My Vampire System Chapter 1303: Can't hurt the Dalki

After fighting all of the Masked and almost tripling the amount of MC points Quinn had, he was feeling confident in his shadow abilities. He still believed he was a long way off Arthur who had lived for 1000s of years using the Shadow eater as a form of punishment but still believed he was getting closer.

After all, the shadow was almost able to block any attack. Depending on the attack it would decrease by the appropriate amount of MC points based on its power. Which was why Quinn was quite confident going to face whatever Richard and Brock were up against.

Even seeing the six spike, Quinn had remained somewhat unfazed. He had planned to block the first strike with his shadow and then continue from there, but after blocking the first strike, all of his Mc points quickly went down to 0.

‘The sheer power from that punch. The six spiked Dalki was even able to go through that?!’ Quinn worried.

The strength of the Dalki’s punch proved to be stronger than Quinn’s shadow, it had slowed down once it had made contact but it was still moving forward aiming towards his body. If he was to get hit by such a thing, he was unsure he could actually survive.

‘With no MC points, I’m not sure this will work, or how bad the drawback will be. Maybe it will take more of my total MC cells but it’s the only thing I can do!’

[Enhancement soul weapon activated]

Almost instantly, Quinn’s body was covered head to toe in shadows giving him a shadow body, and once again he could use his shadow control raising a wall, blocking the Dalki’s hit.

‘This is bad, this is really bad! Although the Shadow overload skill works, I can feel it digging into my MC cells even worse than usual and if my theory is correct that the cost to be paid equals the amount of shadow being used during the time, it could very well mean I might lose nearly all of of them if I allow this to drag on.’

Right now, Quinn’s survival instinct took over. It told him that the best thing for him to do now was to run away and fight another day. Using the Shadow link he could easily head back to the Cursed faction by himself. After all, there wasn’t just one six spiked but another as well.

However, when Quinn looked at Jim’s face which was all smiles, he thought back, back to what had happened so far.

‘No, I can’t! I can’t! I said I wouldn’t return, until I at least pay them back for Wevil’s death. I can’t leave now when the person who is the cause of this entire mess, is right here in front of me!’

Realising this, Quinn used the full strength he had, draining the gauntlet of every last bit of power he still had left from the Dragon and gathering all of his Qi, he delivered a shadow filled fist of blood hammer. He swung down dragging his whole body back hitting the Dalki right in the stomach. If he couldn;t damage its scales he could at least attempt to damage it internally.

The six spiked Dalki was slightly lifted off its feet, its toes inches off the ground. Seeing this Jim displayed a surprised look.

‘This is the first full strength attack I have done since taking the Dragon’s energy. Thank god, I didn’t use it all up against the Masked. I can tell from my MC points that its punch would be more than devastating… but so was mine.’

Although the Dalki had been hurt, it wasn’t something it couldn’t take, and he was ready to retaliate by swinging at Quinn’s head, but the Vampire Lord was confident his shadow would block it.

Before Quinn’s shadow could even block it, the hand was hit by something else, a red lance that was continually spinning. The Dalki’s arm looked like it was being sucked up by the rotation, as the scales were ripped to shreds and so was the muscle.

“You did a good job, kid. Together we might be able to come out of this alive.” Richard said.

Quinn had heard his footsteps from a while back, so he knew he was on the move. What he didn’t expect was to see Brock on his back and the two Dalki chasing after him. Turning around, Quinn cast a wide range of the shadow path skill.

Nearly touching the entire floor. Hitting the Dalki it had slowed them down, but not enough to the point where it was highly noticeable. Their strength and speed was just too much. The two of them were ready for an attack, and it looked like even though Richard had been able to damage one of the arms, it was still in good fighting condition.

Seeing this, Quinn sunk the three of them into the shadows. So they would hit nothing but air, and soon they reappeared where they were originally standing from the shadow again.

“That damned power is so annoying, but I know you can’t keep that up, you fake Punisher!” Jim exclaimed. The sound of something else seemed to have caught Jim’s attention, and that’s when the others could see it as well.

Several of the ships that had first landed on the island were back in the air, only now they had something tied to them. A few seconds later as they hovered higher into the air, the Dragon became visible, either knocked out or so close to death that it was unable to resist being abducted.

Tied up by a strange black string substance, and this was also what was attached to the other ships as well. As they ascended higher into the air, Jim lifted his hand and a giant portal opened up above them.

“It looks like you have ultimately failed to protect the Dragon. They will soon be taking it to the Dalki base. We will use its power to create even more and once we have the other half, I will finally be able to make a complete Dalki.” Jim claimed, and at that moment the portal had closed, taking the Demon tier beast away.

The smiles and troubles didn’t seem to stop there, as three more Dalki had appeared from the forest. One of them also had spikes and it looked quite wounded, while the other two only had two spikes by their sides.

‘They must have been the ones that were fighting the dragon before. I guess a six spike’s strength really is strong. Strong enough to take out that Dragon! More and more of them just keep coming.’

Jim could see the despair in their eyes and although they had already been outnumbered, he placed his hands on both of the two spiked Dalki, transforming them into another pair of six spikes.

“I’m afraid that we have utterly failed. I doubt you’ll believe me, but I truly am sorry for having dragged you and your friends into this mess. Given your shadow ability, I know that you can escape on your own, so now I am telling you to do so.” Richard said. “I know you still had questions that you wished to ask me, and there are still ways for you to find those answers you seek but there is no reason for you to stay here. You need to leave this place now.”

They were now five six spiked Dalki, and on top of that a five spike Dalki still alive. Even if the whole Cursed faction was here, Quinn didn’t believe they could win. He knew Eno was right, but….

‘There is still one thing I need to do before I get out!!’ Quinn thought.

The next second his amulet started to light up. The energy from his Marked Dalki that were on the island were now being drained into Quinn. He had the power of three two spiked Dalki and a single one spike inside him. To top that off, the energy he had drained from the Dragon and he was still in his Shadow overload.

“I still have to make Jim pay!” Quinn declared as he threw his hands out creating two large walls of shadow. Blocking out everyone from his view apart from Jim. Immediately Quinn activated his Blue fang armour set.

[Nitro accelerate activated]

Due to the drawback of activating the armour set, Quinn didn’t wish to use the skill, but planning to leave right after, he needed to be fast, faster than ever. His extra strength allowed him to only use a single step to arrive by Jim’s side.

“I am not that slow either!” The former tenth family leader claimed as he lifted up the shield. He had to admit, he never thought that the young vampire could be this fast or this strong but it didn’t matter, for all of that would only work in Jim’s favour thanks to his shield. The shield was his back up, in case anything was to go wrong.

Quinn’s fist was ready and a shadow filled fist mixed with his red aura spinning like a drill was thrown out hitting the shield directly. At the same time, it started to light up, and Jim couldn’t wait to see the foolish boy perish by his own strength.

The blue shield fired off the energy it had contained hitting Quinn, and as it did, his body of shadow started to ripple, breaking up.

“Your life is not even worth Wevil’s.” A voice was heard from behind, but before Jim could even turn around. He could feel his body had already been pierced, and looking down, a hand covered in shadows could be seen, his heart had already been stabbed and was now no longer beating.

“I can’t hurt the Dalki, but I can kill you.” Quinn said.


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