Dragon King’s Son-In-Law Chapter 788 – Coming Back to Life (3.1 for 1 Chapter)

Chapter 788: Coming Back to Life (3.1 for 1 Chapter)

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Each of the three jade bottles had a drop of water from the Ageless Godly Spring. Lu Linlin and Lu Lili had followed the Queen Mother of the West strictly by not taking even a drop more.

Kunlun Mountain was suddenly sealed off again, and the Soul Formation Realm cultivators and the hundreds of female disciples in white watched as Hao Ren and the two beautiful girls left Kunlun Mountain.

When Kunlun Mountain could no longer feel sense Linlin and Lu Lili’s presence, it started to decrease its glamour. Although it still looked like spring with birds chirping and flowers blooming, the mountain was not at its peak anymore. Those cultivators who had witnessed what happened could feel that the mountain was less lively.

They looked up and wondered when Kunlun Mountain would see its masters again.

Hao Ren was so worried about his Grandma that he held onto the Lu sisters’ hands and flew rapidly toward East Ocean City.

A day spent on the Heavenly Realm was equivalent to a year on land. They had been on the Heavenly Realm for a bit and did not know how many days had passed on land. If Grandma had passed away, then Hao Ren would regret it for the rest of his life!

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili could tell that Hao Ren was anxious, so they also flew at their fastest speed. The three flew so fast that they looked like three shooting stars to the people on the ground.

It was raining in East Ocean City, and the rain slowly washed away the traces of the battle between Ya Zi and all those cultivators. However, workers were working diligently and rebuilding the collapsed buildings by the sea. Such a collapse could only be blamed on the natural disaster.

All the news on the television reported on the rebuilding of East Ocean City, and some people claimed that they saw Phoenix Kirin in the sky. Even those who tried to use a camera to film had nothing on the recordings. What they saw could only become an urban legend but not fact.

People’s lives started to become more stable, but Hao Ren knew that Killing God Ya Zi had appeared in the world. If this were all the destruction that he would cause, then no one would fear him this much.

Hao Ren created an energy sphere and pulled Lu Linlin and Lu Lili toward the Eastern Hospital.

Hao Ren didn’t know how many days had passed, but the hospital had been renovated. There were also quite a few police officers patrolling the hallways of the hospital.

They seemed to be still investigating the hospital’s explosion case. However, they were unable to find traces of explosives anywhere and reached a deadlock in their case.

Hao Ren suddenly thought about how much trouble those bad cultivators would cause.

Now that the Dragon God Shrine had collapsed, there was no organization to monitor the Dragon Tribe anymore. Those cultivators who weren’t in the territories of the dragon clans would be free to do whatever they wanted.

Hao Ren suddenly had a thought; he wondered if the young cultivators of his Calligraphy Club back in East Ocean University could handle such a responsibility. Ethereal Summit could become the Dragon God Shrine for human cultivators on and above Fifth Heaven, and Seven Star Sect, Qiong Hua Sect, and Qin Yin Sect could be in charge of dealing with the disputes between cultivators and prevent chaos.

These thoughts did come up, but they weren’t the top priority for Hao Ren since his Grandma was still in danger.

“Grandma!” Hao Ren pushed open the ward door and rushed in.

People were standing around the bed, and Zhao Yanzi and Xie Yujia were also there with tears on their faces.

Grandma’s face was already looking black, and the doctors in the ward could do nothing to help.

When they saw Hao Ren and the Lu sisters barging in, they were all shocked.

“Hao Ren! Where in the world have you been this week!”

When Hao Zhonghua saw Hao Ren, he could care less about being quiet in the hospital, and he was so mad that he just shouted at Hao Ren.

Grandma’s situation had worsened during the week. More specialists from Beijing came to help Grandma, but none of them could do anything.

Even Bai Ze who was known to be the best in the industry could do nothing. She only said that there was still a small chance, but she couldn’t really do much other than that.

Hao Zhonghua wanted Grandma to see Hao Ren for the last time. However, Hao Ren had left the room on the day of the explosion and hadn’t come back until now. They couldn’t even reach him when he was missing.

Hao Zhonghua couldn’t be blamed for being this mad since he didn’t want Grandma to pass away with regret of not being able to see her grandson for one last time.

“Grandma!” Hao Ren ignored Hao Zhonghua as he hurried to grab onto Grandma’s hand.

Grandma’s hand was warm before, but now it was ice-cold. Hao Ren could feel her pulse, but it was very chaotic. Grandma’s chance of surviving was small as the devil essence had spread throughout her body.

Hao Ren suddenly stood up and grabbed onto Xie Yujia’s arm. He led her to a corner and asked her, “Where’s the celestial liquid that we collected from Kunlun Mountain?”

“It’s still here.” Xie Yujia took out a jade bottle from her bracelet as the sad expression stayed on her face.

Hao Ren took out one of the jade bottles and dripped that one drop of water from the Ageless Godly Spring into the celestial liquid that they got last time.

The pure celestial water suddenly turned into a golden color.

“Is this…” Xie Yujia looked at Hao Ren in shock, and her eyes lit up with hope. “Is this water from the Ageless Godly Spring?”

“Yeah!” Hao Ren clenched his teeth and nodded. Then, he returned to Grandma’s side.

“Ren, Ren… is this Ren…”

Grandma lied helplessly on the bed as she tried to shout out in a weak voice. She did not have the energy to open her eyes anymore, but she could feel that Hao Ren had returned.

“Grandma, it’s me!” Hao Ren held onto Grandma’s wrist, and tears just started to pour down.

Grandma had still been thinking about Hao Ren even when she was close to the state of coma.

If Hao Ren couldn’t save her, he would never forgive himself!

Hao Zhonghua saw Hao Ren’s tears and knew that he cared about Grandma, so he was less angry. Then, he saw Lu Linlin and Lu Lili and realized that Hao Ren probably had gone to look for them.

“Mom has treated the Lu sisters like her own granddaughters, and she loves them dearly,” Hao Zhonghua thought to himself. He believed that Hao Ren had gone to a southern city to get them so that Grandma could see them one last time.

Although Hao Zhonghua thought that Hao Ren got the priorities wrong, the latter’s love toward Grandma was undeniable.

“Ren. You have to take good care of Yujia and Zi…” Grandma was able to finally say what she kept in her heart for so long.

“Also, also… the Lu sisters… you don’t have to worry about me…” Grandma’s breaths started to fasten. She hadn’t spoken in a few days, but she suddenly had a lot to say when she saw Hao Ren.


Lu Linlin and Lu Lili could no longer hold back their emotions, and they ran to Grandma’s side and started crying; they were so touched that Grandma still thought about them when she was in such a condition.

“Linlin, Lili…” Grandma was pleasantly surprised, and she smiled, “Grandma has no regrets.”

“Grandma! Drink some water!” Hao Ren quickly put the jade bottle by Grandma’s dry lips.

Hao Zhonghua wanted to stop Hao Ren from moving Grandma, but Bai Ze who was standing by his side stopped him. Hao Zhonghua thought that they did all they could for Grandma, it was only right for Hao Ren to show his love.

The mystical golden water touched Grandma’s lips and went into her throat. It was only a little bit of water, but it still made Grandma cough a bit.

Grandma had been living on machines these few days. All she wanted was to see Hao Ren for the last time.

When Yue Yang saw her coughing, she hurried to help Grandma sit up so that she could breathe. Although she and Grandma had a lot of disputes, especially when Grandma reprimanded her for not taking care of the family, she still showed that she was a good wife.

Three drops of the diluted water from the Ageless Godly Spring flowed in Grandma’s body, and the devil essence inside her was pushed out.

“Ren, what is this water? It tastes so good.” Grandma took a deep breath and asked.

Hao Zhonghua had been by Grandma’s side in the last while, and he was shocked at how she was able to say so much and say it so clearly.

However, he thought that this was due to the terminal lucidity since Grandma was excited to see her grandson.

“Grandma, if you want to drink more, then drink more.” Hao Ren helped Grandma to get up and poured more water into her mouth slowly and carefully.

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili helped support Grandma’s back. They looked as if they were softly holding Grandma, but they were healing Grandma’s meridians so that the spring water could go through her whole body.

This one drop of water from the Ageless Godly Spring was not only able to get rid of devil essence but also revitalize Grandma. This whole situation was a blessing in disguise!

“Ren, Grandma is pleased that you are so caring.” Grandma touched her moisturized lips and said.

Even though her words sounded like her last words, her voice was brighter and louder; she no longer seemed like a person in the critical condition.

“Grandma, if you can drink more, please drink more,” Hao Ren said.

“I will drink!” Grandma said decisively.

She felt like today was her last day on Earth. Since her grandson wanted to show his care, she wanted to enjoy her final moments!

That was why she was trying so hard to finish the water so that Hao Ren could feel happy!

Although Hao Zhonghua was worried about Grandma, he didn’t do anything to stop Hao Ren when he saw how determined Grandma was. He just stood there, biting his lips in pain.

He spent too little time with Grandma these years, and Hao Ren was by Grandma’s side while he had his wife were away. Grandma and Hao Ren took care of each other.

Now that Hao Zhonghua saw how determined Grandma was in finishing the drink that Hao Ren provided, he felt ashamed and was full of regret.

“Gulp, gulp, gulp…” Grandma had finished the small bottle of water.

Suddenly, she felt very energetic and not sick at all.

Her body still felt soft, but she felt refreshed and energetic.

“This is probably the last moment for me…” Grandma still thought that she couldn’t make it.


Suddenly, a doctor in the room shouted out.

The monitoring device showed that Grandma’s heartbeat was no longer weak and chaotic. Instead, it was full of energy!

Although Hao Zhonghua wasn’t a doctor, he was still familiar with these devices. When he saw Grandma’s pulse changing on the display, he was pleasantly surprised.

“Grandma, you’ll be well very soon!” Hao Ren whispered by Grandma’s ears.

Grandma didn’t know why she got the confidence, but she nodded and replied, “Ren! Grandma will definitely get well!”

She smiled and continued, “Grandma always said that the East Ocean Dragon King is the protector of East Ocean City. Good people will have good blessings. Good people will live in longevity!”

Zhao Hongyu was standing by the wall, and she turned to Zhao Guang and smiled when she heard that.

Grandma would never know that the East Ocean Dragon King was right in the room!

The few doctors in the room noticed Grandma’s change in health, so they asked Bai Ze about what to do. Then, they hurried to get a few specialists here to look at Grandma.

Since the doctors had to examine Grandma’s condition, they needed to clear everyone out except Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang since the room was too packed.

Hao Ren knew that Grandma would be fine, and Bai Ze was also there. Therefore, he hurried to Su Han’s room which was next door.

He pushed the door open and saw only Kui and Su Rui in there.

Hao Ren didn’t mind the stares from them and walked directly toward Su Han’s bedside.

Kui stood on one side of the bed while Su Rui stood on the other side. They each held onto one of Su Han’s hands, but one black vine could be seen in each of Su Han’s arms.

Kui and Su Rui didn’t eat or drink in the last few days, and they had taken turns giving Su Han their connate vital essence to keep Su Han alive.

However, that was all that they could do since they couldn’t get the Immortal Elixir from the Queen Mother of the West. Regardless of their realms, they still were unable to save their daughter who was in the Three-Petal Realm.

Hao Ren walked toward Su Han and looked down at her as if she were the Sleeping Beauty. Su Han had been diligent in cultivation, and it would be a pity if Hao Ren didn’t obtain the three drops of water from the Ageless Godly Spring.

If that was her fate, then it was too cruel!

He knew how hard Su Han had worked to try to reach the Heavenly Dragon Realm; she didn’t even have friends because she dedicated her life to cultivation!

Even though she acted cold, there was a warm and soft spot in her heart that not many people knew.

Right now, she didn’t even know that her own parents were by her side because she was in a coma.

If she couldn’t regain her consciousness, she would never get to see her parents. She would die in grief and disappear from this world forever.

Su Han was the most pitiful person!

Hao Ren took out a small jade bottle from his necklace which Su Han gave him when he just started cultivating. Then, he opened the bottle and put it by Su Han’s lips.

Kui and Su Rui stared at him in surprise.

As a Five-Petal Realm cultivator and a Four-Petal Realm cultivator, they could tell that the jade bottle held a liquid which was full of nature essence.

The golden water droplet from the Ageless Godly Spring touched Su Han’s cherry-colored lips and went through her mouth.

Although the devil essence entered her body, and she was at the brink of death, she was still beautiful.

Su Rui and Kui looked at each other and immediately started to inject more energy into Su Han’s body. Su Han’s meridians were all destroyed, and her dragon core’s reaction was getting weaker by the moment. With just Su Han’s nature essence, she would not be able to utilize the nature essence inside the celestial water. If Kui and Su Rui didn’t take turns giving Su Han their nature essence, Su Han’s six senses would all shut down, and she would die!

The celestial liquid from the Ageless Godly Spring was able to disperse the devil essence inside Su Han’s body, and Su Rui and Kui used their nature essence to help the celestial liquid go through the small meridians inside Su Han’s body so that her body could be completely purified.

This celestial liquid from the Ageless Spring Water could dissolve the devil essence but also revitalize her meridians. With its help, Su Han would be able to heal completely

Su Rui and Kui who had almost given up hope were excited. Even though they didn’t talk to each other, they continued to give Su Han all their nature essence. They even wanted to push her to the Four-Petal Realm!

Su Han felt like she had been stuck in a dark swamp, and she tried to climb back out. Suddenly, she saw a dash of light, and she slowly recovered and could sense her surroundings.

When she opened her eyes, the first person she saw was Hao Ren.

Hao Ren was smiling with relief, and he was holding a jade bottle. There was still some celestial liquid inside the bottle, so it leaked out an immense amount of nature essence.

He looked like a god who had descended to the mortal world and saved her from death!

“Hao… Ren…” she uttered Hao Ren’s name softly with confusion in her eyes.

When she uttered Hao Ren’s name, she suddenly felt incredibly touched as if all the emotions that she had been holding back all her life exploded.

The things that she couldn’t seem to say were now jumping out from her mind.

Hao Ren was always there by her side when she needed help.

“It’s ok.” Hao Ren smiled softly.

Su Han blinked her eyes as she slowly sat up. Then, she saw Kui and Su Rui by her side and instantly understood who they were.

“Han…” Su Rui and Kui said at the same time with a bit of hesitation in their voices.

Su Han looked at them coldly and paused for a few seconds before slightly nodding at them.

Both her mom and dad were Heavenly Dragons!

She tried so hard to cultivate since she wanted to know who her parents were!

Now that she saw them, she wasn’t as excited as she had imagined it. It seemed like her relationship with Hao Ren was much deeper than that with her parents!

“When the devil essence was inside you, if it weren’t for your parents who used their connate vital essence to prolong your life, you wouldn’t be able to make it,” Hao Ren explained.

Su Han nodded and looked at Kui and Su Rui with a warmer expression.

Kui and Su Rui were thankful to Hao Ren. There were things that they couldn’t control, and because of that, Su Han had suffered.

Now that Su Han had recovered to her peak Qian-level strength, she would be able to break through to the Heavenly Dragon Realm with their help rather easily.

The Dragon God Shrine had collapsed, the barrier between Su Rui and Kui had disappeared, and their daughter was safe and sound. This was probably the best happy ending for the three.

“Get some rest; I’m going to go see Grandma,” Hao Ren said as he smiled at Su Han.

Su Han looked at Hao Ren and thought for a while before suddenly jumping up to follow Hao Ren.

She realized that Hao Ren was now at Five-Petal Realm, and she now knew what she really wanted!

“Han…” Kui and Su Rui stayed in the ward, and they could only watch as Su Han chased after Hao Ren. They tried but realized their daughter’s feelings toward Hao Ren.

Su Han’s personality was exactly like her mother’s! Su Han would persevere to the very last moment for the things that she wanted! If she couldn’t get the things she wanted, she would rather not speak for a few hundred years than to give in!

“Sister Su Han…”

When Zhao Yanzi saw Su Han coming out of her ward, she called out in surprise.

She knew that Su Han was in the room next to Grandma’s and would visit Su Han when she had time. However, she knew that Su Han was in a worse condition than Grandma and had never woken up once. What she could do for Su Han was visit her for brief moments.

Now that Su Han drank the celestial liquid from the Ageless Godly Spring, the devil essence in her body was gone, and she had recovered her realm!

“Eh…” Su Han smiled and patted Zhao Yanzi’s head.

She was in a good mood since the devil essence was gone, and so was her internal struggles; she had gotten the answer that she was always seeking.

The doctors in Grandma’s room were all surprised that Grandma had recovered, and she was getting healthier by the moment. The medical experts were unable to explain what had happened to Grandma when she was near death.

Hao Zhonghua thought of something, and he felt like life was more mysterious than people had imagined. The hospital had exploded just recently, and he saw strange creatures in the sky. Many people of East Ocean City also claimed that they saw Godly Beasts, but there were also many people like Yue Yang who didn’t see anything.

If they were able to unravel these mysteries, then it would be a big leap for humanity!

Hao Zhonghua didn’t know that if his thoughts became real, then cultivation would be really normal in the world! There would be cultivators flying amongst the colorful billboards on the streets! Households would be able to use dharma notes to control water and fire!

“Grandma…” Su Han walked into Grandma’s room in her pretty windbreaker.

“Little Su!” Grandma turned even more energetic when she saw Su Han.

“I was sick in the last while and didn’t know that you are also in this hospital. Sorry that I didn’t come until now.” Su Han walked over and held onto Grandma’s hand.

“Don’t be silly. If you’re sick, you should get more rest. You don’t need to come all the way here to visit me!” Grandma was delighted to see Su Han.

Grandma really liked Su Han; it seemed like it was fate. To Grandma, Su Han was the perfect granddaughter-in-law since she was kind, understanding, and mature.

The doctors couldn’t figure out what was going on, so they all left the room. Zhao Hongyu and the others were outside, and they came in to see how Grandma was doing when the doctors left.

Just a few minutes ago, Grandma was in critical condition. Now, she was so energetic that she was chatting with Su Han. You couldn’t blame how clueless the doctors were since everything just happened so quickly.

Lady Zhen walked into the ward with Duan Yao. When Zhen Congming came back to land, he changed back to his usual outfit and stood by Lady Zhen’s side.

Qin Lang was very handsome, even more attractive than all the celebrities on TV. He was by Lady Zhen’s side, and they looked like a perfect match for each other.

When Mayor Wu heard that Hao Zhonghua’s mother had recovered, he brought Wu Luoxue along with him to visit Grandma immediately.

Zhen Congming had been on the dangerous journey to the Heavenly Realm, and He was excited to see Wu Luoxue. He dashed over and tried to hug her, but she had no idea about Zhen Congming’s journey and hid behind her dad in alarm.

When Xie Yujia’s parents heard that Hao Ren’s Grandma was in the critical condition, they took a break from their business in the U.S. and rushed to Grandma’s hospital. When they arrived, Grandma was already feeling better. The couple was happy to see Grandma well and lively.

Zhao Yanzi’s family, Zhen Congming’s family, Wu Luoxue’s family, Xie Yujia’s family, and even Su Han’s family were all in the ward, and the atmosphere was very warm.

Lu Lili and Lu Lili were by Hao Ren’s side, and they stood in front of Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang, looking like a part of Hao Ren’s family.

The people in the room introduced themselves to each other, and the room was so lively that it felt like it was New Year’s Eve. Grandma smiled and laughed and did not seem sick at all anymore.

However, Duan Yao moved to a corner and didn’t know where she should stand. Even though Lady Zhen was her master, the latter was with her family, so Duan Yao felt like it was wrong to stand with her.

She had no relationships with the other families either.

When she saw the families all together, she looked sad. She suddenly thought about Sky Mountain Sect but quickly shook her head in loneliness.

Even if she went back to Sky Mountain Sect, she wouldn’t be able to experience such a warm reunion.

“Yao, didn’t you say that you want to eat spicy chicken wings? Ask your big brother Hao Ren to take you and get some,” Lady Zhen realized how lonely Duan Yao was, so she started to talk to her.

Grandma was still lying in her bed, and she now noticed that Duan Yao was in a corner all alone by herself even though everyone else was enjoying themselves with the others’ company. Grandma felt bad for Duan Yao, so she said, “Yeah, Yao. It’s too crowded in the room. Go ask your big brother Hao Ren to buy you whatever you want to eat.”

Duan Yao looked up at Hao Ren and shook her head. Then, she looked down again and nodded.

Zhao Yanzi pouted. Just as she was going to do something, Xie Yujia grabbed her hand to stop her.

Xie Yujia also realized how lonely Duan Yao was and felt bad for her. However, she knew that Duan Yao wouldn’t be able to fit in.

Even though Xie Yujia couldn’t understand Duan Yao completely, she was able to understand the lonely feeling.

“Let’s go,” Hao Ren said as he looked at Duan Yao who was in a colorful sweater and white jeans.

Hao Ren knew that Grandma was going to be ok, so it would be fine not to stay in the ward. Duan Yao had left Sky Mountain Sect, so she was more pitiful.

Duan Yao bit her lips and walked out of the ward with Hao Ren. Zhao Baibai was in children’s clothing and had a golden hairpin on her hair. She knew that Hao Ren was going to get spicy chicken wings, and there was no way that they were going to eat without her, so she followed them out.

Zhao Yanzi wanted to go along, but she wasn’t as worried when she saw Little White by Hao Ren’s side.

There was a fast-food chain near the hospital. Hao Ren found a seat for Duan Yao first before lining up to buy food with Little White.

Duan Yao sat in the seat quietly, and she didn’t react to the people staring at her. She was in a colorful sweater, and her skin was snow white. She looked like a delicate doll and an idol.

“Daddy! Hug!” Zhao Baibai raised her arms at Hao Ren.

All at once, everyone looked toward Hao Ren.

Zhao Baibai’s voice was sweet, and she looked incredibly cute. Therefore, everyone looked at this cute little girl.

When they saw how young Hao Ren was, they were a bit envious and thought, “He already has such a cute daughter! Wait, did he get someone pregnant when he was still a student? He is so young!”

Hao Ren rolled his eyes but still picked up Zhao Baibai so that she could sit on his arms. However, he also lightly smacked her head.

Zhao Baibai smiled very sweetly. Then, she held onto Hao Ren’s neck and was able to see the menu. Even though she couldn’t read, she was still able to understand the pictures.

When the employees at the fast-food chain saw Zhao Baibai, they were charmed by her cuteness and wanted to give Hao Ren a discount.

When Hao Ren returned was food while holding Zhao Baibai in his arms, Duan Yao was sitting in her seat quietly and looking over.

She was unfamiliar with this environment, and the only person whom she knew was Hao Ren, her ‘mortal enemy’.

The spicy chicken wings were freshly cooked, and she had never had anything like that before. When Lady Zhen took her shopping, they didn’t have enough time to eat, so Lady Zhen only bought new clothes for her.

“Daddy! Eat!” Zhao Baibai waved a fried chicken wing with her hand.

“Stop pretending to be cute!” Hao Ren lightly smacked her head again.

When people around saw how Hao Ren ‘bully’ his ‘daughter’, they wanted to hit Hao Ren so badly. However, this little girl was not their daughter, so they could only watch.

“Gulp, gulp…” Zhao Baibai devoured the chicken wings fast, showing her natural tendency as a snow lion.

Duan Yao smelled the tasty chicken wings, so she finally gave in and reached for a chicken wing.

The fast-food that the kids nowadays ate on the regular were alluring these two girls.

Hao Ren didn’t eat; he just smiled and looked at Duan Yao who was trying to stop herself but couldn’t help but eat.

Duan Yao looked up and saw Hao Ren looking at her, so she glared back at him.

“Humph, humph…” Even though she at the food that Hao Ren bought, it did not mean that she was going to forgive him.

Very soon, her glare softened; she felt lonely in this unfamiliar environment.

“I… I’m going back to my master,” she suddenly said while eating.

“Eh.” Hao Ren nodded.

“I will for sure kill you in the future!” Duan Yao raised her eyebrows.

“Ok.” Hao Ren nodded softly.

“Aren’t you scared?” Duan Yao glared at Hao Ren again.

“Eh.” Hao Ren nodded again.

He was already at the Five-Petal Realm, so he wasn’t afraid of Duan Yao who was only the Nascent Soul Realm. Even if Duan Yao increased her realm in the future, he still wasn’t scared that she would do anything harmful to him.

Duan Yao was at a loss for words. She stared at a corner of the table for a few seconds and then looked down at her food before eating silently.

Her strong urge was now so weak that it almost didn’t exist.

“Did this colorful world weaken my will?” Duan Yao asked herself, but she couldn’t find an answer.

She didn’t know when, but her relationship with Hao Ren had turned so friendly and warm even though they were enemies.

Hao Ren was calm and not at all angry, so Duan Yao felt like her fists hit some fluffy marshmallow, and she could no longer be mad.

Maybe it was because her perspective toward Hao Ren had changed; she no longer felt so much hate toward Zhao Yanzi and Xie Yujia.

When Zhao Yanzi was crying her hearts out in Grandma’s ward, Duan Yao was touched and empathized with her.

“If I lived with Zhao Yanzi peacefully, we would probably become good friends…” Duan Yao thought for a bit and said, “I… I want to stay…”

Bam! An explosion sounded.

Hao Ren looked up and saw a devil dragon flying in the sky through the window.

It finally had come!

Hao Ren left Duan Yao and Zhao Baibai in the restaurant and rushed out.

When the explosion happened, the people on the streets evacuated quickly. Their first reaction was that it was a bomb, and a war was about to begin!

Hao Ren created a red energy sphere and flew toward the sky.

Zhao Kuo was guarding Zhao Haoran’s dragon soul at the Dragon Tomb on the Heavenly Realm, so Hao Ren was the only one to represent the East Ocean Dragon Clan and protect East Ocean City!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Two dashes of lights flew out from the hospital, and Lu Linlin and Lu Lili joined Hao Ren.

This devil dragon had rested for two weeks and somehow got to the Seven-Petal Realm!

The Lu sisters saw the devil dragon coming out from the sea, so they realized that it had been hiding in the devil eye which was located in the back mountain of the East Ocean Dragon Palace. Hao Ren had already used the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar to extinguish the devil essence, but he didn’t know that the devil dragon was hiding in the depths of the devil eye!

If the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar were placed back onto the devil eye to suppress it, then the devil dragon would be eternally trapped. However, Hao Ren had turned the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar into his natal dharma treasure, so he wasn’t able to seal the devil eye!

The Heavenly Dao rotated, and Ya Zi was released into the world. He should be the one to kill this devil dragon, but he wasn’t as strong as he would be because Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo wounded him. This enabled the devil dragon to find a path to escape!

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

The black devil dragon was swimming in the thunderclouds. Then, he turned into his human form. This person was dark, and he looked like Xu Ke who had many black thorns on his body! Obviously, he had turned into a devil!

Hao Ren flew up high, and he was a bit shocked when he saw how the devil dragon looked like Xu Ke instead of Taiyi Cave Master.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Kui, Su Rui, Lady Zhen, and Qin Lang all flew out of the hospital. They looked at each other and realized why this devil dragon had appeared at this time.

This devil dragon probably detected the disappearance of his devil essence in Su Han and Grandma’s bodies after they drank the celestial water that Hao Ren obtained from the Ageless Godly Spring. Therefore, the devil dragon absorbed the rest of the devil essence in the devil eye and came out of the sea.

This devil dragon was now in the Seven-Petal Realm, and it was too strong for them to deal with! The situation wasn’t pretty.

Ya Zi was in the Eight-Petal Realm, and he used the hundun power, which was stronger than the five-elemental nature essences yet still connected with the five-elemental nature essences. That was why Ya Zi was so powerful!

The devil essence was something different from the five-elemental nature essence. The devil essence was on the same level as the hundun power. This meant that the people who couldn’t use all five-elemental nature essences or hundun power wouldn’t be able to battle this devil dragon. Otherwise, they would end up like Su Han, becoming contaminated by the devil essence!

Only Hao Ren who cultivated all five-elemental nature essences at the same time and Lu Linlin and Lu Lili who cultivated five-elemental nature essences on the Heavenly Realm could fight against this devil dragon!

The three surrounded the devil dragon in the sky, trying to stop it from running to elsewhere since the devil essence was deadly to mortals.

Cultivators like Lady Zhen didn’t use to care about the mortals’ lives.

Ya Zi was the one who controlled death in the Heavenly Dao, and he should be the one to kill everyone who had devil essence on them to prevent further deaths of the innocents. However, the Heavenly Dao had been disrupted by all these cultivators, and Ya Zi was no longer capable of fulfilling his duties.

These cultivators were left with the responsibility to destroy the devil dragon!

Also, since Hao Ren benefited from being chosen by Zhen Yuan Zi, he was responsible for upholding the Heavenly Dao.

Xu Ke still looked handsome, but his eyes and skin were all pure black; he looked incredibly frightening!

He had a pair of wings on his back, and sharp claws extended from his hands and feet.

“Xu Ke, I have a drop of celestial water from the Ageless Godly Spring, and it can help you dissolve the devil essence. If you want, there might be a chance that you can return to normal.”

Hao Ren shouted as he took out the jade bottle from his necklace and raised it in the air.

When Hao Ren saw the devil dragon turning into Xu Ke, he could see Xu Ke’s emotions through the devil dragon. He felt that Xu Ke had been taken advantage of and killed by Taiyi Cave Master, and the Xu Ke that he knew back in East Ocean University wasn’t really that bad. Therefore, Hao Ren wanted to save him.

“Normal?!” Xu Ke’s eyes were lit up with devil light. “I have power now. Why in the world would I want to listen to you?”

He moved his hands around, and spirals of devil essence appeared in his palms.

Hao Ren immediately put out two walls made from sword energies to protect himself but was still sent flying for hundreds of meters.

“I want power! I want the world! I am no longer just a split soul! I am the god!” Xu Ke raised his arms and shouted like a madman.


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