My Vampire System Chapter 1305: Goodbye

[Instant level up received]

[You are now level 70]

[Stat point has been gained]

[A top tier blood crystal has been rewarded]

‘Is that it?’ Was Quinn’s first thought. However, the system notification served as confirmation that Jim was indeed dead.

During the fight, a figure had popped up in front of Jim that looked identical to Quinn. When attacked with the blast from the shield, it had turned into nothing but shadows, while the real Quinn had managed to sneak behind Jim for a successful attack.

Quinn hadn’t known what the shield had been capable of, but in his mind, he only had one chance to attack Jim, so he had looked for a chance to finish it in that one shot. He wouldn’t get a second chance after this one, not if his trick was found out.

Before, Quinn had learned of a skill called the Shadow clone. He had already used it once during the fight with General Robin who had been Marked by the Demon tier tree. There was a difference in what Quinn had used this time, though.

The previous version of the Shadow clone had been less complete. The Vampire Lord had only been able to create a shadow of himself and allow it to stay in one place temporarily. There was no way he could control it or imitate it to do actions similar to his own, but he was able to this time.

His shadow had naturally grown stronger under the influence of the Shadow overload skill, and he had unlimited points to create a complete clone. It didn’t matter how long it lasted or what actions it needed to do. This was how he had been able to completely trick Jim.

Not only had it worked, but Quinn, using his inspect skill, could see it.

Pulling his hand from his chest, Quinn saw Jim fall to the floor. He was no longer moving, he didn’t say anything, and unlike Hilston, he wouldn’t have to worry about him having hidden some means to revive.

‘Is he really dead?’ Vincent asked, not quite sure himself what had just happened. Quinn’s quite desperate attempt at making the one who had been responsible for the Dalki’s creation and everything that followed after pay for his sins had actually worked.

The leader was dead. Looking at the body, Quinn felt conflicted. There was no real happiness since he had known this wouldn’t bring Wevil. If anything, Quinn felt like he had defeated the final boss in a game, only instead of a ‘Happy ever after’, there was still an army of Dalki left for him to deal with.

Part of Quinn had been longing for everything to be over with Jim’s death. Now that the Dalki had the Dragon, couldn’t they just let them find a way to extend their life and stop this pointless war?

But at that moment, a message appeared that brought him back to the reality of everything.

[Shadow overload skill has reached its limit]

[Shadow overload will now be deactivated]

[-500 MC Cells]

The drawback was the worst that Quinn had ever seen before, but his total MC cells were still in a better position than when he had first gotten to the island. At the same time, the walls of shadow started to dissipate, his shadow body was disappearing, and now he could see all the others.

The Dalki with the six spikes were all perfectly standing there in place.

‘What did killing Jim actually solve?’ Quinn thought at that moment. The Dalki were still alive, and they now had one half of the Demon tier Dragon. Arthur was still out there probably plotting or enacting his own revenge, and the war was still going on.

If anything, Quinn had only been able to satisfy his anger a little in vanquishing Jim.

‘I at least was able to achieve that. Now it wasn’t a complete waste coming here.’ Quinn thought.

The Dalki, seeing Jim dead on the floor, almost roared in anger and immediately went on the offensive. Although Quinn no longer had any MC points to use his shadow, his armour set’s Nitro accelerate was still active. The first thing Quinn did was pick up the shield lying on the floor by Jim’s side and lifted it up.

The Dalki soon stopped its hand before it touched the shield, knowing full well what would happen if it struck.

‘As long as I have this shield, it looks like I can protect myself from the Dalki.’ Soon though, Quinn could sense and hear that another Dalki was coming from behind. They were smart enough to surround him, looking for a chance to attack.

Each time, Quinn needed to move in place, stopping their attacks by bringing up the shield. He did this repeatedly, but now the two sides seemed to be in a stalemate as Quinn couldn’t afford to attack them either, not that he was sure he could injure them without using the shield either.

‘This is bad. The six spiked Dalki are fast. When the Nitro accelerate cools off, it takes away that stat points from my Legendary tier armour, which will slow down my speed to even slower than them. When that happens, what do I do then?’

“Boy, I hope you will never stop defying common sense and crushing my expectation!” Richard shouted from the other side. It looked like the Dalki had stopped focusing on him and were now all trying to attack Quinn.

“Soon, your speed will run out. We both know that. I asked you to get out of here before, and you need to do the same now.”

Hearing these words, Quinn couldn’t believe that Richard was being selfless for once. With the amount of six spiked Dalki there was no chance he or Brock would survive. They would both die in an instant.

The only reason why they were okay now was because the Dalki had deemed Quinn to be the biggest threat, that or they had some semblance of loyalty towards their creator.

‘If only I had MC points. I would have been able to put them both in my Shadow lock and then used my Shadow link to travel and get them out of here, but shadow lock still requires me to have MC points.’ Quinn thought.

Thinking like that led him to another realisation. The truth was, if he hadn’t focused solely on Jim, he could have made use of Shadow overload’s duration to save both of them by doing exactly what he had just thought of. It was because of his selfish desire for revenge at that moment that he had missed his chance to save them.

“I know I have made mistakes, I know I might not have treated you well, but I am happy to see how much…one who carries the Eno bloodline has grown. I want to thank Vincent as well, he was a great mind, and it was good working alongside him on the system. It seems that perhaps leaving Earth, the system will be one of my greatest creations because it was able to create someone like you.” Richard said.

None of the feelings Quinn had for Richard had been positive, despite or perhaps because of them being related. This made it all the more bizarre that, of all times, he was shedding tears for the man. Was it because he felt guilty? Guilty, that unlike Wevil he had been there to save someone, but had ultimately failed?

On his timer, Quinn could see that the Nitro accelerate skill was near its end. He had no choice. It was time for him to leave.

“Richard, I will save the human race!” Quinn declared there and then.

Placing the Demon tier shield in his dimensional space, Quinn activated his Shadow link. Sinking his body into shadows, and before he knew it, he was appearing by Sam’s side.

Part of him had felt that it would have only been proper to witness the fate of Richard Eno, but the logical part of him had accepted the fact that staying there would have just added to the body count.

“Quinn,” Sam said. “You made it back.”

Looking up, Quinn was happy to see the familiar metal hull of the teleportation room he was in. Even more so, the rest of the Cursed faction looked to have made it off the island alive. Although, from the wounds and blood on their body, it was obvious that it couldn’t have been easy for them.

“You guys, this is the teleportation room. What are you still doing here?” Quinn asked, looking around, but his head soon fell on her. A person that stood on the other end of the teleportation room, away from the others alone.

“We only just got here a little while ago, but you see, the reason we haven’t left is because of that strange woman that’s standing over there.” Sam pointed.

On a closer look, it looked like some of them had tried to move, and there was a scorch mark on the ground. Quinn could guess that they had been attacked, but why wasn’t she continuing to hurt them, and who could be strong enough to hold this group of people back.

“I see you have a lot of confusion on your face.” The female spoke. ” I knew you would be coming here and since I didn’t want to repeat myself I asked your friends to wait for your arrival, because that is what my prediction stated would happen. My name is Bliss… although from what I saw, Ray has already introduced me to you.”


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