King of kings 2535


A single slap can slap that far. Oh my God, the power difference?It was also too unbelievable, even though I don’t know why Wind Lightning became a Third Realm God Emperor so quickly, but it was still only a Third Realm ah.

omi shook his head and sighed, thinking that the Old Thief of Guchen would be his last opponent, but unfortunately, he was wrong, the Old Thief of Guchen was actually no match for omi, despite being a Ten Realm God Emperor now.

The Guchen God Emperor flew for thousands of meters and finally took control of his body.

“Ah.”The Ancient Chen God Emperor’s entire body was silly.

omi laughed, “What a disappointment, I slapped you so easily and you couldn’t even dodge.”

“Go to hell.”Guchen shouted, and suddenly made his killing move, killing omi, and the Guchen God Emperor turned into a flying smoke and instantly wrapped omi like a hurricane.

Only then did omi feel some oppressive force.

However, it was only a little bit of oppressive force.

omi immediately displayed an ability that transformed into air and disappeared into place.

All of Guchen Old Thief’s attacks had no targets, and omi appeared a few meters behind Guchen’s back.

“I’m here.” Remember the URL

“Ah.”The Ancient Chen God Emperor turned around sharply and saw omi standing behind him smiling.

“Drink.”The Ancient Chen God Emperor raised his hand to attack again, but then omi disappeared into the air.

“I’m here.”At almost the same moment, omi’s voice rang out on Guchen’s side, and Guchen was busy looking to the side, but before he could turn his head, another omi’s voice came from the other side, “I’m here.”

Guchen hurriedly turned his head to the other side again, but before he could turn his head, another voice from behind him came from omi, “I’m here.”

“I’m here.”

“I’m here.”

“I’m here.”

And so, no matter where Gu Chen looked, he couldn’t see omi, and omi’s voice was all coming from the other direction.

Guchen almost got winded.

“I’m here.”Suddenly, omi’s close voice came from behind his head.

“Pah.”At the same time, a sharp knife stabbed in from the back of Guchen’s head, protruding from his forehead.

“Ah.”Guchen was completely dumbfounded, he still wanted to turn back, but, turning back, he didn’t see omi.

“I’ve said that I’m always behind your head, no matter how you turn back, Guchen, it seems that you can really go to hell.”omi said.

In the next second, Old Thief Gu Chen’s head exploded.

Guchen’s spirit quickly escaped and fled into the distance, Guchen seemed to know that he was no match for omi and tried his best to escape.

omi snorted with contempt, “No way to escape.”

In the next second, omi caught up.

Ancient Chen’s spirit shouted, “Wind Lightning, be merciful.”

“Hahaha.”omi laughed ridiculously.

What a way to be forgiven.

omi instantly unleashed his Divine Grid, which was as dazzling as a sun, standing above his head.

“Ah.”Gu Chen saw how huge omi’s divine form was, his face went white with fear, and his mouth said, “Impossible, there can’t be such a huge divine form in the world.”

The crowd of onlookers also presented a dumbfounded state.

omi’s divine grid suddenly glowed so brightly that it submerged Gu Chen’s spirit in it, and in the next second, Gu Chen’s divine grid was directly melted by omi’s divine grid.

Ancient Chen became

It was just one of omi’s billions of wills.

The scene was silent, everyone knew that Gu Chen was dead.

omi swept a glance at the crowd and said, “The First God Emperor, Gu Chen, has completely vanished, from now on, I, Wind Lightning, am the First God Emperor of the Unprecedented World, today, please do me a favor and go and exterminate everyone in the Gu Chen family, in order to pay tribute to the spirit of my master, Old Sang God Emperor, who is in heaven.”

“Yes.”The countless people at the scene immediately started killing.

The Ancient Chen God Emperor’s clan, in barely a few minutes, persuaded the way to disappear into this universe.

omi had said that if Gu Chen really killed his master Old Sang, then let his entire clan die.

Unexpectedly, he really did kill Old Sang.

Now that Old Sang was dead, omi couldn’t resurrect him at the moment, after all, Old Sang was a God Emperor, not an ordinary immortal.

But omi wasn’t worried, as long as omi could become the legendary Lord of the Universe, he would certainly be able to do anything.

It was just that the so-called Lord of the Universe, omi didn’t know anything about it, and he didn’t know if it was true.

After killing all the members of the Ancient Chen Clan, omi announced on the spot, “Today’s celebration, let it be a celebration for me, Wind Lightning, you may eat and drink as much as you like.”

Numerous people came up to kneel and worship omi, and omi nodded and nodded his head one by one in return.

At that moment, a woman came up.

“Wind God Emperor, congratulations.”That person said holding a wine cup.

omi looked at her with cold eyes, she was Ah Luo.

Previously, omi thought that she wasn’t bad, but unfortunately, omi was wrong about her.

“Wind God Emperor, I’ll drink a toast to you.”Ah Luo said holding up the wine cup.

omi said, “No need, there’s even a fish that leaked.”

“Ah, Wind God Emperor, I don’t know what that means.”

“I said you’re a fish of leakage, everyone in the Guchen family has been killed, but you’ve been missed.”

Ah Luo’s face turned pale, he was busy saying, “Why did the Wind God Emperor say that, Ah Luo claims that he has not offended you.”

“Indeed not, but you’re engaged to one of the grandsons of the Ancient Hour God Emperor, right.”

Ah Luo turned pale and stammered, “You, how did you know.”

“How could I not know, even the Godhead of Gu Chen was swallowed up by me, could I not know?You called me trash to his face in order to get closer to Gutten, didn’t you.”

“Me.”Arlo had nothing to say.

“Pounce.”Ah Luo kneeled down and kowtowed, “Senior spare my life, Ah Luo was momentarily confused, I hope Senior spare my life.”

“What a momentary foolishness.”

“Senior spare my life, I was really wrong.”omi waved his hand impatiently and said, “For the sake of the fact that you once knew me, I’ll spare your life, get lost, and I won’t come to you anymore.”

“Thank you for sparing my life.”Ah Luo wiped her tears and left, she had wanted to try and see if there was a chance to be friends with omi or even be his woman, but unfortunately, one wrong step, one wrong step.

After that, the celebration ended and omi returned to the Sky World.

However, omi didn’t stay in the Sky World for long.

omi brought all of his family members in the Sky World to the main world, and the main world’s original divine domain of the Old Thief of Ancient Chen directly became omi’s personal territory.

In the main world, omi spent just a few hundred years to become a Twelve Realm God Emperor.

From then on, omi and his relatives lived happily in the main world, and no one in this universe was a match for omi anymore.


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