King of kings 2538


“But creation, can there be any breakthroughs?”

At that moment, in omi’s mind, there was a sudden flash of light.

“Creation, ability, any?Any?Any brother?”

omi stood up sharply.

Mumbling to himself, “Any brother, is this a hint?Not that he didn’t want to tell me his real name?Instead, he’s prompting me?Hahahaha, I see.”

omi was suddenly clear.

“If one day, when I possess the ability to create anything, for example, I can create a race with a wave of my hand; I can create a world with a wave of my hand; I can create everything in the world with a wave of my hand, at that time, am I, then, beyond the confines of this universe?”

“It must be, Brother Any, thank you.”

omi was delighted, he had thought about it for twenty years and finally understood any brother’s hint.

Don’t tell me why any brother didn’t tell omi directly, maybe telling omi directly didn’t have that effect, and letting omi come to his own realization was what omi truly understood within himself, or maybe, after all, not a relative.

So, omi began to break through himself to the aspect of ‘creating any’. Remember the URL

omi walked out of his cultivation chamber.

“Tzichen, you.”Liu Xiangyun saw omi and wanted to greet him, but omi said without raising his head, “Ignore me, treat me like air.”

Liu Xiangyun immediately left, it must have been omi concentrating on something.

omi looked at the sky, which was filled with white clouds and a variety of birds.

“Can I create the sky?”

“How do I create the sky?”

“This creation is innate, not a blindfold.”

omi closed his eyes to meditate.

However, omi failed.

“No, the sky is too huge, there are too many components of the sky, I must go from tiny to small, from small to big, from big to giant, from giant to everything in the world.”

omi said in his heart, “I have to do all of this, I must have insight into everything in the universe, even if it’s a speck of dust, I have to know his structure, composition.”

In the five million years that followed, omi set foot in every corner of the universe, omi looked at everything in every corner, remembering their appearance, studying their structure and characteristics, and then studying their origin and relationship with everything else.

All of this could not be done without a complex brain, exquisite calculations, powerful memory, creative abilities, and the strength of a Twelve Realm God Emperor.

Thus, omi spent ten thousand years, and finally, omi could create very fine things, for example, all kinds of scents, all kinds of fruits, and grains.

omi’s hand spread, a fragrance floated out, this was aged wine, then his hand held it, and wine appeared in his hand.

These, were all created by omi, this wasn’t something created by a blindfold or some other, incomparably realistic spell, but, real fine wine, omi’s ability to create these things like fine wine was also innate, just like his tens of thousands of abilities.

“Hahaha, it took me 10,000 years, finally, I can create smaller things, although I am still far from creating everything, but, the beginning of everything is difficult, the hardest beginning I have already survived, the world is big, but it is just made up of tiny things.”

omi smiled slightly, as if, he was close to creating any, just around the corner.

But at this moment, omi felt bad.

At this moment, in the main world, omi’s home.

A man dressed in white appeared.


This white-clothed man shouted, “Wind Lightning, you can come out to be killed.”

This man was the reincarnation of Wu De, or you could call him Wu De.

After omi sensed that it was bad, he quickly returned home.

“Who dares to cause trouble in my home.”omi roared.

“Hahaha, Wind Lightning, we meet again.”That Wizard said.

“It’s you.”omi recognized at once.

“Yes, it’s me, Wind Lightning, it’s been ten thousand years, it must have been a short while for you, and you won’t gain anything at all, but for me, I’ve gone from being a reincarnated infant, to quickly becoming a Twelfth Realm God Emperor.”That smug one said.

omi’s face changed, feeling the momentum of Wizard’s body, and indeed, he was already a Twelfth Realm God Emperor.

“Ah, really that fast.”omi couldn’t believe it, but it was within reason, after all, he was the son of some Universe Lord.

“Wind Lightning, I came to find you today just after I became a Twelfth Realm God Emperor, I want to try to see if I can spike you or not, now that we are still at the same level.”Wizard said, all these years, Wizard hid in a place where no one knew about his cultivation, maybe he was holding back birds himself.

omi said coldly, “With you.”

“Haha, Wind Lightning, don’t lie, nowadays, you and I are both Twelfth Realm God Emperors, why can’t I spike you, you have to know that I am the son of the Lord of the Universe, and the abilities I possess are incomparable to you.If it takes a few hundred more years, I’m afraid I’ll have become the master of this universe, and by then you will no longer exist.”

As soon as Wizard finished speaking, he went to kill omi.

However, Wu De greatly underestimated omi’s strength.

Somehow, omi backhandedly slapped.

“Slap.”Wode’s face was red from the slap.

“Ah.”Wud was shocked and said inwardly, “How is that possible.”

omi said, “Wud, trying to spike me, you’re too presumptuous.”

Wud was embarrassed, he was the one who had underestimated omi and overestimated himself.

Wud grunted, “Wind Lightning, count you as powerful, but give me a few hundred more years to wait, and then, hmm.”

At that moment, that Universe Lord father of Wizard appeared.

“De’er, don’t waste time with him, let’s go, you’ve reached the Twelfth Realm God Emperor, I’ll immediately go to help you and become the master of this universe, by then, this Wind Lightning is just a worm in the world that lives.”

“Hmph.”That Wizard pointed at omi and said, “Kid, wait for me.”

In the next moment, the wizard and his father disappeared.

omi inwardly said, “It’s over, Wizard has become a Twelve Realm God Emperor, in a few hundred years, he will definitely become the Lord of the Universe, but I, I still don’t know how long it will take before I can create any.”

omi also immediately disappeared and turned into air, seizing the last few hundred years to have a go, he had to be one step ahead of Wud to take control of this universe.

And right now, in another place, Wode said, “Father, how do I get rid of this universe?”

Wode’s father said, “Don’t worry, I have paved the way for you, that ‘divine speed method’ that I had you practice since you were a child is the path I have paved for you, we use speed to get rid of the bonds of this universe.When you reach extreme speed, and then extreme again, and again, and again, one day, beyond the maximum speed limit of this universe, that’s when you’ll become the master of the universe.”

“Hmm.”Wizard nodded, no wonder his father had told him to practice one type of training from a young age, and not to waste time on anything else, his father had been paving the way for him from the very beginning, and he had barely taken an inch of a detour.


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