King of kings 2534


“Fuck you, you’re a piece of trash worthy of having a maid to serve you, f*ck you.”

“Pah.”That arrogant young master, with a slap, he knocked out that waste young master and left with that beautiful maid.

At this moment, in the sky, a god looked at that waste young master, and that god said, “Damn, I haven’t found the right one even after looking for so long, let’s take him.”

And so, that waste young master, life opened up, as if it was written in countless miles.

Right now, in the Immortal World, omi certainly had no interest in knowing how that group of Celestial God Teams would accept disciples and how they would do whatever it took to help those they accepted become gods.

omi secretly said, “It’s time to put an end to everything.”

And so, omi called all of his relatives over.

“Tzu-Chen, what is it.”

“I’ve called you all here today for something.”

“What is it?Why are you still being polite to us.”

omi said, “In another seven days, the Old Thief of Gu Chen will hold a very grand celebration, and I’m going to fight the Old Thief of Gu Chen on that day.” The first website

“Ah, so soon, but your strength?”

“Oh, I’m very confident in my own strength, I’ve only been a God Emperor of the Third Realm for just a year, I think it shouldn’t be hard for me to kill God Emperors of the Ten Realms, along with my tens of thousands of abilities.”omi said.

“You’ve said it yourself, you should, that is not a hundred percent sure.”

“Yeah, it’s not a hundred percent certainty, and to inform you today, if I don’t return in seven days, then something might happen.”

“omi, don’t scare me, if that’s the case, then why not wait a few more years to go, you have now fused the crystal of the beast, it won’t take long at all for you to become a Ten Realm God Emperor.”

omi laughed, “No, my master, of course, I’m referring to the Old Sang God Emperor, his spirit is still in Gu Chen’s hands, I’m afraid that if I don’t go after a long time, something will happen to Old Sang Master.Besides, don’t you know that Invincible is very lonely?Perhaps, in this life, this is my last opponent, so why not take this opportunity to have a good fight with him.”

“Well, then, you must be careful.”

“Of course.”

Seven days later, in the main world, in the divine domain of the Old Thief of Ancient Chen, it was glorious, decorated with lights, so festive, countless people flocked in this direction, each with a reverent smile on their faces.

In the sky above Old Thief Gu Chen’s divine residence, an aerial banquet had been set up specifically for this purpose, the banquet tables and chairs were all suspended in the sky, and everyone was walking there as if they were walking on level ground.

In front of the aerial banquet, there were also two theatres, which performed wonderful segments day and night, and countless goddesses wandered everywhere with delicious brews.

Directly above the stage, there was a supreme position, the seat of the Old Thief of Gu Chen, that position could overlook everyone, while everyone needed to look up at him.

At the moment, this seat was still empty.

However, not long after, amidst the noise, several loud shouts came out, “Ancient God Emperor, the First God Emperor, Guchen God Emperor has arrived.”

In the next second, the Ancient Chen Divine Emperor appeared in that seat.

Below, countless people worshipped, “Worshiping the First Godly Emperor of Ancient and Dazzling Fame, Godly Emperor Guchen.”

The Ancient Chen God Emperor looked at the countless worshippers and said with a smile, “Everyone get up, and thank you all for coming to my Ten Realms God Emperor Banquet, I really enjoyed it.”

At this moment, a voice came from the distant sky, “It sure is lively.”

This voice, although not loud, was heard by every single person present.

Everyone turned their heads to look, and their faces couldn’t help but change.

“It’s Wind Lightning.”

The Ancient Chen God Emperor also saw Wind Light Cloud, and his lips trembled, because, Wind Light Cloud actually dared to come here at this time, this was not putting him in his eyes, could it be that Wind Light Cloud knew that he would die, and intentionally took this time to come and cause some trouble.

“Wind Lightning, you’re just in time.”Gu Chen said furiously.

omi said, “Guchen, I came here today to compete with you, the loser dies.”

“Hahaha, Wind Lightning, just you?”Gu Chen felt like he had been humiliated.

omi said, “Just, with me being a Third Realm God Emperor today.”

“What? A Third Realm.”As soon as everyone heard this, they immediately sensed that the wind was actually a Third Realm God Emperor, and everyone’s face changed.

The Ancient Chen God Emperor also trembled.

omi said, “In the entire universe, hundreds of God Emperors, you, Gu Chen, are the first God Emperor, and the rest, the second ranked one is only a second realm God Emperor, and I, Wind, am now a third realm God Emperor, already the second largest God Emperor in the universe, today, the first and second God Emperors, are engaged in a life and death battle, I still expect you God Emperors to help bear witness, the winner will live, the loser will die.”

The crowd was discussing.

In the blink of an eye, omi had become the second ranked God Emperor, so it seemed that it was indeed a battle between the first and second God Emperors as well.

Gu Chen was in chaos inside at the moment, he hadn’t gotten out of the middle of how omi had become a God Emperor so quickly.

“That’s impossible, you must have used some kind of blindfold, a million years ago, you were just a mid-grade god, you couldn’t have become a god emperor so quickly.”Gu Chen growled.

omi sneered, “Time is never a sign to measure the growth of one’s strength, Alright, old thief Gu Chen, before we engage, hand over my master, Old Sang, first.”

Gu Chen coldly said, “Your master, Old Sang, is already dead.”

omi’s gaze chilled, “Really? That’s a pity, our duel will no longer be fair, once you die, I will definitely let your entire clan go to be buried with you.”

In fact, omi wasn’t worried about whether or not Old Sang was really dead, the word death, perhaps, no longer meant eternal farewell in omi’s dictionary, was synonymous with ‘going to sleep’.

“Wind Lightning, you damn it, you’re deliberately taking advantage of today’s celebration of my Ten Realms God Emperor to cause trouble, you think, I’m a Ten Realms God Emperor, will I care about this?”Gu Chen gritted his teeth and said.

omi said, “To the point of death, you haven’t faced reality yet, just as well, taste my big ear scrape first.”

In the next second, omi stretched out his hand, his hand, instantly becoming huge.

Everyone hadn’t seen it yet, and suddenly there was an incomparably loud snap.

“Phew.”Guchen was slapped by omi, and his entire body went in another direction.

At this moment, God Emperor Guchen felt like a kite losing control, like a badminton being slapped by a ball, and instantly flew headfirst to the other side.

In full view of everyone, the Ancient Chen God Emperor flew away for thousands of meters before he could control his body.

“Ah.”The countless people who had come to worship Guchen were dumbstruck.


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