King of kings 2539


Time passed slowly, and in the blink of an eye, fifty years had passed.

Whether it was omi or that wizard, they were all working hard to cultivate, especially omi, who was literally racing against the clock and didn’t even have time to breathe.

Finally, the emperor was not disappointed.

Fifty years later, what omi could create had increased.

omi could instantly create a small planet, for example, the Earth, the sun, and so on.

“Hahaha, I’ve finally gotten started, after that, I’m sure that I can completely do everything and create anything within thirty years, I hope the heavens will give me thirty years ah.”omi said nervously, omi was afraid that after thirty years, that Wizard had already taken control of this universe one step ahead.

Right now, in another place, Wud was also trying.

“Not bad, De’er, it’s only been fifty years and you’ve reached this level, worthy of being my Wutai’s son.”

“Father, according to you, how many more years do I need now to reach the highest limit of this universe in terms of speed?”Voodoo asked.

“If you continue at the rate you’re going, I think you’ll be done, at most, in thirty years, and you can try to break the universe.”

“Ummm, thirty years, hehe.”Wu De smiled, thirty years, it was just a blink of an eye, when that time comes, he will definitely get that girl Wind Lightning, slap him hard, who let Wind Lightning slap him before. One second to remember to read the book

omi was scrambling for time, and Wunder didn’t waste any of his time.

Coincidentally, omi needed at least thirty more years, and longed for God to give him those thirty years.

Wud also, only needed thirty years.

In the end, who would be able to become the master of that universe in thirty years.

In omi’s divine domain, omi seemed to feel an invisible pressure, and really didn’t even have time to breathe.

“I must become the Lord of the Universe within thirty years, otherwise, my entire family will die, and I will also disappoint any brother.”omi secretly admonished himself in his heart, hating to use a heart divided into ten thousand parts.

That any brother, what’s his real name, omi didn’t know, before listening to Wode and his son say something about Ximen, perhaps, that any brother’s real name is Ximen something, of course, whether or not there is no guarantee, after all, just Wode and his son guessed.If omi could become the Lord of the Universe, then omi could get to know him.

Time, very, very fast, thirty years, but in the blink of an eye.

omi was still missing the last bit.

And right now, in another place, Wizard was the first to finish.

“Hahaha, father, how is it?”Wode laughed.

Wud’s father, Wutai, laughed, “It’s done, congratulations, De’er, you’ve become the Lord of the Universe.”

“Hahaha.”Wu De let out a loud laugh.

However, at this moment, omi was still missing the last little bit, but of course, omi didn’t know that Wud had already become one, everything was already ripe and ready.

“Hurry, only the last little bit is missing, if I can create all the divine beasts in the universe in an instant, then I’m done, I can create everything.”omi was sweating profusely, he smelled of shouting all over his body, it was evident that he had spent every moment of these years rushing, in a hurry, and had shed an unknown amount of sweat, he certainly didn’t have time to compose himself, after all, he didn’t even have time to breathe.

But omi, after all

Still, it was a step behind Wode.

This had to be a regrettable thing to say.

At this moment, on Wud’s side, Wud’s father, Wutai, was busy saying, “De’er, stop laughing for now, hurry up and make your speed and violently charge away from the bonds of the universe, the moment you do, only then can you prove that you are free from the bonds of the universe and can you completely become the master of the universe.”

“Uh-huh, I know.”Wyrd nodded, after all, he was up to speed, but he had to do it and succeed in order to do it.

“Hurry up.”Wode’s father was busy urging.

However, there was no hurry, Wizard said, “Father, there’s no hurry, I want to go find Wind Lightning first.”

“What are you looking for him for?He’s already a reptilian in front of you, if you want him to live, he can live, if you want him to die, he can die.”

“No, no, no, father, when I reached the Twelfth Realm God Emperor before, I thought I could kill him in seconds, but instead, he was not weak and slapped me, this revenge, I’ll keep this in my heart.”

“When you become the Lord of the Universe, you can take whatever revenge you want.”

“Father, at that time, Wind Lightning kneeled down to me when he saw it, there’s no pleasure for me to take revenge, so I must go to him better when I’m still on the same level as him, I believe I can spike him this time, hahaha.”

“Ugh, have it your way, it’s not that bad of a time anyway.”Wutai didn’t stop them either, they didn’t know that omi was about to become one too, and that omi’s creation of all things was far more subtle and advanced than Wutai’s to get rid of his bonds with speed a thousand times to go.

omi was making a final effort, but then Wizard’s voice rang out, “Wind Light Cloud, come out, this time, I’ll see how you die.”

omi’s entire body was bad when he heard Wizard’s voice.

“Could it be that Wizard has become the Lord of the Universe?It’s over, I’m a little late after all.”omi’s heart went cold.

omi walked out of the secret room, and Wu De was looking at omi with pride.

Wu De said, “Wind Lightning, do you know why I’ve come to find you today?”

“Hmph, you’ve already become the Lord of the Universe, eh? Then, kill if you want to, I will never frown.”

Wud laughed, “Wrong, I haven’t become the Lord of the Universe yet, but I will soon be able to become the Lord of the Universe, but I want to fight with you one more time before I become the Lord of the Universe, right now, you and I are both still Twelfth Realm God Emperors, Wind Lightning, do it, this time, I want you to eat my countless ear scrapes.”Wizard seemed to hold a grudge about the last time he was slapped by omi.

At this moment, omi’s heart was shaken, “Wizard hasn’t become the Lord of the Universe yet?Wouldn’t I have a chance then?”

omi was suddenly of two minds, one of which was to continue to finish his unfinished creation of all things, and the other was to duel with Wunder and delay it as long as possible.

This was omi’s last chance.

Wu De was one step ahead of omi, not because omi was inferior to Wu De, but because Wu De had the help of his father, and compared to omi, Wu De’s speed to escape from the universe was not on the same level as omi’s speed to create everything.omi’s efforts were countless times greater than Wu De’s, but despite this, omi’s total time spent was only on par with Wu De’s. omi’s efforts were not as great as Wu De’s.

Wud instantly rushed towards omi, his slap fiercely slapping omi.

Wu De’s speed was so fast that it could be said that omi didn’t even have time to react.


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