Dragon King’s Son-In-Law Chapter 787 – Chenxin! Chenyi! (1.6 for 1 Chapter)

Chapter 787: Chenxin! Chenyi! (1.6 for 1 Chapter)

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When Lu Linlin and Lu Lili saw Hao Ren flying towards the Heavenly Palace, they followed right behind him.

Those Heavenly Immortals who were shocked and were standing near the heavenly gate quickly came back to their senses and rushed to stop them.

Hua! Hua!

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili used their Yin-Yang Bracelets to attack those who tried to stop them.

Most of them were Four-Petal Realm and Five-Petal Realm cultivators; there were a few amongst them who were Six-Petal Realm cultivators. They were no match for Chenxin and Chenyi, the Heavenly Heart Palace Masters and Seven-Petal Realm cultivators.

They were all blasted away!

“No, no, they’re really going against …” Zhen Yuan Zi murmured to himself.

Sun Wukong had temporarily stayed in the Heavenly Realm, but he was not a cultivator here. Since no one could defeat him, they could only let him stay in the Heavenly Realm to cultivate.

However, these Heavenly Immortals all had proper backgrounds. When Chenxin and Chenyi fought against them, they were rebelling against the Heavenly Realm and the Heavenly Dao!

Zhen Yuan Zi felt his head buzzing since he had miscalculated. He hurried into a blue light in a hurry and chased after them.

The Heavenly Heart Palace was still in the distance, and it was still very calm and quiet. This calm atmosphere made Zhen Yuan Zi anxious, and he thought, “Why in the world hasn’t the Queen Mother of the West appeared yet?”

Zhen Yuan Zi watched as Hao Ren and the others flew toward the Dragon Tomb where lights formed the image of a dragon. A thought suddenly popped into Zhen Yuan Zi’s head, “Unless this is all a part of the Queen Mother of the West’s master plan!’

Tink! Tink!

Two green light beams suddenly dashed out from the white Heavenly Heart Palace and directly hit Lu Linlin and Lu Lili.

The Lu sisters knew that these lights were shot out by the Queen Mother of the West, so they didn’t dare to fight back. Instead, they just tried to dodge it. However, the agile green lights still hit them.

They got hit in the chests and shouted in pain. Then, they started to fall.

Chenxin and Chenyi were taught personally by the Queen Mother of the West. They had talents and were capable of cultivating to the Seven-Petal Realm, and both were well-liked by the Queen Mother of the West.

However, as the Saint Mother of the cultivation world, the Queen Mother of the West had thousands of treasures and techniques.

Although Chenxin and Chenyi were Seven-Petal Realm cultivators, they were still incapable of defeating the Queen Mother of the West!

Those two green light beams immediately knocked their realms from Seven-Petal to Five-Petal.

When Hao Ren saw that Lu Linlin and Lu Lili were hit, he immediately turned back and held both of them. Then, he flew toward the Heavenly Heart Palace.

Last time when he came and begged for the elixir, the Queen Mother of the West rejected his request. Now, she had injured Lu Linlin and Lu Lili. Hao Ren was very upset with her.

“Gongzi, don’t!” Lu Linlin and Lu Lili’s chests were burning with agony, and their realms had decreased. However, they still didn’t want Hao Ren to go against the Queen Mother of the West.

Not only were they afraid that Hao Ren wasn’t strong enough to defeat the Queen Mother of the West, but it was also because that the Queen Mother of the West was like a mother to them. She was kind to them, but they had broken her heart when they left the Heavenly Heart Palace.

What they had now including their realms and their techniques… everything was all thanks to the Queen Mother of the West. Even now, the Queen Mother of the West didn’t take everything back from them and only decreased their realms by two petals. She was already showing mercy!

Zhao Kuo flew rapidly toward the Heavenly Realm Dragon Tomb. Lu Linlin and Lu Lili held onto Hao Ren and looked at him with watery eyes, and Hao Ren hesitated but still hurried to catch up with Zhao Kuo.

When Zhen Yuan Zi saw how the Queen Mother of the West didn’t attack Hao Ren or Zhao Kuo, he was a bit shocked. However, when he saw that there was extravagant light in the Dragon Tomb, he knew something was off.

The Heavenly Realm Dragon Tomb was a forbidden area in the Heavenly Realm, and it should be tranquil and calm. Now that it was all lit up, it was as if this light was trying to catch Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo’s attention!

Zhen Yuan Zi usually didn’t live in the Heavenly Realm, so this abnormal scene didn’t seem that strange to him at first sight. However, after some thoughts, he understood everything!

When Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo rush into the Heavenly Realm Dragon Tomb, Zhao Kuo took out the Black Dragon Spike.

Zhao Haoran’s complete dragon soul was within the Black Dragon Spike, and it suddenly came out.

Golden light covered the whole Dragon Tomb, and the light fragments started to gather.

Godly Dragon!

Zhen Yuan Zi hadn’t charged into the Dragon Tomb, and he watched in shock.

The will of the Godly Dragon should have disappeared from this world, but it had merged with Zhao Haoran’s dragon soul!

Zhao Kuo didn’t expect that this would pull over the will of the Godly Dragon. Initially, he just wanted to bury the Black Dragon Spike in the Dragon Tomb so that he can let his father’s dragon soul rest in peace in the most prestigious place – the Heavenly Realm Dragon Tomb.

Hao Ren looked up, and he could feel that this was the Nine-Petal Realm God Dragon!

The Heavenly Immortals nearby couldn’t help but kneel and pray. They might not want to kneel, but they were overwhelmed by the majestic presence.

Love, kill, bravery, forgiveness, grace, power, logic, tradition, and justice… All nine characteristics were perfectly assembled!

Different cultivators could feel different characteristics.

“Roar…” Eight roars came from eight directions, and the Heavenly Realm was deeply shaken.

The eight Ancestral Dragons could feel the re-emergence of the Godly Dragon!

The Godly Dragon represented the real Heavenly Dao, and Zhen Yuan Zi and the Queen Mother of the West were only messengers!

The Godly Dragon’s ideas could lead to birth and destruction!

The nine Ancestral Dragons were the sons of the Godly Dragon. They were created by the nature essence and had the bloodline of the Godly Dragon. They each had their own forms but were still just clones of the Godly Dragon!

“Father! Father!”

Zhao Kuo looked up with excitement and shouted with thrill. He didn’t expect that Zhao Haoran’s dragon soul could attract the will of the Godly Dragon. However, when Zhao Kuo thought more about it, he realized that the Godly Dragon had protected him from the World-Ending Lightning Tribulation.

If Zhao Haoran’s dragon soul had merged with the Godly Dragon’s will, then Zhao Haoran could be reborn through the Godly Dragon’s power!

“Grandpa…” Hao Ren was a bit nervous and didn’t know how to address him. He seemed to have seen Zhao Haoran, so he just called him ‘Grandpa’.

A thin lightning bolt was shot out from the will of the Godly Dragon, and it was shot into Hao Ren’s head.

This counted as going through the Heavenly Tribulation!

Hao Ren could feel that his Five-Petal Realm became more stable.

When Lu Linlin and Lu Lili saw Hao Ren being hit by a bolt of lightning, they wanted to rush over to shield it for him, but an invisible energy barrier blocked them.

The will of the Godly Dragon shined, and light fragments started to gather. Then, Zhao Haoran appeared! Zhao Haoran had inherited the Godly Dragon’s will with his 1,000-year-old dragon soul!

He lifted his hand lightly, which sent Hao Ren flying toward Lu Linlin and Lu Lili and away from the Dragon Tomb.

Zhao Haoran was once the strongest in the Dragon Tribe. However, since his murderous spirit was too strong, he couldn’t get his Heavenly Tribulation. No one would have expected him to be able to merge with the will of the Godly Dragon after he died!

It was impossible to predict fate!

Everything seemed like they were based on luck, but people must work hard for it! Hao Ren had great luck, but he had worked very hard in cultivation as well.

Loyalty, trustworthiness, righteousness, benevolence, bravery… not many people could have all these virtues! Hao Ren wasn’t the chosen one, but he was blessed by the Heavenly Dao!

Zhao Haoran had these virtues and passed them onto his three sons as part of his legacy!

“Father! I will guard your tomb for three years!” Zhao Kuo saw the lights fragments forming the image of Zhao Haoran, but he wasn’t sure whether Zhao Haoran was dead or back live. One thing was for sure: Zhao Kuo had decided that he would bury Zhao Haoran in the Heavenly Realm Dragon Tomb and guard his tomb for three years!

Bam! A white light appeared on top of the Heavenly Realm Dragon Tomb, and Zhao Haoran’s image disappeared.

Zhao Kuo watched as the white light faded, and he sat down cross-legged. Regardless of whether Zhao Haoran could reborn or not, he would sit here and guard his father’s tomb for three years!

The world seemed to quiet down suddenly.

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili grabbed onto Hao Ren’s arms. They stood close to Hao Ren and did not know what to do next.

The Heavenly Heart Palace that was far away was quiet.

Zhen Yuan Zi looked at Hao Ren, then at Sun Wukong, and lastly at the Heavenly Heart Palace.

“Chenxin, Chenyi, you both now understand love. I will not keep you,” a voice sounded from the Heavenly Heart Palace.

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili opened their eyes wide and stared at the Heavenly Heart Palace.

“Hao Ren, I’ll let Chenxin and Chenyi marry you. You must treat them well. Chenxin, Chenyi, you both cannot be spoiled.”

“Thank you, Saint Mother!” Lu Linlin and Lu Lili heard the Queen Mother of the West’s words, and they were so happy that tears rolled down their faces.

They wanted to just stay by Hao Ren’s side, and now they felt they would miss the Queen Mother of the West.

The Queen Mother of the West simply let them marry, and they did not get lavish gifts. The Queen Mother of the West followed the Heavenly Dao when dealing with Chenxin and Chenyi.

Those Heavenly Immortals looked at each other in shock since they didn’t believe that the Queen Mother of the West just let Chenxin and Chenyi marry someone who was only at the Five-Petal Realm.

Only a few Six-Petal Realm cultivators understood the Queen Mother of the West’s intention. She wanted to complete the love between the three, just like how Empire Yao let his daughters marry Empire Shun to make everything smooth and perfect.

“You can only get three drops of water from the Ageless Godly Spring of Kunlun Mountain. Then, it will be locked forever,” the Queen Mother of the West said.

“Thank you, Saint Mother!” Lu Linlin and Lu Lili said happily when they heard the words.

Hao Ren’s grandma and Su Han both had devil essence inside them.

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili were the Heavenly Heart Palace Masters, and they begged the Queen Mother of the West for help when they found out. However, the Queen Mother of the West didn’t agree.

Now that the Queen Mother of the West had agreed to give them three drops from the Ageless Godly Spring, it was like a special gift to them.

“You are Qiu Niu’s grandson and the Kirin and Phoenix’s son. I will crown you as the Heavenly Beast, and you will be able to come and go from the Heavenly Realm freely as you wish.” A beam of white light suddenly shot out of the Heavenly Heart Palace.

Zhen Congming, the black Kirin, wanted to dodge but couldn’t avoid that high-speed white light. On his black forehead, a white spot appeared and turned into a white three-leaf clover symbol.

Only those godly beasts could enter the Heavenly Realm.

The only exception was Sun Wukong. He had defeated all the cultivators of the Heavenly Realm fair and square; even the World-Ending Lightning Tribulation didn’t harm him. That was why Sun Wukong was allowed in the Heavenly Realm.

The Queen Mother of the West gave Zhen Congming the pass to the Heavenly Realm, and that was equivalent to giving him the status of Godly Beast. This was also returning a favor to Qiu Niu.

“Zhen Yuan Immortal, your third brother probably needs you to teach him more rules,” the Queen Mother of the West said.

“Of course,” Zhen Yuan Zi said while wiping off some cold sweat from his forehead.

He had miscalculated, and this mistake almost created a great disaster. However, the Queen Mother of the West had been a great leader all these years, and she was well-prepared for the situation.

The Queen Mother of the West was still of a lower status than Zhen Yuan Zi, and she also knew that he was the big brother of Sun Wukong. Since only Zhen Yuan Zi could talk sense into Sun Wukong, so she didn’t want to embarrass him too much.

Zhen Yuan Zi thought carefully and realized that the Queen Mother of the West had let her two ‘daughters’ to marry Hao Ren, and he was Hao Ren’s big brother, then… he was now one generation lower than the Queen Mother of the West.

He was only troubled for a second since he realized that he was only in charge of Sun Wukong and Hao Ren, and this was much easier than the Queen Mother of the West since she had to manage many Heavenly Immortals.

“Saint Mother, we will come back and visit you!” Lu Linlin and Lu Lili shouted as they saw the lights around the Heavenly Heart Palace dim down.

They were really going to leave with Hao Ren, and they felt like they owed the Queen Mother of the West so much.

“No need to talk more!”

Two green light beams shot from the Heavenly Heart Palace and pushed Lu Linlin and Lu Lili outside of the heavenly gate.

Hao Ren was also blown away by the strong wind, and Lu Linlin and Lu Lili instantly grabbed his left and right hands so that they would fall together.

A white light sparkled on the black Kirin’s forehead, and Zhen Congming suddenly found himself transforming back to his human form. He was naked, so he immediately grabbed a robe from a Heavenly Immortal and chased after Hao Ren.

Zhen Yuan Zi stood in the same spot for a while to think. Then, he flew over to chat with Sun Wukong before flying toward the Demon Sea so that he could comfort Ya Zi.

He knew Sun Wukong well, so he was sure that Sun Wukong was staring at this third brother and would go find Hao Ren in the future.

Hao Ren had cultivated for a bit over a year, and he had reached this level; it was similar to the cultivation speed of Sun Wukong when he just started out. Su Wukong thought that if he wanted to get to the Nine-Petal Realm, the key was Hao Ren!

Hao Ren had pursued righteous while Su Wukong pursued dominance. Which path was better? It was a mystery! However, it seemed like both paths led to the Nine-Petal Realm.

Hao Ren held onto Lu Linlin and Lu Lili; they were all at the Five-Petal Realm now. They crossed Ninth Heaven and entered Eighth Heaven with no hesitation at all. They immediately passed Seventh Heaven, Sixth Heaven, and Fifth Heaven before heading to Kunlun Mountain.

Grandma was a mortal, and she was in great danger. A minute wasted was a minute of lost hope. Hao Ren wanted to go to Kunlun Mountain as soon as possible to get the water from the Ageless Godly Spring to save Grandma and Su Han!

There were still a few Soul Formation Realm cultivators on guard in Kunlun Mountain. They knew that Ya Zi had appeared in East Ocean City, but it didn’t matter to them; their job was to protect Kunlun Mountain.

When Hao Ren and the Lu Sisters appeared, they were immediately alarmed.

“We have the order from the Saint Mother. Open the spring!” Lu Linlin and Lu Lili said together.

They let out their pure Five-Petal Realm powers, and it was so bright that the Soul Formation Realm cultivators couldn’t even open their eyes.

The female disciples nearby were shocked to see Hao Ren and the Lu sisters; they could tell that the Lu sisters were cultivators of the Heavenly Realm from the essence that they emitted.

Sensing the auras of cultivators of the Heavenly Realm who cultivated techniques taught by the Queen Mother of the West, the lotus flowers in the pond in front of Kunlun Palace bloomed.

Whoosh! All the flowers in Kunlun Mountain bloomed! It was winter in Kunlun Mountain, but it became so warm that it felt like spring!

Kunlun Mountain was locked up for more than 10,000 years, and it opened up to meet its master!

The palace made from gold and jade sensed the Lu sisters, and it let out a mysterious light that shone even brighter. At the same time, all the palaces around them shone.

The bridge between the palaces let out sparkling glitters, and all the birds and creatures in the forests sang.

When the Lu sisters entered Kunlun Mountain, they had awakened the slumbering Kunlun Mountain. Now, Kunlun Mountain was back to its prime!

This was a paradise!

Those Soul Formation Realm cultivators who were guarding Kunlun Mountain were at a loss for words. Although they were allowed to enter Kunlun Mountain, they had never seen it like this! This was how Kunlun Mountain truly looked!

If fairies were flying around and Godly Beasts appeared, then it would truly become the Kunlun Mountain when the Queen Mother of the West like here.

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili landed before the pond, and they lifted their Yin-Yang Bracelets softly.

Five-petaled lotuses appeared in their bracelets and let out soft and holy lights. The Queen Mother of the West created the method of cultivating vital soul lotus, and that was why Kunlun Mountain was a saint land.

Many ancient cultivators started their journey from Kunlun Mountain, and they had become Soul Formation Realm cultivators, heavenly dragons, and demon kings. When their levels became high enough, it would come back to the method of growing vital soul lotus which was started by Queen Mother of the West!

Even those ancient cultivators who didn’t use this method, their strengths were converted to this scale when referring to them.

The nine Ancestral Dragons were in the Eight-Petal Realm, and the Godly Dragon was in the Nine-Petal Realm. Just when everyone thought that the highest realm reachable by cultivators was the Seven-Petal Realm, Sun Wukong appeared and surpassed everyone’s expectations!

Su Wukong was a demon king, but he was able to cultivate to the same Eight-Petal Realm as the Ancestral Dragons!

When Lu Linlin and Lu Lili were letting out powers of the real vital soul lotus, the Soul Formation Realm cultivators who were Four-Petal Realm cultivators felt like they saw the Queen Mother of the West herself and were all in awe.

Kunlun Mountain that had been sealed for more than 10,000 years was reopened!

The key to unlocking Kunlun Mountain was Lu Linlin and Lu Lili and their Yin-Yang Bracelets!

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili turned into two light beams and went flying into the Kunlun Palace.

They used their Yin-Yang Bracelets and their own bodies to unlock the Kunlun Palace. This was because they were able to maintain their pure Immortal Physique.

In the future, they wouldn’t be able to open Kunlun Palace again.

This was another test that the Queen Mother of the West had for Hao Ren! If Hao Ren was lustful, then he could never get his hands on the water from the Ageless Godly Spring.


Lu Linlin and Lu Lili flew out of the Kunlun Palace with three jade bottles, and they looked ecstatic.


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