Dragon King’s Son-In-Law Chapter 786 – Wrong Calculation… (1.6 in 1 Chapter)

Chapter 786: Wrong Calculation… (1.6 in 1 Chapter)

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“Linlin! Lili!”

Surprise and delight appeared on Hao Ren’s face when he saw them. After they left, he had missed them dearly. Therefore, he was thrilled when he saw them again.

“Gongzi!” After smiling sweetly at Hao Ren, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili shot out the Yin-Yang Bracelets and forced back Sun Wukong.

They had thrown caution out of the window and stood firmly by Hao Ren’s side!

Since Hao Ren had the Immortal Physique which was split from their bodies, and they all had the Seven-Core Five-Color Lotuses from the same root in their bodies, Hao Ren’s mind was connected to theirs and thus could sense their happiness.

The battle turned from one-on-one to three-on-one!

With their Seven-Petal Realms, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili combined forces and elevated Hao Ren to the Six-Petal Realm temporarily!

Sun Wukong had been surprised that he couldn’t defeat Hao Ren when he lowered himself to Hao Ren’s realm. Seeing his rival getting two Seven-Petal Realm assistants from the Heavenly Palace, he got frustrated and instantly returned to the Eight-Petal Realm.

He never fought with women before, but he found that these two women were quite fierce in their attacks. After taking a closer look, he realized that they were the adopted daughters of the Queen Mother of the West and the Heavenly Heart Palace Masters!

Despite Sun Wukong’s cleverness, he was baffled, wondering why the two favorite girls of the Queen Mother of the West were helping this guy.

“Is it possible that this guy is the love child of the Queen Mother of the West?” Sun Wukong wondered spitefully.

Standing by the heavenly gate, Zhen Yuan Zi was also puzzled, not able to understand the change in the situation.

While Sun Wukong lowered his realm and fought with Hao Ren, the favorite girls of the Queen Mother of the West suddenly entered the fray to help Hao Ren. It was a public rebellion!

The Heavenly Heart Palace Masters were the head managers of the palaces in the Heavenly Realm!

Under the jointed attacks of the three, even Sun Wukong found it hard to block since he didn’t want to injure Lu Linlin and Lu Lili.

Seeing the flashing lights in Sun Wukong’s eyes, Zhen Yuan Zi knew that his second brother was going to lose his temple. Therefore, Zhen Yuan Zi quickly tried to comfort Sun Wukong, “Second Brother! Second Brother…”

While the Heavenly Dao was turning the cycle, Zhen Yuan Zi couldn’t even do his calculations accurately. If Sun Wukong lost his temple, the situation would get out of control.

Despite his mistake in calculation, Zhen Yuan Zi and Hao Ren had become brothers. Besides, he could tell that Hao Ren would become a figure since he had reached the current realm in only one year.

Of course, Sun Wukong had relied only on himself while Hao Ren had got a lot of outside assistance. However, it also meant that Hao Ren could catch all the critical opportunities.

“Hao Ren! You keep him here while I break in!” Zhao Kuo suddenly yelled and rushed into the heavenly gate while riding on the black Kirin.

Seeing Zhao Kuo, the Third Lord of East Ocean, intending to break in, Zhen Yuan Zi was about to cry out and stop him. Before he could open his mouth, Zhao Kuo had rushed into the heavenly gate.

Neither Sun Wukong or Zhen Yuan Zi paid much attention to Zhao Kuo who was only a Three-Petal Realm cultivator, but he dared to break into the heavenly gate!


Standing behind the heavenly gate, hundreds of immortals attacked at the same time.

Zhao Kuo was astonished when he saw so many immortals hiding behind the heavenly gate. He had told Zhen Congming his plan of breaking into the palaces and rob the elixir pills, and the latter had agreed to do it together.

However, the immortals were prepared. While Sun Wukong blocked the three outside of the heavenly gate, they hid inside the gate and decided to kill Hao Ren with 10,000 heavenly lightning bolts if he dared to break in!

However, instead of Hao Ren who was in the Five-Petal Realm, Zhao Kuo who was in the Three-Petal Realm rushed into the heavenly gate recklessly!

Astonished, Zhao Kuo immediately kicked the black Kirin outside of the gate while he raised his hands to block the combined attacks of the immortals with his body!

It was his idea, and he must take responsibility! With Sun Wukong fighting in front of the heavenly gate, he didn’t expect that cultivators were hiding in the white clouds inside the heavenly gate! Seeing the danger, he wouldn’t allow the black Kirin to die with him!

“Third Uncle!”

Seeing the flashing lightning flashes inside the heavenly gate, Hao Ren knew that something was wrong and flew toward the heavenly gate.

Looking back, Sun Wukong saw the immortals who were lurking inside the heavenly gate launching the World-Ending Lightning Bolts, and he cursed them in silence, “Shameless!”

When he had broken onto the Heavenly Realm, he was almost destroyed by their combined attacks. If not for his Seven-Petal Realm and the protection of the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar, he would have been crushed to ashes!

After more than 1,000 years, they were using their old trick again! If he hadn’t blocked Hao Ren, the latter would have been destroyed by them!

The black Kirin tumbled out of the heavenly gate, and the heavenly gate was turned into dust almost at the same time!

It was the World-Ending Lightning Bolts jointly launched by a group of immortals!

Any cultivators who broke onto the Heavenly Realm without permission would be welcomed by this attack!

Zhen Yuan Zi widened his eyes in astonishment and thought that Zhao Kuo who was only at the Three-Petal Realm would surely be turned into nothing by this attack.

“These immortals are so cold and unreasonable.” Zhen Yuan Zi shook his head helplessly.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The World-Ending Lightning Bolts contained nine strikes!

After the nine strikes, even Zhao Kuo’s soul would be destroyed!

Hao Ren was about to rush over when he was suddenly lifted lightly. “Kid! Stay here!”

Sun Wukong appeared behind Hao Ren and lifted Hao Ren by piercing his green jade staff through Hao Ren’s clothes.

With his unstable Six-Petal Realm, Hao Ren would surely die if he rushed into the Word-Ending Lightning Tribulation! When Hao Ren tried to break onto the Heavenly Realm with the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar, Sun Wukong had just wanted to test him but didn’t want him to die!

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili also grabbed Hao Ren’s arms to stop him from rushing into the Word-Ending Lightning Tribulation; even they didn’t dare to face such power.

“Hahaha! Come on! Again!”

In the flashing lightning bolts, Hao Ren suddenly heard Zhao Kuo’s roars.

The first three strikes of the Word-Ending Lightning Tribulation hadn’t killed Zhao Kuo!

Baffled, Zhen Yuan Zi also looked toward the flashing lightning bolts. After all, even he felt tingles all over his body in the face of such powerful heavenly lightning bolts. How could Zhao Kuo withstand it?

“Is it possible that…” Zhen Yuan Zi froze.

The World-Ending Lightning Tribulation was used to destroy high-level cultivators, but Zhao Kuo took it as his Heavenly Tribulation.

“Again! Again!” In the blinding white light, Zhao Kuo turned into a black dragon, turning and roaring.

The heavenly lightning bolts beat him into his true form but couldn’t kill him or shatter him! Zhao Kuo was passing his Heavenly Tribulation!

Floating slowly to Hao Ren’s side, Zhen Congming looked toward the flashing heavenly lightning bolts in astonishment.

Lightning cultivation!

This thought dawned on Hao Ren.

Zhao Kuo had tempered his body with five-elemental nature essence but hadn’t used the method of lightning cultivation. It wasn’t that he hadn’t thought of this method; he wanted to temper his meridians and bones first and then inject the heavenly lightning energy into his body during the Heaven Tribulation!

He wanted to absorb all the power in the Heavenly Tribulation in one breath!

Although this approach was very risky, he would get stronger after taking the first few heavenly lightning bolts, and then he could use this power to block the later attacks!

Since he cultivated the Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll and tempered his body with five-elemental nature essence first, he could absorb and convert more lightning energy!

Hao Ren was shocked by Zhao Kuo’s bold plan!

This man was challenging the Heaven Tribulation at the risk of his life! He had taken the Word-Ending Lightning Tribulation as his own Heavenly Tribulation!

Roar… Zhao Kuo flew up in his black dragon form while the magnificent heavenly lightning bolts followed him.

It wouldn’t stop until the ninth strike was launched.

With his arms held by Lu Linlin and Lu Lili, Hao Ren stood at the position where the heavenly gate had been and watched Zhao Kuo being beaten into the pitch-black Ninth Cloud.

He had watched Zhao Kuo withstand the first Heavenly Tribulation on the surface of the ocean, and he was witnessing Zhao Kuo’s second Heavenly Tribulation on the Heavenly Realm.

In the blink of an eye, Zhao Kuo had been beaten down for thousands of meters, and he almost dropped into the Ninth Heaven where the void was!

Suddenly, many golden light dots appeared in the black void and flew toward Zhao Kuo.

The immortals who activated the World-Ending Lightning Tribulation with the power of the Heavenly Dao were a bit surprised, but they still launched the sixth strike.

The tiny golden light dots flew toward Zhao Kuo at a greater speed and merged into the black dragon, covering him in a layer of golden colors!

When the sixth heavenly lightning bolt crashed onto Zhao Kuo’s body, it was bounced back. When the seventh heavenly lightning bolt landed on him, only small waves of light appeared.

The ninth heavenly lightning bolt crashed toward him with great force and almost struck Zhao Kuo onto Eighth Heaven, but Zhao Kuo bounced back up abruptly!

A Heavenly Dragon with flashing golden light!

Zhao Kuo had passed the Heaven Tribulation and became a Heavenly Dragon!

Hao Ren was at a loss for words while he watched Zhao Kuo’s dragon body expand further and turn into a five-colored dragon that even the immortals had to look up to!

Zhao Kuo became the first five-elemental Heavenly Dragon in the last 1,000 years!

Despite his longer cultivation time, he had been overtaken by Hao Ren in realm due to the latter’s abundant opportunities. However, he had still passed the Heavenly Tribulation earlier than Hao Ren!

Without experiencing the Heavenly Tribulation, Hao Ren’s Five-Petal Realm and Six-Petal Realm weren’t stable.

Turning into a five-colored light, Zhao Kuo rushed back to the spot where the heavenly gate was and knocked down the immortals with a wave of his dragon tail.

The so-called Heavenly Immortals were the cultivators who had ascended to the Heavenly Realm, and the gods such as the Queen Mother of the West and Zhen Yuan Zi were among the earliest group of cultivators.

After reaching the Heavenly Dragon Realm as a five-elemental cultivator, Zhao Kuo was even stronger than most of the Heavenly Immortals!

After passing the Word-Ending Lightning Tribulation and merging the five elements, Zhao Kuo had reached the Five-Petal Realm!

“Dad! Look!” Zhao Kuo turned two circles in the sky and cried out in a resonant voice, “I, Zhao Zhao, have ascended to the Heavenly Dragon Realm!”

He had fulfilled his promise to his father by reaching the Heavenly Dragon Realm!

Whoosh! The Black Dragon Spike suddenly shot out from Zhao Kuo’s dragon claw, and the vague black dragon flew out from the Black Dragon Spike.

It was Zhao Haoran’s 1,000-year-old dragon soul that was attached to the Black Dragon Spike!

As short as the Black Dragon Spike, Zhao Haoran’s dragon soul looked at Zhao Kuo and nodded in satisfaction while he began to scatter in the void.

As a father, Zhao Haoran’s last wish was to see his youngest son with the best talent and greatest diligence enter the Heavenly Dragon Realm!

That was why he had attached his dragon soul to the Black Dragon Spike to battle alongside his youngest son and witness the moment when Zhao Kuo turned into a Heaven Dragon!

Zhao Kuo didn’t let Zhao Haoran down and had brought the Black Dragon Spike with him ever since Hao Ren handed it to him.

Zhao Kuo’s greatest regret was that he hadn’t been with his father when the latter passed away, but he was determined to let his father’s dragon soul sense his ascendence to the Heavenly Dragon Realm!

Hao Ren looked up and was a bit touched when he saw Zhao Haoran’s vague dragon soul in the Black Dragon Spike. Zhao Haoran was supposed to vanish in the world, but he had sealed his dragon soul into a weapon to encourage Zhao Kuo to work hard and ascend to the Heavenly Dragon Realm.

The deep love between the father and the son was beyond the understanding of others!

“Dad! Don’t go!”

Seeing that the black dragon soul was about to scatter, Zhao Kuo suddenly turned back to his human form while his hard five-colored dragon scales turned to a five-colored armor.

Zhao Kuo had promised to bury Zhao Haoran in the Dragon Tome on the Heavenly Realm!

He injected his Five-Petal Realm energy into the Black Dragon Spike and withdrew Zhao Haoran’s dragon soul!

Zhao Haoran’s dragon soul showed that he had realized his dream and would vanish soon. This meant that Zhao Kuo only had half an hour to keep Zhao Haoran’s dragon soul with him!

Zhao Kuo suddenly dashed toward the Heavenly Palace!

Clutching the green staff, Sun Wukong suddenly flew up and blocked Zhao Kuo when he heard the words ‘Dragon Tomb’.

The Dragon Tomb was the resting place for the Heaven Dragons who had died in the ancient war between the immortals and the devils. Since Sun Wukong’s duty was to guard the heavenly gate, he had to stop Zhao Kuo from breaking into that forbidden place!

Many sword energies exploded around Zhao Kuo’s body. With the Black Dragon Spike in his hand, Zhao Kuo looked like an enraged god while his black face emitted red light. He was about to unleash his full strength!

He was going to bring Zhao Haoran’s dragon soul into the Dragon Tomb on the Heavenly Realm since it was the promise that he made to his father!

Seeing that Zhao Kuo was about to battle with Sun Wukong, Hao Ren broke free from the grips of Lu Linlin and Lu Lili and swung the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar toward Sun Wukong!

He and Zhao Kuo both cultivated the Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll, had Seven-Core Five-Color Lotuses, and were at the Five-Petal Realm!

They were battling shoulder to shoulder again!

Glorious Tiangang Killing Array Formation!

Zhao Kuo learned Hao Ren’s sword array the moment that he saw it!

Now, there were two Glorious Tiangang Killing Array Formations!

Hao Ren could kill Five-Petal Realm cultivators with this sword array when he was at the Four-Petal Realm. Now with two Five-Petal Realm five-elemental cultivators using this sword array together, they could kill Seven-Petal Realm cultivators!

The immortals deeper in turned ashen-faced when they saw the humming sword array formations and quickly stepped back!

If they were swept into the killing array formations, they would be turned into ashes!

Without the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar, Sun Wukong couldn’t shatter the sword energies, and he would get severely injured if he tried to block the two sword array formations!

However, he was the Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal; he would never back off!

Instantly, tens of thousands of Sun Wukong appeared and rushed into the sword array formations.

The immortals were shocked, not expecting that Sun Wukong could split himself into many like a Supreme Spiritual Treasure!

“Attack!” Without hesitation, Zhao Kuo activated the sword array formation at the same time as Hao Ren.

Many phantoms shattered in the sword array formation while many sword energies vanished at the same time.

This battle shook the sky and the earth!

Two Five-Petal Realm cultivators were fighting one Eight-Petal Realm cultivator. It seemed like a losing battle, but they broke even! Wherever the sword energies swept, they shattered space and forced the immortals to stand further back.

Anxious, Zhen Yuan Zi watched the battle and stomped his feet impatiently, wondering why the Queen Mother of the West still hadn’t shown up at this moment!

Suddenly, something dawned on him, and he lowered his head to calculate again with his fingers.

“Ah…” Astonished, he looked toward Zhao Kuo and realized that this dragon cultivator was the real chosen one of the Heavenly Dao!

As the daughter of two Heaven Dragons, Su Han could be counted as half a Heaven Dragon, and her cultivation talent was unrivaled.

Comparatively, Zhao Kuo had an ordinary cultivation talent, but he was the dragon cultivator with the greatest diligence and fastest progress in the past thousands of years!

He had reached peak Qian-level in only 200 years!

The Heavenly Dao rewarded diligent people!

The Heavenly Dao’s chosen one was not Hao Ren but Zhao Kuo!

Zhao Kuo had cultivated with diligently, restrained himself from killing innocent people when he led the troops of East Ocean, and had been determined to reach the Heavenly Dragon Realm!

The truth was that his failure in the first Heaven Tribulation wasn’t a punishment from the Heavenly Dao but a test for him!

The fact that he started cultivating Light Splitting Shadow scroll and obtaining the five-elemental mystic crystal were all a part of the Heavenly Dao’s plan.

Zhen Yuan Zi suddenly realized that if he hadn’t become brothers with Hao Ren, Zhao Kuo would have taken the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar!

“Stupid! Stupid!”

Zhen Yuan Zi almost slapped himself.

He finally realized that the Queen Mother of the West at the leader of Heavenly Immortal due to her steadiness and composure. He himself could only be the leader of the Earthly Immortals since he was more emotional.

That four entity in his calculation was probably Zhao Haoran, Zhao Kuo’s father and the Old Dragon King of East Ocean!

Even Zhen Yuan Zi didn’t expect that Zhao Haoran’s dragon soul hadn’t dissipated and still inside the Black Dragon Spike!

It seemed that only three cultivators rushed onto the Heavenly Realm, but there were four of them!

“Second Brother! Back off!” Hao Ren suddenly cried out.

Hearing Hao Ren’s shout, Sun Wukong froze and then felt the pressure of the sword array!

However, Hao Ren left a way out in his sword array.

Sun Wukong turned into a dash of golden light while Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo flew toward the place with flashing five-colored lights.


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