My Vampire System Chapter 1304: Destroying the Temple

The five spike known as Slicer had by far been the toughest and strongest being the world had come to know. Everyone had witnessed the female Dalki’s strength on live broadcast as it had taken the combined efforts of Quinn and the Blade family to finish her off, and that was after she had fought Hilston Blade, the world’s strongest human.

After seeing that display of strength, there were those in the Cursed faction that believed if they ever faced a five spike again, it would be impossible for them to survive to tell the tale.

Hopefully, Raten and Layla could prove that false as the duo were in the midst of facing off against a five spiked Dalki. Her True Hannya form allowed her to produce the special flames, which she immediately used to further boost Raten’s strength.

It had all the benefits of her other forms, meaning her speed and strength were currently able to match that of a Vampire Lord, however Layla made sure to refrain from a frontal confrontation, especially since Raten was already going head to head with the Dalki.

The training with Leo and Erin had perfectly illustrated that in front of real experts her swordsmanship skills were still lacking. For the time being, she concentrated completely on supporting her ally, by throwing out the black balls carefully that would summon the spiritual chains on touch.

With her telekinesis ability she was able to move them, guaranteeing that the Dalki would be hit by them, locking it in place for a couple of seconds. This was when Raten, with his newfound power as a humanoid Demon tier beast, could go to work.

As quick as a machine gun, Raten stabbed the Dalki in the chest and stomach while it raised its hands to cover its face. His blades were sharp enough for him to piece the hard scales, leading to green Dalki blood forming a puddle underneath the creature, but not far enough to damage his organs.

However, as soon as the chains disappeared the Dalki was able to fully move again, and when it took its hands down a great smile could be seen on its face. It was getting stronger from drawing out more blood.

“You have gotta be shitting me! Don’t tell me a five spiked Dalki is stronger than a boosted Demon tier beast!!!” Raten cursed.

Although the five spike had yet to hurt him, Raten quickly experienced the difference between the now injured Dalki and its former self. After having received a power boost from evolving to the next tier, as well as the one Layla provided him with, it was extremely frustrating for him to face an enemy that seemed to be able to just nullify all of that.

Inside the Temple, Logan himself had just received a piece of devastating news.

“Sam, one of them is down!” Logan shouted.

Sam hadn’t just been sitting inside. With their defenses breached, he was also fighting all those in the Temple, preventing them from finding out about the teleporter. Up until now, it had looked as if the Masked had just been targeting the Cursed faction members. Unfortunately, receiving news from Logan, he instantly understood that one of them was referring to one of the jammers.

‘Should I ask Logan about the location of those jammers? Maybe I could get Borden to try and protect at least one of them to grant us more time?’ Sam contemplated.

However, seeing the amount of Masked were numbering in the hundreds from each side, this didn’t seem like a good idea. Finding out they were mere clones, told Sam that they would have no care for their life, and if their goal changed to destroying the jammers instead of defeating them, then they would easily be able to achieve it.

“Tell me when we’re down to two!” Sam decided to shout back.

It was then, that he could see Dennis, along with the Gorilla and snake had jumped back onto the roof, and now he was fighting from the top of the roof against the Masked. Slamming one of them down into the roof titles punching them with his fist no longer using his shadow abilities or his blood powers.

Now knowing how many of them there were, it looked as if he was preserving his blood powers, only using them if they were absolutely necessary.

‘They’ve been pushed back that far, it looks like we might have to use the teleporter before they even get to the jammers.’ Sam was concerned, even more so at the fight that was happening in front. If Raten and Layla didn’t figure out a way to take down the Dalki, then there was no one else that could stop them.

Raten and the Dalki were going toe to toe again matching in speed, Layla had attempted to get behind the Dalki, and she successfully breathed a breath of fire towards the Dalki. She also added in her Qi to strengthen it beyond normal flames.

But it seemed to have next to no effect on the Dalki’s hard scales. This was a similar problem to what Raten had. From time to time, he would shoot out parts of soft mud from his body, either trapping the Dalkis feet or its joints, but its strength allowed it to break through it, only slowing it down a little.

‘Patience, there has to be a chance!’ Layla thought, knowing her swordsmanship wasn’t up to par, she thought back to the lesson Leo taught her. As long as she knew her strength and her limits with her speed, she could predict when her attacks would hit and whether or not she could avoid a blow in time.

Once again, Raten jumped back and the Dalki chased after him, only to find himself stuck in wet mud, that hardened on the spot, the Dalki was ready to break through it as it had done before, but from the corner of his eye, it could see the girl with the black blade jumping. It was a difficult position for the Dalki to reach.

However, knowing her attacks hadn’t hurt it before, it decided not to pay it too much attention and focus on the Demon tier beast that could do it harm.

Layla swung hard with her blade. Up until now she hadn’t used it, since she was unable to power it with Qi, only able to rely on her own strength. Hoping for something to happen, the sword hit the Dalki on the neck, yet as expected its hard scales proved too hard for it to cut through, so she immediately widened the distance.

However, from his side, Raten noticed something, a change in the look of the Dalki’s eyes.

‘Did that sword somehow hurt him? But he’s not bleeding? It doesn’t look like it’s done any damage.’

The Dalki seemed concerned and was ready to turn around and deal with Layla, yet Raten thrust forward piercing the Dalki’s hand slightly, at the same time leaving a part of his mud to stiffen the area he had attacked.

‘Haha, I’m learning new things all the time with this body as well.’ Raten thought with a smile. “Hey girl, keep hitting him with that sword! This lizard doesn’t seem to like it!”

Raten started being more aggressive with his attacks and more of them were getting through, as the Dalki was concerned about the strange black sword. Layla could see the strange action in its movements, but she didn’t understand why.

Regardless, she decided to go forward attacking at the right time. She was able to successfully hit the Dalki multiple times and she could see more openings than before.

‘I see, the Dalki didn’t care about me before, it knew I could do no harm so it was able to only focus on Raten, but now it can’t decide who to focus on.’

The only thing was, Layla still felt like her attacks were doing nothing, even though she hit the Dalki time and time again, until…

For the first time it leapt back away from the two of them. On its back there were no longer five spikes, but four.

‘What?! How can this be? Can this sword also weaken the Dalki?’ Layla was flabbergasted. So far, she had discovered that Longblade’s gifted sword could negate abilities and Qi, so why could it now also make the Dalki revert back one of its spikes?

Neither one of them had an answer to this strange situation, but both of them saw the chance to turn the tides. The Dalki, also realising it had weakened, felt a sense of fear rise inside of him, and he was ready to turn around, but as he did, a flash and a whip-like sound was heard.

The next second, his body could be seen split in half, falling to the ground.

“How could that thing have given you guys so much trouble?” Peter asked with a smile on his face.

Raten, who was a second too slow, was shaking in anger.

“You…You…you stole my kill!”

Hilston’s body had already jumped in and was helping those inside the Temple, and it was the same for Vorden.

Seeing this, Sam had a big grin on his face.

“Everyone, inside the Temple now!” Sam shouted down the receiver, and all of those that were fighting moved into the open area of the Temple, the Masked following behind them. Thankfully, Vorden had a lot of strength, and with his wind powers, for those who continued to chase after them, jumping from the rooftops and were in the air, he was easily able to slice them apart, or push them back far into the wall.

“Alright everyone, it’s time for us to head back!” Sam declared.

“Wait! What about Quinn?” Layla asked, looking around.

“Quinn told us that he would meet us on the Cursed ship.” Vorden replied.

Layla wanted to ask why he would choose to stay here, but now wasn’t the time to risk their chance of escape.

“They’ve destroyed two more, we have to move now!” Logan hurried the others.

Agreeing to this, the whole group started to run back, towards the room where the teleporter was placed. They threw out their skills, powers and now all the blood abilities they had been saving they cast without worrying.

The Masked were flying through the air and they had no chance stopping this arrow formation of power. Blasting down the walls, the teleporter could be seen in place intact. Logan had activated during their run and it was time for all of them to go through.

“A teleporter! They have another teleporter inside!” One of the Masked cried out.

The first lot of the Cursed group had gone through without looking back.

“What the, why is there a gorilla with us? And why is he going in before me?!” Peter complained.

“Just get in!” Fex screamed, kicking Peter from behind moving him slightly forward.

“A little too late to figure that out! I hope you enjoy the present I left you!” Logan shouted, touching something on his arm as jumped through the teleporter.

Hidden devices all around the teleporter lit up and started to beep several times, flashing red. These devices had also been scattered in the several rooms in the Temple as well. The last person to enter the teleporter was Vorden, and seconds before he did, he heard a loud explosion going off. He turned his head at the sound to see grand explosions blowing off from all areas.

“Your one crazy person, Logan!” Vorden praised him with a smile. “It looks like there is no longer any need to ever come back to that dreaded island!”


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