King of kings CHAPTER list


CHAPTER 901-2050

Baiyun Middle School, Senior 3 Class 5, all the students were listening to the teacher’s lecture carefully.

    Suddenly, one of the dozing students stood up and looked around in amazement.

    The teacher on the podium roared: “Omi, what’s wrong with you?Sit down for me.”

    But the dozing student muttered, “I’m dead, aren’t I?Where is this place?What a strange place.”

    Omi looked around and saw that there was a black panel on both the front and back walls, and he didn’t know what it was for.There were many young boys and girls sitting in the entire room, and they were all looking at him at the moment.

    Omi immediately arched his hands to everyone and asked, “Fellow brothers and sisters, may I ask where this place is?Why am I here?Why is this place so strange.”

    “Hahaha!”The whole class burst out laughing, all of them secretly saying, what’s wrong with Omi today?

    The teacher on the podium roared in anger, “Omi, if you don’t sit down, don’t force me to get angry.”

    Only then did Omi look towards the podium and said, “May I ask this brother, are you calling me?Is my name Don Tzu-Chen?”

    The teacher’s face darkened and he actually called him brother, was this a game to him?

    The teacher was about to get angry, but Omi’s tablemate was busy pulling him down.

    The teacher glared angrily at Omi for a while before continuing his lecture.

    Omi looked at his tablemate and smiled, “Brother, you are…?”

    “What’s wrong with you today?”Carlos at the same table was busy asking.

    “Brother, do you know me?”

    Carlos wiped his sweat, crazy, Omi must be crazy.

    “Omi, class is in session right now, stop talking nonsense, be careful of the teacher throwing you out of class.”

    “Class?How come I’ve never heard of this place in Jianghu.”Omi muttered softly.

    Carlos shook his head speechlessly, ignoring Omi and continued to listen to the lesson.

    At that moment, Omi turned his head and shone his face on the window glass.

    Taken aback.

    “This isn’t me, who is this?”

    Omi was shocked to see himself, he didn’t even look the same.Omi was so stupid that he didn’t move for a full ten minutes.

    Omi felt incredulous that he had been caught by his teacher’s wife because he had peeked at his little sister in the shower and accidentally fell off a ten thousand foot cliff while running away.Omi only remembered that he finally only had time to yell, “Who the hell built the house so high.”After that, Omi knew nothing more, then woke up and found that in this strange place, even his name and appearance had changed.

    It was then that a flash of light came to Omi’s mind, and a nearly impossible word came to mind: soul rebirth?

    “No way, right?”

    Don didn’t move for another ten minutes, unable to accept such a ridiculous fact.

    “Ringing!”The bell rang for the end of class.

    Everyone walked out of the classroom.

    Omi suddenly felt an urgent need to urinate and busily asked his tablemate, “Brother, may I ask where the wash room  is?”

    Carlos wiped his cold sweat again and said, “Omi, stop it, okay?”

    “Brother, I’m really in a hurry.”

    Carlos helplessly said, “Go out and turn left, at the end.”

    Omi scrambled out of the classroom, and at the end of the corridor, he really smelled the smell coming from the wash room , and instantly confirmed that this was the wash room .

    “A thatched room in this world, surprisingly .

It really is more advanced.”Omi said under his breath.

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