Dragon King’s Son-In-Law Chapter 784

: There Are Always More Powerful People in the World (1.7 for 1 Chapter)

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“Ruff…” Seeing Hao Ren disappearing in the high sky, Little White chased after him while stepping on golden flames.

Ruff…” The snow lion cubs who had been hiding in the ocean all rushed up and followed Little White.

When the vortex appeared in the East Ocean Dragon Palace, the snow lions all went into hiding due to their demon beast instinct. When they saw Little White, they all came out as if they had seen their leader.

When Little White became Suan Ni’s disciple in the future, then these snow lion cubs would become Suan Ni’s grand disciples, and they could all potentially reach level 10 and even the Transformation Realm. What a magnificent sight it would be when they went out together!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Several sword energies shot down from the high sky and suppressed Little White back to the surface of the ocean.

Hao Ren knew that Little White was loyal, but he didn’t want her to take the risk with him especially after knowing that Little White was a little loli.

The golden shield which had slid from Little White’s body when she flew up went back to her side and jumped onto her back.

It had been disappointed when it saw that Hao Ren didn’t want to take it. Then, it dawned on the golden shield that Little White was now a level 10 demon beast and would soon reach the Transformation Realm; it suddenly realized that it could take Little White as its master!

From now on, it would appear on the top of Little White’s head as a small round golden hairpin and decorate her pretty black hair!

Bang… In the thick clouds, Hao Ren’s sword energies swept out and forced back hundreds of heavenly generals and soldiers!

By his side, Zhao Kuo slashed out the Black Dragon Spike and instantly shattered two heavenly generals’ armor!

Six heavenly generals had led hundreds of heavenly soldiers to arrest Hao Ren, not expecting that Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo would resist them!

Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo had joined hands and pierced Ya Zi’s eyes; how could these heavenly generals and soldiers suppress this pair?

Besides, there was a black Kirin spitting black fire closeby!

Not able to block them, the heavenly generals and soldiers retreated while fighting! The cultivators from the Heavenly Realm would never die due to age, but it didn’t mean that they wouldn’t be killed in a battle!

Bam! Hao Ren, Zhao Kuo, and Zhen Congming in his true black Kirin form forced the heavenly generals and soldiers back until they rushed into Fifth Heaven!

These heavenly generals and soldiers appeared in the mortal world by using teleportation arrays to break through the void, but they couldn’t use the array formation to return when they were chased into Fifth Heaven by Hao Ren and the other two!

The cultivators on Fifth Heaven saw a group of disheveled cultivators in golden and silver armor being chased after by two cultivators and a black Kirin.

The cultivators in the three small sects around Ethereal Summit were so astonished that their eyes almost popped out of their eye sockets.

The cultivator in the middle was the Herb King Master whom they served!

These cultivators in golden and silver armors were not from this realm or the Dragon Tribe; they came from the Heavenly Realm!

Just from the luster around each set of armor, the cultivators could tell that each armor was close to being celestial treasures!

However, the Herb King Master was forcing back the cultivators of the Heavenly Realm continuously! His aura… was on the Soul Formation Realm!

More importantly, they were shocked to see the legendary black Kirin assisting the Herb King Master.

Instantly, the cultivators in the three small sects wondered what it meant for them. After all, the lives of the cultivators on Fifth Heaven had the least value, and they could be killed by relatively larger on Fifth Heaven, let alone the sects on Sixth Heaven.

Messing with the Heavenly Realm… It was something that they didn’t dare to think about!


Hao Ren’s sword energies shot out and sent dozens of heavenly generals and soldiers flying. If not for their armor which was equivalent to celestial treasures, they wouldn’t be able to get up again.

“Hahaha! You’re so weak!” Zhao Kuo had just missed a fierce battle. When he came back to East Ocean City, he had just got to help Hao Ren pierce Ya Zi’s eyes. However, at this moment, his blood heated while the battle went on, and he sent three heavenly generals in golden armor flying backward!

Golden and silver waves rushed toward Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo continuously but were pushed back by the two of them.

The cultivators on Fifth Heaven watched them break through the array formation between Fifth Heaven and Sixth Heaven and enter Sixth Heaven.

Hua… Hao Ren split the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar and blocked hundreds of heavenly soldiers while Zhao Kuo’s Black Dragon Spike emitted layers of black shadows, blocking three heavenly generals!

Zhen Congming dashed left and right in his black Kirin form, knocking away the heavenly generals and soldiers. After taking the elixir pill that Qiu Niu gave to him, he had healed up, and the hard armor on the heavenly generals and soldiers were no match for his scales and horns! He shattered their armor one after another!

Without the protection of their armor, none of them dared to battle with Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo.

Lingwu Master and the other Nascent Soul Realm cultivators in Sky Mountain Sect had been cultivating in the sect. Hearing the upheaval on Sixth Heaven, they immediately flew out of their secret chambers.

When they saw Hao Ren chasing after the disheveled heavenly generals and soldiers with a black Kirin, they gasped in astonishment.

Hao Ren’s sword energies seemed to merge with a treasure, and they all turned into a blinding golden color. Wherever the golden sword energies went, a heavenly soldier would be sent flying for thousands of meters!

Surrounded by golden sword energies, Hao Ren looked like a god while he rushed up the sky.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Thousands of heavenly soldiers and dozens of heavenly generals in golden armors suddenly appeared from the void.

“Master! Master…” The Nascent Soul Realm cultivators of Sky Mountain Sect warned Lingwu Master anxiously when they saw the latter still hovering in the air.

Lingwu Master was watching in a daze. Before he was pulled by the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators to hide in the back mountain, he saw Hao Ren using a sword array formation and forcing back thousands of heavenly generals and soldiers!

Instantly, golden light lit up Sixth Heaven!

The black Kirin carried Hao Ren, and they battled with the heavenly generals who were several meters tall! With the treasure which looked like a golden and silver staff or long spear, he used several sword techniques, slashing open the armors of the generals!

“He has a legendary black Kirin as his mount, and he can even defeat heavenly generals and soldiers. How powerful is he?” Lingwu Master thought.

Wherever the golden staff went, waves of heavenly generals and soldiers were knocked down like harvested crops!

While Lingwu Master shivered in shock, Hao Ren dashed through a group of heavenly generals and soldiers and shattered the array formation between Six Heaven and Seventh Heaven before rushing into Seventh Heaven on the black Kirin!

Zhao Kuo followed him closely and rushed up as well.

Thousands of heavenly generals and soldiers chased after them.

Many lights flashed on Sixth Heaven, and then everything became quiet.

Lingwu Master looked back at the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators and realized that he was drenched in sweat.

Meanwhile, the Soul Formation Realm cultivators on Seventh Heaven heard the commotion on Sixth Heaven and were about to come out and investigate when they saw many golden and silver lights flashing on Seventh Heaven. The fighters on Sixth Heaven had come up here!

The Soul Formation Realm cultivators were about to show their hands when they saw Hao Ren, a True Immortal and the brother of Zhen Yuan Zi, and thousands of heavenly generals and soldiers!

When the immortals fought, it would be a disaster for the mortals.

According to realms, the Soul Formation Realm cultivators were Earth Immortals. But compared to the True Immortals who had ascended to the Heavenly Realm, they were only mortals.

Therefore, they moved to the distance since none of them wanted to be involved in such a conflict!

Following Hao Ren, Zhao Kuo got more and more excited while he battled. He roared with laughter while a violent surge of nature essence rushed out from his dragon core and mystic crystal as if he were about to gain a breakthrough!

“Damn Heaven! Since you don’t allow me to ascent to the Heavenly Dragon Realm, I’ll pierce a hole in you!”

All his frustration, distress, and fury were vented out!

Bang! Almost without any delay, Zhao Kuo and Hao Ren rushed onto Eighth Heaven!

Thud! Thud! The heavenly generals and soldiers crashed onto the array formation between Seventh Heaven and Eighth Heaven and couldn’t break through it. This array formation was so hard that only Soul Formation Realm cultivators could break through!

Hao Ren could be counted as a Soul Formation Realm cultivator, but these heavenly generals and soldiers were not powerful enough even though they were also titled True Immortals; they got their titles through special means just like Hao Ren.

Boom! Riding on the black Kirin, Hao Ren flew toward the headquarters of Godly Cloud Dao.

Zhao Kuo followed Hao Ren onto Eighth Heaven through the small crack that Hao Ren created. He had never come to Eighth Heaven before!

The prosperous ancient cities were situated on both sides of the river while in the mountains shooting up into the clouds concealed the cultivation palaces of Godly Cloud Dao.

“Eighth Heaven! I’m on Eighth Heaven!” Zhao Kuo wiped off the still warm blood stains on his face and yelled heartily.

After fierce battles, he couldn’t calm down his excitement after entering the peaceful world.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Five Soul Formation Realm cultivators flew toward Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo.

Even the Soul Formation Realm cultivators outside Godly Cloud Dao couldn’t enter Eighth Heaven without permission!

Due to his respect for Qingfeng Hermit, Hao Ren didn’t attack these five Soul Formation Realm cultivators who were flying toward him.

He had refined the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar with the Seven-Core Five-Color Lotus. After several fierce battles, he had formed a bond with his natal dharma treasure, and he easily sent out five golden light beams from his hands.

“Supreme Spiritual Treasure!”

Not able to recognize the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar, the five Soul Formation Realm cultivators sensed that the treasure which Hao Ren was using was at least a Supreme Spiritual Treasure and hurried to block it.


Hao Ren felt like his blood surge up to the top of his head, and his vital soul had reached the Five-Petal Realm! His blood had heated up in the fierce battles while the five-elemental nature essence moved inside his body like crazy, propelling the sacred power of the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar to merge with his five-elemental mystic crystal completely!

“Five-Petal Realm!”

The five Soul Formation Realm cultivators gasped together and instantly moved tens of thousands of meters away.

“This kid…” Zhao Kuo looked at Hao Ren in astonishment, not expecting the latter to merge his mystic crystal with the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar!

“At this speed, he could probably reach the Six-Petal Realm! However, the realm that he achieves this way will probably not be stable!” Zhao Kuo thought to himself.

Hua… Hao Ren’s Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar lifted Zhao Kuo. With the help of the black Kirin’s great speed, they entered the headquarters of Godly Cloud Dao in the blink of an eye.

Hum… Suddenly, many golden and silver dharma notes rose in the sky like fireflies during the night in the summer.

Dharma notes array formation based on the five-elemental Life-Death Notes!

“Grandma must guard Eighth Heaven which is the entrance to the Heavenly Realm.” Qingfeng Hermit’s voice resonated in the region and awed Zhao Kuo.

“If you insist on breaking into the Heavenly Realm, you must break this array formation!” Qingfeng Hermit’s tone turned from gentle to firm.

Eighth Heaven was the only way leading up to the Heavenly Realm from the mortal world. Ninth Cloud was on top of Eighth Heaven, and the so-called breaking the void was traveling through Ninth Cloud.

Godly Cloud Dao was the sect closest to the Heavenly Realm and the Heavenly Dao and had the responsibility of separating the Heavenly Realm from the mortal world.

Despite her intention of letting Hao Ren pass, with her son as the Godly Cloud Dao Master and herself as the most powerful cultivator of Godly Cloud Dao, she had a duty to block Hao Ren.

If Hao Ren went up to the Heavenly Realm, he would be punished severely unless he could defeat the Queen Mother of the West. Since Hao Ren was crucial for Xie Yujia’s happiness, Qingfeng Hermit hoped that he could stop here before the situation got worse.

While she was thinking, Hao Ren released many sword energies from his body and rushed into Godly Cloud City where she had established the dharma note array formation!

Zhen Congming released black light from his black Kirin form which burned up the tiny dharma notes!

The cultivators of Godly Cloud City were astonished to see that Hao Ren and the others broke into the city.

No one knew when Godly Cloud Dao was established, but the time was much earlier than those sects on Seventh Heaven, Sixth Heaven, and Fifth Heaven. In other words, Godly Cloud Dao was in a league of its own.

Godly Cloud Dao was originally a part of heaven!

The cultivation sects below Eighth Heaven had been sects on the land. They had battled among themselves and with the Dragon Tribe, and they were eventually forced out of the land by the dragon cultivators. Then, they rose into the high sky with great cultivation power. Therefore, anything under Eighth Heaven was considered the Mortal Realm.

Since Godly Cloud Dao had control over heavenly lightning bolts, even Heaven Dragons, and Soul Formation Realm cultivators didn’t dare to trespass this place, let alone entering Godly Cloud City, the center of Godly Cloud Dao!

In its long history, only one unparalleled demon king had rushed into Godly Cloud City a little over 1,000 years ago, and no cultivator was his match. He had traveled through Eighth Heaven and rushed onto the Heavenly Realm.

However, two men and one beast were breaking into Godly Cloud City by force today!


All the dharma notes hovering in the air interacted with each other and lit up. They could borrow power from nature to kill Six-Petal Realm and even Seven-Petal Realm cultivators.

Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll!

Hao Ren released many sword energies using the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar.

Although Qingfeng Hermit’s five-elemental Life-Death Notes could dominate over Hao Ren’s Light Sword Splitting Shadow Scroll, Hao Ren had the best five-elemental mystic crystal and the best treasure. It made the situation different!

Zhao Kuo released overwhelming sword energies from his body as well.

“Break the array formation! We’ll break it together!” he shouted.

The golden and silver dharma notes suddenly turned into radiant five-colored dharma notes which changed positions according to the changing positions of the stars in the universe.

Hua… Hao Ren’s sword energies swept out with Zhao Kuo’s.

However, the number of dharma notes was greater than that of the sword energies!

Each note handled one sword energy while the rest entered the acupoints on Hao Ren, Zhao Kuo, and the black Kirin’s body.

Even those Soul Formation Realm cultivators in Kunlun Mountain wouldn’t dare to try this dharma note array formation, but Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo just dashed into the center!


Hao Ren waved his hand, and the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar dashed up into the sky before splitting into billions of smaller pillars which spread all over Godly Cloud City like exploding fireworks.

Sitting steadily in the small courtyard, Qingfeng Hermit saw that Hao Ren was at the Five-Petal Realm and knew he had borrowed the power from the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar. She shook her head slowly and withdrew her hand.

The dharma notes all over the vast Godly Cloud City suddenly flew up and caught the many small pillars. Then, the dharma notes condensed into a pillar as well and struck the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar.

Feeling a blow to his chest, Hao Ren spat out a mouthful of blood. Since the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar was his natal dharma treasure, his body couldn’t take the collision with Qingfeng Hermit’s dharma notes.

“Go!” Hao Ren urged.

Zhen Congming pushed Zhao Kuo with his horns on his forehead and dashed toward the Immortal-Ascending Platform on the tall mountain in the city.

Instantly, billions of dharma notes scattered around in Godly Cloud City before vanishing gradually into the void.

Hao Ren knew that Qingfeng Hermit had let him pass purposefully after teaching him a lesson, reminding him that there were always more powerful people in the world. Meanwhile, that blow to his chest showed to the world that Qingfeng Hermit had performed her duty of blocking him.

In fact, Hao Ren clearly knew that the main reasons that he and Zhao Kuo could pierce Ya Zi’s eyes were that Ya Zi was injured by Qiu Niu and Suan Ni’s attacks, his movement was restrained by Lady Zhen and the other two Six-Petal Realm cultivators, and Ya Zi’s over-confidence.

However, Hao Ren wouldn’t retreat before the difficulty just because of Qingfeng Hermit’s warning. Since he had gone this far, he would battle his way up!

He would obtain justice through fighting!

In a blurring black light, the black Kirin dashed to the Immortal-Ascending Platform and paused for a second before rushing toward Ninth Cloud.

If the Heavenly Realm didn’t dare to let them up, it would push them into the void, and they would get lost in it.

However, Hao Ren bet that they would take the challenge!

Zhen Congming had thrown caution to the wind. He was supposed to stay beside Wu Luoxue and live a peaceful life as an elementary school student, but now his beast blood was heated up by Hao Ren!

Afraid that Zhen Congming who grew up in the chaotic Demon would cause trouble, Qiu Niu had been very strict with him, but it couldn’t suppress his wild nature!

In the whole world, probably only Wu Luoxue could keep Zhen Congming in control!

His black claws released a black light that was darker than the void! The Five-Petal Realm black Kirin could break the void on his own already!

Hao Ren opened the small bag that Qiu Niu gave him and saw five red elixir pills inside. Without thinking, he picked up one and swallowed it, and his wounded meridians instantly heal. It was a level 10 elixir pill!

Hua… They suddenly appeared before the bright and wide heavenly gate!

The heavenly gate that Hao Ren had broken had been repaired as if it were brand new. Like last time, there was no array formation around the entrance since no array formation could block the cultivators who could come this far.

Instead of many troops and powerful immortals who ascended to the Heavenly Realm first, only one cultivator with a hairy face and intense eyes stood in front of the gate.


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