Dragon King’s Son-In-Law Chapter 789 – Beyond the Heavenly Dao

Chapter 789: Beyond the Heavenly Dao (1.3 for 1 Chapter)

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Hum! Hum!

Seeing this sight, Lady Zhen and Qin Hong joined hands and used the Heaven-Earth Seal, engulfing the entire city.

If the devil essence hit the city, at least tens of thousands of people would die!

Hao Ren looked at him and knew that he had lost his mind.

“I want Xie Yujia! Hand her over! Or, I’ll kill all the mortals in the world!” Xu Ke lifted his head and roared again.

While he hid in the Devil Eye and cultivated in the devil essence, it seemed to him that tens of thousands of years had passed. During that time, all he could think of was revenge!

If a person was locked inside a sealed space for tens of thousands of years, they would surely go crazy! A few days on land was equivalent to tens of thousands of years in that chaotic space in the Devil Eye!

When Xu Ke mentioned Xie Yujia’s name, it touched Hao Ren’s nerve.

Glancing at Hao Ren from both sides, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili felt that Hao Ren was enraged instantly. If this devil dragon took Xie Yujia, it would be a disaster for her!

Whoosh! Hao Ren’s sword energies rushed out instantly.

“You are no match for me! I have the ultimate power!” Xu Ke roared in a fury and shot out another surge of black devil essence.

Now that he had condensed and absorbed the will of the Heavenly Devil, he would one day reach the Nine-Petal Realm just like the Godly Dragon!

It was the will of the Godly Dragon to appear and merged with Zhao Haoran’s dragon soul.

Both Heavenly Devil and the Godly Dragon wanted to reappear in the world. The Godly Dragon which represented the Heavenly Dao had sensed the danger and want to destroy the Heavenly Devil before the latter matured.

However, if the Nine-Petal Realm Godly Dragon and Heavenly Devil battled, the world would eventually be destroyed!

In other words, if Hao Ren couldn’t destroy Xu Ke who was in the Seven-Petal Realm, Xu Ke’s soul would completely merge with the Heavenly Devil’s will, which would trigger a fierce battle between the Heavenly Devil and the Godly Dragon when both came to live. Then, all the living beings in the world would turn into ashes!

Guang… Xu Ke’s devil essence and scattered Hao Ren’s sword energies with ease.

The intense devil essence dashing toward him gave Hao Ren a pressure that he had never experienced before! It felt even worse than the suppression from Old Grandma when he was at a low realm!

“Gongzi, drink the last drop of water from the Ageless Godly Spring!” Lu Linlin and Lu Lili urged him.

Hao Ren blocked the devil essence with his sword energies quickly and drank that drop of water from Ageless Godly Spring.

Instantly, an icy and refreshing feeling rushed to his forehead, cleansing the five-elemental nature essence and hundun lightning energy in his body thoroughly!

Emitting five-colored lights, Hao Ren looked like a godly figure descending from the heaven!

“Gongzi, we’ll help you!”

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili flew to his sides and took out the Yin-Yang Bracelets, launching them toward Xu Ke who had turned to a devil.

According to the accurate calculation of the Heavenly Dao, the person who should battle with the devil dragon was Zhao Kuo who had the most powerful five-elemental cultivation technique – Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll, the best five-elemental mystic crystal – Seven-Core Five-Color Lotus, and the best sacred treasure – the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar, as well as the inheritance of the Godly Dragon’s will.

However, due to Hao Ren’s appearance and Zhen Yuan Zi’s miscalculation, the operation of the Heavenly Dao deviated from its course. Hao Ren possessed a portion of the power of the Heavenly Dao power and obtained the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar, and Zhao Kuo who should battle the devil dragon with Ya Zi stayed in the Heavenly Realm.

Now that Ya Zi was wounded, and Zhao Kuo didn’t have the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar, Hao Ren was at a disadvantage to battle the devil dragon with the Lu sisters who were at in the Five-Petal Realm.

It was why Zhen Yuan Zi knew that he had made a big mistake which turned the situation unpredictable!

“Out!” Xu Ke spat out a black sound wave which instantly sent Hao Ren and the Lu sisters flying for hundreds of meters.

Surrounding the devil dragon from thousands of meters away, Kui and Lady looked at each other while a bad feeling rose in them… Hao Ren was absolutely no match for the devil dragon!

Perhaps Hao Ren could cultivate to the Seven-Petal Realm after 100 to 200 years, but now he had to face the Seven-Petal Realm devil dragon.

Both Queen Mother of the West and Zhen Yuan Zi were Seven-Petal Realm cultivators, but one had to govern the Heavenly Realm while the other had to oversee the Earthly Realm; they couldn’t show their hands until the last moment. As to the Eight-Petal Realm Ancestral Dragons, they must support the heaven and couldn’t leave their positions when the devil dragon appeared. As to Ya Zi who was supposed to manage the world for the next 500 years, he had been wounded!

As to Lu Linlin and Lu Lili who helped the Queen Mother of the West manage the Heavenly Realm, they were only at the Five-Petal Realm now and couldn’t do much.

As to the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar which could suppress the devil dragon, it couldn’t release its true power under the restriction of Hao Ren’s Five-Petal Realm strength.


Lady Zhen, Kui, Qin Hong, and Su Rui looked at each other and created the Great Square Array Formation!

The Queen Mother of the West had taught Lady Zhen this array formation when the latter was at Kunlun Mountain. With her array formation talent inherited from Qiu Niu, Lady Zhen had quickly mastered it but had never got an opportunity to use it.

Now, this array formation was created under her guidance!

Azure Dragon! White Tiger! Black Tortoise! And Vermilion Bird!

Four images appeared in four directions!

Lady Zhen stood firmly at the position of the Vermilion Bird, Qin Hong stood by the image of the Azure Dragon, and Kui and Su Rui represented White Tiger and Black Tortoise respectively!

Due to their difference in realms and elemental attribute, the array which was created at the last moment wasn’t very solid. However, it was formed by four powerful Four-Petal Realm or Five-Petal Realm cultivators, and they managed to raise four complete images which connected and surrounded Xu Ke!

“Attack!” Hao Ren took the opportunity and condensed the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar into a beam of light, crashing it toward Xu Ke with vicious force.

Without hesitation, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili turned the black and white bracelets into two blinding light beams which represented Yin and Yang in nature and hacked them toward Xu Ke.

Hum! Hum!

Lu sisters’ black and white bracelets cut off the devil dragon’s hands, and the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar pierced Xu Ke’s chest!

The Great Square Array Formation collapsed immediately since it wasn’t too stable.

Since the devil dragon was condensed from the devil essence and Xu Ke’s mind and just inherited the will of the Heavenly Devil, he was powerful yet fragile as he wasn’t mature yet.

If he fled, he would suck essence blood from many mortals and form a complete body. If he achieved that, it would be hard to kill him!

Xu Ke’s image scattered gradually and turned into a cloud of black essence which was then cut into pieces and chunks by Hao Ren’s sword energies containing hundun lightning energy.

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili looked at each other and finally heaved a sigh of relief, and Lady Zhen also exhaled deeply, surprised that the temporary Great Square Array Formation could lock that devil dragon.

As a split soul of Taiyi Cave Master, Xu Ke could have had a chance to live, but he had lost his mind by pursuing a power beyond his control. With all his nature essence exhausted, Hao Ren shook his head emotionally.

Whoosh! Just as Hao Ren was about to check up on the city, he heard a gust of violent whirling wind in the high sky.

He looked back and saw a black light beam dashing toward him from behind!

In a hurry, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili raised their hands to block the black light beam even though they knew that their remaining strengths were not enough! No one had expected that the devil dragon would come back to life after being shattered by the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar!

Ding! A colorful light beam suddenly flew up.

In her traditional dress, Duan Yao appeared before Hao Ren abruptly.

The protective talisman which Lady Zhen gave her suddenly shattered, and the black light beam also pierced her seven-colored treasure dress.

Like a piece of colorful ragged cloth, Duan Yao was sent flying toward Hao Ren.

“Yao!” Lady Zhen cried out in astonishment.

She had not expected Duan Yao to rush out suddenly and block the sneak-attack of the devil dragon for Hao Ren.

Lady Zhen dashed to Hao Ren’s side instantly and caught Duan Yao.

As Duan Yao’s master, she had made all the treasures and clothes on Duan Yao and knew that they were not able to block the devil dragon.

She didn’t understand why Duan Yao would do this when she always stated that she would kill Hao Ren.

Hao Ren also looked at Duan Yao whose face turned white instantly in shock, and his mind turned blank.

He had just treated Duan Yao to some spicy chicken wings, and the tension in their relationship had only eased a bit. He remembered that when he rushed out of the fast-food restaurant, Duan Yao looked like she wanted to say something to him.

“Master… I just… don’t want him to die in other people’s hands…” With her eyes wide open, Duan Yao laid in Lady Zhen’s arms and said with gritted teeth.

“Silly… Silly girl…” Lady Zhen’s voice shook slightly.

She liked Duan Yao a lot since the latter’s stubborn character resembled hers. She had planned to raise Duan Yao as her daughter and teach her everything she knew, making her the most charming big demon king in the world.

“I, Duan Yao, never regret about anything I do…” Duan Yao forced out a smile.

Hao Ren panted heavily, and he looked at Duan Yao with a series of emotions flashing in his eyes.

Hua… The black devil essence rushed out from Duan Yao’s body and gradually condensed into Xu Ke’s snickering image. Then, he dashed toward Hao Ren.

“How dare you hurt my third brother!”

A thunderous voice suddenly sounded from the sky, and Hao Ren felt as if his soul were sucked out while the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar which had been refined into his natal dharma treasure was suddenly drawn out from the top of his head!

In a yellow cotton robe, Sun Wukong grabbed onto the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar and smashed it toward Xu Ke.

The world changed color!

The slender staff instantly grew to the size of a huge mountain!

The Seven-Petal Realm devil dragon was about to release a lot of devil essence, but it was smashed into a cloud of black essence.

With burning rage, Hao Ren grabbed onto the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar which had suddenly returned to his body and released great waves of golden lights, crashing it toward the shattered devil dragon!

Attack! Attack! Attack!

Hao Ren swung the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar and struck the shattered body of the devil dragon repeatedly as if he had gone mad.

Golden lights flashed in the sky while Hao Ren released all the nature essence in his mystic crystal and destroyed the last trace of the devil dragon!

He smashed until the surrounding islands were flattened and a crater as wide as hundreds of meters appeared on the ocean surface!

Zhen Yuan Zi flew over from a distance and then left quietly after he saw that the devil dragon was destroyed.

Sun Wukong was the only special figure who stayed outside of the Heavenly Dao in the past tens of millions of years, which was why even the Heavenly Dao couldn’t be certain if he would help out. However, he had come to Hao Ren’s rescue.

From what Zhen Yuan Zi saw, Hao Ren would also become a figure like Sun Wukong and stay outside of the Heavenly Dao.

“The two figures who could stay outside of the Heavenly Dao are both my brothers…” Zhen Yuan Zi floated away and thought smugly.

“Humph!” After killing the devil dragon with one strike of the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar, Sun Wukong brushed the dust off his hands and vanished in a flash.

Since Hao Ren called Sun Wukong ‘Second Brother’, he acknowledged Hao Ren as his third brother!

While sweating, Hao Ren turned his head abruptly and saw Duan Yao lying in Lady Zhen’s arms; her breathing was shallow and slight.

Duan Yao rushed out to block the attack for him, and it astonished not only Lady Zhen but him as well. The shock he experienced was beyond his words.

“Yao! Yao!”

Seeing the life gradually going out of Duan Yao, Lady Zhen was distressed, and she began injecting her natal vital essence into Duan Yao’s body like crazy.

Since Duan Yao had the pieces of the Kunlun Godly Lamp in her body, they could seal Duan Yao’s soul. Lady Zhen was determined to save her with her Phoenix blood and even the Kirin blood of her husband.

Her affection for Duan Yao had surpassed that for Zhen Congming even though she hadn’t shown it.

“Master… Yao wants to die… Don’t save me…” Duan Yao said weakly.

Alone without a family and feel like she didn’t have a home, Duan Yao found that life was joyless. Besides, her only fantasy had been cut up and divided. Since it seemed impossible for her to stay on land…

Lady Zhen looked up and suddenly saw Hao Ren flying over. She shivered and asked, “You… You like this guy, right?”

When Duan Yao didn’t answer, she continued, “If you like this guy, I will catch him and make him stay by your side!”

Hearing her words, Duan Yao gave a sad smile and didn’t answer, nor did she have the strength to speak.

Sensing Duan Yao’s life energy leaving her body quickly, Lady Zhen made a quick decision and pressed her palm onto the top of Duan Yao’s head.

Green lights flashed in Duan Yao’s body while a lamp mark gradually formed on Duan Yao’s forehead.

“Immortal Physique! Five-Elemental Bloodline!” Lady Zhen suddenly reached for Hao Ren.

Kui and Su Rui tried to stop her but were knocked away by Lady Zhen.

Feeling a cold sensation on his wrist, Hao Ren saw his blood gush out from it.

Lady Zhen drew out the Kunlun Godly Lamp from Duan Yao’s forehead and shot out dozens of complicated dharma notes before putting Hao Ren’s blood into the lamp.

“This is all that I can do for you as your master! Whoever you saved must save you back!”

With the almighty array formation, Lady Zhen used the Kunlun Godly Lamp which was in Duan Yao’s body to put her soul into the small world inside this godly lamp.

Since Hao Ren’s blood activated the Kunlun Godly Lamp, it had formed a bond with Hao Ren, which meant that only Hao Ren could open the small world in the future!

Although Duan Yao didn’t reply, Lady Zhen knew her answer!

Among this group of people, it seemed that only Hao Ren had the potential to reach Eight-Petal Realm!

“I’ll bring the godly lamp back to the Demon Sea. One day when you reach the Eight-Petal Realm, come and bring Duan Yao back to life!” Lady Zhen glared at Hao Ren and flew toward the Demon Sea with the ancient lamp in her hand.

The dark clouds scattered, and the sky began to clear.


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