Dragon King’s Son-In-Law Chapter 785 – The No. 1 Master in the Heavenly Realm!!! (1.6 for 1 Chapter)

Chapter 785: The No. 1 Master in the Heavenly Realm!!! (1.6 for 1 Chapter)

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“Sun… Wukong?”

Hao Ren blurted out this name almost without hesitation.

He had been surprised when he found that the ultimate treasure in the Dragon God Shrine was the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar. Now seeing the hairy-faced cultivator standing before him, he immediately thought of the legendary Monkey King!

“Hehe! You know my name!” The cultivator smiled and then his face turned dark. “A weak cultivator like you dares to call me directly? I’m The Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal!”


A green jade staff appeared in his hand, and he said, “Since you could refine the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar, I guess you’re not an ordinary cultivator. Attack!”

Hua… The green staff shot out many green shadows which crashed toward Hao Ren like mountains, not giving him any time to react.

Astonished, Hao Ren thought that this guy was more reckless than the legends had said. The nature essence of the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar rushed out from his palms, shooting toward the waves of green shadows.

The black Kirin, which was Zhen Congming, spat out a wave of black light and charged up with Hao Ren, and Zhao Kuo dashed toward Sun Wukong with his Black Dragon Spike as well.

“Three vs. one. Hehe! Interesting!”

Pointing his staff to the left and then right, Sun Wukong sent the black Kirin and Zhao Kuo flying for hundreds of meters. Feeling severe damages in their demonic core and dragon core, they couldn’t get up from the ground.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! The staff shadows swept toward Hao Ren like boundless water waves!

“You dare to use the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar!”

The green staff shadows connecting and formed a blurry wave before striking Hao Ren’s chest instantly with vicious force.

After Su Wukong decided to stay in the Heavenly Realm and cultivate, the immortals persuaded him to put the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar back into East Ocean since they were afraid that he would make trouble here. Feeling the solitude as an unrivaled master, he thought it was useless to keep the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar, which was why he put it back into East Ocean to suppress that devil eye.

However, after more than 1,000 years, he now realized that the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar had become this young man’s weapon, and the latter had even refined it into his natal dharma treasure!

This would bring disgrace to his awe-inspiring name as Heaven’s Equal!

He had searched all over the world and couldn’t find a rival who could beat him. He had gone to the Demon Sea and wounded several big demon kings. Then, he went to Penglai Island where the so-called Leader of Earthly Immortals Zhen Yuan Zi established the Seven Killing Array, and he broke the array formation easily.

Due to the genial temperament of Zhen Yuan Zi, Sun Wukong was somehow ‘tricked’ by him and became his brother, which made it hard for him to battle Zhen Yuan Zi.

Then, he had rushed to Eighth Heaven and beat all the cultivators of Godly Cloud Dao senseless before rushing up to the Heavenly Realm. The immortals joined forces to block him, but he still crashed into the Heavenly Palace.

He didn’t stop until the Queen Mother of the West enlisted the help of the nine Ancestral Dragons. Only Ya Zi among the nine Ancestral Dragons could barely fight with him, but Su Wukong still beat Ya Zi senseless with the Heavenly Lightning Staff techniques that he had created himself.

While the nine Ancestral Dragons joined hands and broke even with him, Zhen Yuan Zi came up from land to break the fight. Due to his respect for Zhen Yuan Zi, Su Wukong stopped the fight and stayed in the Heavenly Realm to cultivate.

After more than 1,000 years of cultivation in the Heavenly Realm, his temperament got steadier while the title the Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal gradually spread all over the world.

Hao Ren didn’t expect that he would have to fight with Sun Wukong, so he could only use sword array formations to block Sun Wukong’s staff technique.

“Oh? The power of the Heavenly Dao!” Sun Wukong looked at Hao Ren in surprise while he leaped up with both hands holding one end of the staff. “Working against the Heavenly Dao with the power of the Heavenly Dao!”

Sun Wukong was indeed the No.1 Genius in the world since he had cultivated to the Seven-Petal Realm within only a few hundred years. After his battle with the nine Ancestral Dragons especially Ya Zi, he had reached the Eight-Petal Realm!

In the past 1,000 years, he had been seeking the opportunity to reach the mighty Nine-Petal Realm, but he couldn’t find a rival who could battle and stimulate him!

Even the Queen Mother of the West and Zhen Yuan Zi were only at the Seven-Petal Realm. There was only one Nine-Petal Realm entity in the world, and that entity was the Godly Dragon who created the world.

Although Hao Ren also charged onto the Heavenly Realm and looked powerful, he was only at the Five-Petal Realm, which greatly disappointed Sun Wukong!

After all, when Sun Wukong turned the Heavenly Realm upside-down, he was at the Seven-Petal Realm.

“The cultivators nowadays are really lame!” Sun Wukong thought to himself.

However, Sun Wukong was a bit surprised at the power of Heavenly Dao in Hao Ren’s body. It meant that the Heavenly Dao leaned toward him and hoped that he would shoulder the responsibility of guarding the Heavenly Dao against catastrophes, but Hao Ren had battled his way up!

It was really weird!

When Sun Wukong battled his way up, there had been no protection from the Heavenly Dao. Instead, he had rushed up against the fierce heavenly lightning bolts!

Fighting with Hao Ren was fighting the Heavenly Dao in a sense, but Hao Ren had rushed up onto the Heavenly Realm to break the Heavenly Dao!

Feeling the immense power of the Heavenly Dao in Hao Ren’s sword energies, Sun Wukong was confused! However, he wondered if he would break through to the Nine-Petal Realm if he defeated the Heavenly Dao!

Boom! Sun Wukong put more energy into his green staff!

He had chosen a fragile jade staff as his weapon because his strength had reached the realm of turning anything including a flower or a leaf into a dharma treasure. He had picked the most fragile jade staff to relieve the fear in the immortals’ mind.

However, these immortals were a bit naïve if they thought that Sun Wukong couldn’t defeat them with a jade staff!

Seeing the green shadows condensing into a jade staff, Hao Ren suddenly was immobilized and couldn’t dodge as if Tai Mountain was sitting on his head.

“You’re too weak. I’d better take back the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar!” Sun Wukong pointed his jade staff onto the tip of Hao Ren’s Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar.

Suddenly, Hao Ren felt like his hands were exploded while the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar bounced up at the slight pointing of the jade staff!

He had used the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar which was connected to his mind, but he still was no match for Sun Wukong who only used a jade staff.

It felt as if he were using a metal sword and fighting someone who had a tree branch, and that person used the tree branch and knocked his sword away.

Due to his combat instinct, Hao Ren knew that he couldn’t let go of his weapon, so his hands which had been knocked off the pillar suddenly clutched onto the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar.

“Let go!” Sun Wukong moved the jade staff which released a clinging force around the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar and pulled it up.

Ding! When the cold Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar entered his hands, Sun Wukong instantly felt the familiar sensation.

Hua… He waved the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar and released waves of golden and silver lights.

His magnificent aura shook the Heavenly Realm!

The lights almost blinded Hao Ren, and he knew that this was the true power of the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar!

Now, Sun Wukong had a sudden urge of turning the Heavenly Palace upside-down again and see if these immortals had gained any progress over the past thousands of years!

“Kid, since you delivered the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar to me, I’ll spare your life!” Sun Wukong was about to put away the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar when he found that it was still connected to Hao Ren’s mind. He released the power of Eight-Petal Realm and tried to erased Hao Ren’s spiritual senses that were on this weapon.

“Huh…” He was surprised.

He found that the bond between the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar and Hao Ren’s spiritual senses were so strong that he couldn’t erase it!

The five-elemental mystic crustal in Hao Ren’s body had merged entirely with the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar, so Sun Wukong couldn’t erase Hao Ren’s spiritual senses from the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar unless he killed Hao Ren!

“Are you the treasure soul of the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar?” Sun Wukong widened his bright eyes and looked at Hao Ren in bafflement.

The only explanation that he could come up for the perfect bond between Hao Ren and the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar was that this sacred treasure somehow nurtured a treasure soul from with it, and this treasure soul got so strong that it turned into a human. With this perfect bond, it meant that the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar was destined to belong to Hao Ren!

Hum… The Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar vanished from Sun Wukong’s hand and returned to Hao Ren’s body automatically.

Not a five-elemental cultivator, Sun Wukong had battled his way up from being a small demon king and didn’t know about the fact that Seven-Core Five-Color Lotus which Hao Ren planted in his dragon core was the best five-element mystic crystal in the world, and it was the perfect match to the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar.

“You’re such a fortunate guy. I’ll teach you cultivation!” Sun Wukong suddenly reached out his hand to grab Hao Ren.

Hao Ren sent out a wave of sword energies and then used the Mystic Water Sword Techniques smoothly! The Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar slid out from his hand and automatically turned into a longsword that had a golden blade and a silver handle!

Five elements combined into lightning! Hao Ren slashed the sword around and stabbed toward Sun Wukong’s arm.

“I want to take you as my disciple, and you are reluctant!”

Living a boring life on the Heavenly Realm, Sun Wukong saw this young cultivator who could merge perfectly with the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar coming to the Heavenly Realm and wanted to take him as his disciple for fun. However, to his surprise, this young cultivator dared to refuse him!

He was convinced that Hao Ren was the treasure soul of the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar or had at least merged with the treasure soul of the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar, and this was why he wanted to keep Hao Ren by his side to cultivate since he had partnered with the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar more than 1,000 years ago.

Seeing Hao Ren fighting with Sun Wukong, Zhen Congming and Zhao Kuo immediately ran over to help.

Sun Wukong kicked them to the sides and then fought Hao Ren with bare hands. “I’ll beat you into submission!”

He suppressed his strength to Five-Petal Realm, determined to defeat Hao Ren with bare hands!

In the past 1,000 years, Sun Wukong couldn’t find a proper rival to fight with and had to lower his own realm and battle with the Six-Petal Realm and Seven-Petal Realm cultivators. Despite the significant progress in his combat skills, his realm stayed the same.

Right now, the Six-Petal Realm and Seven-Petal Realm cultivators on the Heavenly Realm were scared of him. They stationed young disciples at the entrance of their palaces to alert them when Sun Wukong came so that they could get away from the back door.

For Sun Wukong, it had been many years since the last time that he lowered himself to the Five-Petal Realm.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Sun Wukong’s punches were so powerful that Hao Ren couldn’t block them even with the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar that was in the longsword form.

“Damn it…” After being forced back continuously, Hao Ren finally got furious. Putting away the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar, he leaped forward and took a solid stance before using the fundamental boxing techniques of the East Ocean Dragon Clan!

The sight stupefied Zhao Kuo who just got up from the ground.

“Hao Ren is fighting with the legendary Sun Wukong with the fundamental boxing techniques instead of the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar?” he thought to himself.

“Hehe…” Sun Wukong’s attack speed quickened suddenly and created many phantoms.

While holding his breath, Hao Ren circulated his abundant nature essence around his meridians like sword energies while he moved faster, keeping pace with his rival.

They moved so fast in the battle that Zhao Kuo and Zhen Congming almost couldn’t tell them apart. At Five-Petal Realm which was higher than the Soul Formation Realm and the Heavenly Dragon Realm, they were still fighting like hooligans on the street!

This was ridiculous!

Whoosh! A light beam flew from below and stopped inside the heavenly gate.

The cultivator in the grey Taoist robe was Zhen Yuan Zi.

He had thought that Hao Ren could never pass the Godly Cloud Dao on Eighth Heaven even though he could force back the heavenly generals and soldiers. After putting the furious and severely wounded Ya Zi in his Penglai Island to recover, Zhen Yuan Zi had immediately flown up to Eighth Heaven.

Despite his bloodthirsty nature, Ya Zi represented the Heavenly Dao. After all, Ya Zi’s killing was the duty that the Heavenly Dao assigned to him, and it was necessary to keep everything in check.

Zhen Yuan Zi attributed Hao Ren’s ignorance of the situation to his young age and the identity as a mortal who couldn’t look at the changes in the world in an aloof manner. He just hoped that this third brother of his wouldn’t make the trouble bigger.

When Sun Wukong dashed onto the Heavenly Realm and almost destroyed all the palaces, it was Ya Zi who had blocked him with great efforts and prevented the situation from getting worse. It was due to Ya Zi’s contribution and merits that the Queen Mother of the West favored him. Ya Zi was required to handle the extreme situations when the Heavenly Dao was in threat.

However, Hao Ren knew nothing about all this.

From the viewpoint of the Queen Mother of the West, Hao Ren had wounded Ya Zi due to his personal interests.

After comforting Ya Zi and leaving him in the Penglai Island to heal, Zhen Yuan Zi hurried up onto Eighth Heaven. But to his surprise, he found that Eighth Heaven hadn’t stopped Hao Ren. With an ominous feeling, he hurried to the Heavenly Realm to make peace.

Seeing Hao Ren and Sun Wukong fighting, he was distressed, and he tried to calm them down.

“Second Brother, Second Brother! Third Brother, Third Brother! Stop fighting! Stop fighting…”

However, Hao Ren and Sun Wukong had been worked up by the fierce fight and wouldn’t stop!

Hao Ren had gotten over his initial awe and was trying his best to win in the exchanges by a bit.

Meanwhile, Sun Wukong found that Hao Ren wasn’t as weak as he had imagined since the latter had combined sword techniques into boxing techniques, which was quite powerful despite the unstable Five-Petal Realm.

Bang! Bang! Hao Ren and Sun Wukong exchanged another five to six kicks and punches.

“Second Brother! Second Brother! Third Brother! Third Brother!”

Zhen Yuan Zi moved around them from left to right and then from back to front, looking like a referee instead of a fight breaker. He wanted to pull them apart but was afraid that it would infuriate them even more.

Seeing that neither of them could get the upper hand in a short time and neither intended to kill the other, Zhen Yuan Zi relaxed and stood aside, calculating with his fingers.

“Oh…” Suddenly, he looked up in alarm, and he panicked a little.

“I got it wrong!”

After calculating the Heavenly Dao, he realized that the Heavenly Dao’s chosen one wasn’t Hao Ren!

Despite the unpredictability of the Heavenly Dao, Zhen Yuan Zi should be able to get a clue as the leader of Earthly Immortals and arrange things beforehand. All the signs had told him that Hao Ren should be the chosen one of the Heavenly Dao, but now…

Due to his mistake, the Heavenly Dao had leaned toward Hao Ren who was not the chosen one!

Although Hao Ren wasn’t the chosen one by the Heavenly Dao, he had refined the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar which should belong to the real chosen one!

Zhen Yuan Zi instantly got anxious.

No mistake was allowed in the turning of the Heavenly Dao. The only duty in his leisure life was to select the chosen one of the Heavenly Dao, but he had messed it up! Sweat drops instantly appeared on his forehead.

Frowning, he immediately did the calculation again.

“Strange. How come there are four people…” Zhen Yuan Zi suddenly found that there should be four creatures who had rushed onto the Heavenly Realm!

Hao Ren, Zhen Congming, and Zhao Kuo… Who was the fourth?

“How come there is an extra?” Zhen Yuan Zi calculated once again, and the number was the same!

However, with his Seven-Petal Realm, Zhen Yuan Zi wasn’t able to sense anyone who was hiding nearby. “Is it possible that the devil dragon which disturbed the world had also come up in the chaos?” he thought to himself.

With an ominous feeling, Zhen Yuan Zi was about to stop the fight between Hao Ren and Sun Wukong when two crisp shouts came from the Heavenly Palace!

In beautiful cyan and green dresses, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili dashed over!

Their official names were Chenxin and Chenyi, the goddesses of the Heavenly Realm and the Heavenly Heart Palace Masters!


Lu Linlin and Lu Lili landed beside Hao Ren in the blink of an eye.

“Humph!” Standing on either side of Hao Ren, they snorted slightly and took out the Yin-Yang Bracelets, shooting them toward Sun Wukong.

When they got the news that Hao Ren had rushed onto the Heavenly Realm, they were elated… “Gongzi finally came!”

Then, they got the information that Hao Ren was fighting with Sun Wukong, the most powerful master on the Heavenly Realm. Not able to control themselves, they flew out with their treasures.

After they left Hao Ren, they had been thinking of him each second. If not for the Queen Mother of the West, they would have rushed down the Heavenly Realm to find him!

Now that Hao Ren had rushed up to the Heavenly Realm and was fighting fiercely at the gate, they had no reason to stay put.

If Hao Ren rebelled, they would follow him and rebel as well!

Even if the Queen Mother of the West might want to punish them, they didn’t care!

They would never regret their decisions!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Lu Linlin and Lu Lili unleashed their power. With identical Immortal Physiques and Seven-Core Five-Color Lotuses in their bodies, they bonded with Hao Ren through minds and hearts!

Seven-Petal Realm!!!


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