King of kings 2537


“Thank you any brother, can I ask you what it will take for me to become the Lord of the Universe now that I’m a Twelve Realm God Emperor?”omi asked.

That handsome man smiled, “I’m not too sure about the specifics, after all, my universe is not the same as your universe, the laws of power are not the same.However, everything changes, I can only tell you that in order to become the master of the universe, you must at least have insight into the entire universe, even if it’s just a speck of dust, you’ll be able to know his past and present life.Or, you have a certain ability, and when that ability is powerful to an extreme degree, perhaps, you have broken through the bonds of the universe and thus mastered it.”

“Oh.”omi nodded his head.

“Wind Lightning, you can figure it out on your own, I hope you still have a chance.”

“Don’t worry, I’m confident in myself.”omi said.

Soon, that any brother left.

omi had to think seriously about what he had to do to turn things around.

A few days later.

“Tzichen, come out quickly.”Outside, Nian Shi’s anxious shout came out.

“Nian Tides, what is it?”

“Tzu-Chen, there’s an unexpected visitor.” First URL

omi arrived at the main hall in a panic.

Only to see two men sitting above the palace, one of them was of unfathomable strength, omi immediately guessed that this man must be the Lord of the Universe, and the other, must be his son.

At that moment, the man with the unfathomable strength said, “You are Wind Lightning?”

“Exactly, may I ask who Senior is?”

“What my name is, it’s not your turn to know, but I am unfortunate to tell you that this universe of yours will be controlled by my son, and I heard that you are currently the strongest in this universe, and would have had the best hope of getting the master of this universe.”

omi snorted, “I already know about this, but I can only tell you, don’t be delusional.”

“How do you know about this matter?”

“I don’t need to tell you.”

That Universe Lord’s son immediately said, “Father, it must have been that person surnamed Ximen who said that, that person just doesn’t have a good relationship with you, he definitely doesn’t want me to become a Universe Lord as well.”

That Universe Lord’s brow furrowed and said, “De’er, don’t say anything without proof.”

“Father, I am in no way talking nonsense, that surname Ximen, it’s too disgusting, doesn’t he also have a son, named Liu what cold, I doubt it, he also wants to give this universe, to that Liu what cold son of his, to control.”That Universe Lord’s son said in exasperation.

That Universe Lord’s eyes were half-lidded, not knowing what to think, perhaps, what his son Wizard said had some truth to it, after all, that Universe Lord surnamed Ximen, he did have a very outstanding son as well, once upon a time, this Ximen, in order to train this son of his, sent him to another Universe Lord’s great world to train, and in the end, that Willow What Chill, created a great world of his own, only toUnfortunately, the world was just the world after all, and if one could control a universe that was bigger than the world, who wouldn’t want that.That Ximen, may have also had this idea, but, he was the one who implemented it first, but, everyone was the master of the universe, and it was not good to rip off his face and rob openly, so he hoped that his son wouldn’t get it either.

omi was offstage and couldn’t understand what the hell they were talking about, what Ximen, what Willow what cold.

omi only knew one thing, that is, this universe is his, no one else!

Gotta rob him.

omi said, “What the hell do you guys want?If it’s alright, get out of here, this is my divine domain.”

That Universe Lord didn’t bother to pay any attention to Ximen so-and-so, looked towards omi and said, “Listen to me, turtle, this is my son, Wu De, my son Wu De, had already become a divine powerhouse in my universe, now, I’ll immediately let him reincarnate in your universe, so that he can become a native of this universe, in the future, everything here belongs to him, yourDivinity?Well, that’s ridiculous.”

That man called Wizard said, “Wind Light Cloud, please wait for me for a number of years, in a number of years, your end will come.”

After saying that, that Lord of the Universe and the Wizard both disappeared.

Half a day later, in a certain world, in a household, a baby was born, this baby, was reborn as Wode, and in the future, this Wode, would break through at the speed of a rocket, and finally, become the Lord of the Universe, depriving omi of what originally belonged to him.

omi must be in control before the Wizard, otherwise, all is hopeless again.

omi was also about to close the door.

“What should I do, heaven, give some hints.”

omi was anxious inside, the more anxious he was, the more confused he became.

omi forced himself to calm down.

“I have to calm down, that person called Wizard, he has his father’s help, but he will need time after all, even if he only needs ten thousand years, then I still have ten thousand years left.”

“I need to calm down, I need to calm down.”

omi finally forced himself to calm down .

In omi’s mind, he began to recall the words of the man called Any Brother, “To become the master of the universe, you must at least have insight into the entire universe, even if it’s just a speck of dust, you’ll be able to know his past and present life.Or, a certain ability, when this ability is so powerful that it is extreme, perhaps, you have broken through the bonds of the universe and thus mastered it.”

omi kept repeating this phrase hundreds of times over and over again.

Time passed bit by bit.

Unconsciously, twenty years had passed.

At this moment, in one of the worlds of that universe, a twenty year old lad laughed out loud, “Twenty years old, I’ve already cultivated to human immortal, yay, great.Hehe, wait for me, Lord of the Universe, it will definitely belong to me.”

If omi knew, he would definitely be scared to death, that Wizard reincarnated and reached Human Immortal at the age of twenty, even though he was the lowest level of Immortal, but he was only twenty years old.

If this continued, I’m afraid that it really wouldn’t take 10,000 years for that Wizard to catch up to omi’s current level, and then, omi’s chances would become small again.

That Wizard wasn’t omi, he had the help of a father who was the master of the universe, it was very easy, once he reached the Twelfth Realm God Emperor, his father would be able to help him seize the position of the master of this universe as quickly as possible.

omi, on the other hand, hadn’t gained much in twenty years.

The more anxious omi became, the more confused his thoughts became.

“What am I good at?”omi asked himself.

“Since I was a child, one of my greatest skills was, cultivating various secrets and spells, and then, creating something of my own, and after obtaining the crystals of the beasts, I created tens of thousands of my abilities based on the genes of those beasts.It can be said that what I’m best at, is creating.”


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