King of kings 2540


However, Wizard had underestimated omi once again.

Although omi wasn’t that fast, omi was also close to creating everything.

In an instant, omi created millions of divine beasts and fiercely pounced towards Wud, who wanted to slap omi but was hindered by millions of beasts.

“Bang.”The millions of divine beasts instantly went up in smoke as Wud slapped down, his aim to slap omi was foiled.

“Ah.”Wode was horrified, he had reached a speed where he could escape from the cosmic bondage, but he was still unable to slap omi, what the hell was this sudden appearance of millions of divine beasts?

And at this moment, that Wutai’s face changed, secretly saying, “So many divine beasts appearing out of nowhere, these are real divine beasts, oh my god, this Wind Light Cloud, instantly creating millions of divine beasts, how could he, how could he do it, it’s going to be, going to be.”Wutai didn’t have time to think any more, yelling, “De’er, hurry, use your speed, get rid of the bonds of the universe, hurry, it will be too late, this Wind Light Cloud, he created so many divine beasts in an instant, if he continues like this, he will definitely be able to get rid of his bonds and become the master of the universe with his ability to create things, hurry.”

Wode heard his father’s words, his body trembled, it turned out that the countless divine beasts that had just suddenly emerged were created by Wind Lightning in a jiffy, this ability, spike him with speed unknown billions of times.

At this moment, Wode felt that the crisis was so great, that this Wind Lightning, without a word, was so close to the position of the Lord of the Universe.

It was too late to say anything else, Wode instantly sent out his highest speed, breaking all laws with speed, and getting rid of the limitations of the universe with speed.

And at this moment, omi’s gaze instantly changed, and omi’s aura suddenly soared, as if, omi had gone from a humble thing to something great, and that aura was nothing less than Wud’s father, Wutai.

Wutai was still trying to impact with speed. First URL

However, omi’s voice suddenly came from his ears, “Wode, you’ve got no chance.”

In the next second, Wode was suddenly unable to move.

“Ah, what’s going on?”Wizard struggled in fear, but no matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t move.

And then, omi disappeared, no, to be precise, he was everywhere.

omi’s voice once again rang out from the air, “I have become the Lord of the Universe one step ahead of you, and now, this universe, is my incarnation, my everything.You, however, are just a worm living in my world, and I made it impossible for you to move, hahaha.”

On the other side, Wud’s father, Wutai, was trembling, also as the Lord of the Universe, how could he not understand his son’s situation at the moment, if you want him to live, you can live, if you want him to die, you can die ah.

Wutai hissed in remorse, “De’er, look, it was yours, but now, it’s become someone else’s, De’er.”

Unable to move in mid-air, Wutai cried, “Father, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have come to him, I should have gone to become the Lord of the Universe first, sob.”

“O De’er, your wilfulness, your hesitation, made a great mistake, oooooh.”Wutai also wept.

The air resounded again, omi said, “This is my place, don’t waste my air in my place, Wutai, you are also the Lord of the Universe, I can’t kill you, but your son well, hmmph.”

Wutai Ton said, “Wind lightly,

If you have something to say, we’re all Masters of the Universe, why make it so awkward.”

“I pooh, who’s embarrassed with you.”

“Windy, in all seriousness, don’t be so capricious, okay?You let my son go, and we’ll pretend we’ve never met, nowadays, there are only five or six Masters of the Universe, is there a need for everyone to get so discordant.”

In the next second, omi appeared in mid-air.

omi said, “Wutai, any more talk is nonsense, your son, will die.”

“Wind Lightning, don’t bully others too much.”

“We are all Masters of the Universe, what can I do if I force you, can you kill me?Moreover, I became the Lord of the Universe by creating all things, and you don’t have an advantage when it comes to truly fighting.”

That Wutai snorted, “So damn naive, in short, let my son go.”

“I think it’s better to die.”In the next second, Wotai’s body turned into a cloud of smoke and was completely gone.

“No, Deer.”That Wutai hissed, watching his son, turning into nothingness, as Wud was reborn in omi’s universe, the equivalent of this universe, and omi, as the owner of this universe, wanted him to die for good.

Wutai Ton threatened, “Wind Lightning, I order you to resurrect him for me, do you hear me?”

omi harrumphed, “Do I resurrect your sister.”

“Yah yah.”Wutai was trembling with anger.

“Pah.”At that moment, omi slapped Wutai dry on his face, and Wutai was slapped by omi.

“You.”Wutai was shocked, everyone was a World Lord, and Wind Lightning dared to hit him.

Of course, it wasn’t that Wind Lightning was stronger than Wutai, but because, this was omi’s universe, and in omi’s universe, omi was everything, and if there were any other outsiders, no matter who they were, they wouldn’t be an opponent.Of course, that Wutai was also the Lord of the World, omi couldn’t kill him, even if he killed him in his universe right now, people would instantly be resurrected in their own universes.

Wutai gritted his teeth and said, “Wind and light clouds, the mountains don’t turn, we’ll see.”

“Get out of my universe, you’re not welcome.”omi snorted, omi wasn’t even afraid of being offended.

With that, Wutai walked away.

omi took a deep breath.

“So cool, I finally reversed at the last moment and became the master of this universe, otherwise, it’s unimaginable.”omi sighed.

At that moment, omi sensed that someone had entered his universe.

omi instantly knew who it was.

Before the person arrived, omi shouted, “Brother Any, you’re here.”

“Hahaha, Wind Lightning, I haven’t even arrived yet and you know I’m here, it seems that you’re not a fake, the Lord of the Universe.”That Brother Any laughed.

omi busily said, “Thank you any brother for the hint, if it wasn’t for you hinting, I wouldn’t have been able to find ideas in such a timely manner.”

“No, no, no, this is all your own doing.I, Jiangnan Yu, would like to congratulate Brother Wind on becoming the Lord of the Universe, and I hope that Brother Wind will take care of you more in the future.”That any brother said.

omi busily said, “Brother Any, you’re too polite, how dare I take care of you, you’re the one who took care of me.”


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