Bliss about the sword that Layla had carried. Or whether Jim was really dead.

‘Quinn, do not think you have gotten nothing out of this. Remember, in your dimensional space right now, there is one person you can still speak to that knows a bit more. On top of that, we have the Demon shield at our disposal.’ Vincent said.

It was true, and Jim was dead, which was news he had yet to tell the others, at least he thought he was.

After the meeting with Bliss, everyone continued to have their rest. They had almost slept for an entire day and a half.

Once the group seemed to be working at close to a hundred percent again, Sam called a meeting for all Cursed leaders.

It was time for them to update everyone on what was happening. Linda still looked a little lost but had attended, and a plan was set for when everyone could say their goodbyes to Wevil. There was no mention of the mysterious woman that had appeared. They decided to avoid any questions since Quinn didn’t really get much information from her in the first place.

From Quinn, he was able to give the most information. They had learnt about Jim’s death, which was a celebration. Some thought similar to Quinn that perhaps Jim still lived on, especially since he had the ability to clone himself. However, knowing that the Jim Quinn faced could use the equivalent exchange ability, they assumed it was the real one.

On top of that, Quinn had delivered the news that Truedream and some of his men were working with the Dalki as well. The person Vorden was meant to be keeping an eye over ended up dying on his way back to the others from a masked.

Then finally, they learnt of what possibly happened to Eno and Brock, which spurred one person to speak up.

“I do have something,” Mona said, who had decided to stay with the Cursed faction. The Bree family had been split up into the three groups anyway, so all her family members were either fighting or on the Cursed planets, so she decided to stay.

“Richard, he told me… he told me where to go if he wasn’t to survive this attack. I think he might still have something that can help us.”

Hearing this, Quinn wondered just what Eno wanted them to see and what could possibly be at this place. Maybe he could learn more about just what type of person Richard was and his reason for trying so hard to protect the humans in the first place.


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