Dragon King’s Son-In-Law Chapter 783 – Battle All the Way Up!! (1.4 for 1 Chapter)

Chapter 783: Battle All the Way Up!! (1.4 for 1 Chapter)

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Ya Zi was enraged instantly.

However, the second white light followed the first one closely. Like a dash of smoke, it was quick and light, but its power couldn’t be underestimated as it had appeared before Ya Zi’s forehead.

Whoosh! Following Little White, the golden shield appeared in the high sky and released many golden light shadows. The magnificent power of the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar had triggered its fighting instinct, and it tried to surround Ya Zi with its power as a celestial treasure!

With its golden fur standing on end, Little White spat out a medium-sized fireball toward Ya Zi! This fireball only tickled Ya Zi a bit when it hit his body, but it enraged him.


Even a small demon beast who was below level 10 dared to challenge his authority!

Ignoring the second white light which was dashing toward him, Ya Zi slammed his huge palm toward Little White!


A third white light appeared from the void and blocked Ya Zi’s hand.

“Suan Ni! Even you came to mess with me!” Ya Zi’s body emitted huge waves of black light, and the intense murderous spirit instantly froze everyone in the area.

An old man in a red robe appeared in the void and plucked the strings of a guqin, and a lion-like creature appeared by his side.

[The guqin is a plucked seven-string Chinese musical instrument of the zither family.]

The sound waves shot out white lights which hacked toward Ya Zi who was engulfed in black flames.

Qiu Niu! Suan Ni!

Two Ancestor Dragons appeared at the same time!

One was the elder son of the Godly Dragon, and the other was the fifth son of the Godly Dragon. They launched powerful attacks at Ya Zi.

With both his hands wounded and a reckless celestial treasure trying to disturb him, Ya Ze let go of the black Kirin in a hurry and lifted his huge ax to block the white lights that were shooting toward his forehead and neck.

Boom! Even Ya Zi, the ‘Killing God’ among the Ancestor Dragons, was sent flying backward for dozens of meters!


Qiu Niu waved his hand, and the black Kirin whose bones were almost shattered rose suddenly. Qiu Niu dug out a dark green elixir pill from his red robe and stuffed it into the black Kirin’s mouth.

He hadn’t intervened when Ya Zi tried to kill Qin Hong, but he wouldn’t stand back and watch while Ya Zi attempted to kill his grandson!

In the past hundreds of years, he hadn’t been too kind to Zhen Congming and even forced the latter to make elixir pills, but it didn’t mean that he was cold to Zhen Congming. The blood connection between them could never be severed!

While he was taking the turn to guard the Heavenly Dao, Ya Zi took the opportunity and tried to kill Zhen Congming, which forced him to show his hand! Knowing that he was no match for his second brother, he had asked Suan Ni who had the closest relationship with him to come to the rescue together.

The combined forces of two Ancestral Dragons broke even with another Ancestral Dragon!

The three of them were all at the Eight-Petal Realm, but Ya Zi was fiercer and had more killing techniques! Neither Qiu Niu nor Suan Ni could battle him separately!

Boom! Almost half of the sky collapsed!

According to the rules, while Ya Zi traveled around the world, the other eight Ancestral Dragons must support the Heavenly Dao. With Qiu Niu and Suan Ni both absent from their posts, the other six Ancestral Dragons couldn’t support the entire sky!

Last time when Ya Zi killed Qin Hong in the Demon Sea, he had broken the void and appeared there in one second. Then, he used only one attack since he had to return instantly! Due to the limited time, he wasn’t able to kill Qin Hong completely, and Lady Zhen even resurrected him!

This time, when he tried to kill Qin Hong and Zhen Congming completely, he was met with resistance from both Qiu Niu and Suan Ni!

“This is my family business, and you keep out of it!” Qiu Niu plucked the strings of the guqin and released waves of curved lights.

After blocking Ya Zi with two attacks, Suan Ni turned his head and looked at Little White who was watching them in a daze.

Instead of changing into his human form like Qiu Niu, Suan Ni showed up in his true form. His true form was a golden lion, and he looked like a huge mountain which was hovering in the sky.

Only someone on this level could support one-eighth of the Heavenly Dao.

“Little girl, you’re good! I saved you because of your courage!” Suan Ni spoke human words and then shot a golden light into Little White’s body.

“When it’s my turn to travel around the world, I’ll come and take you as my disciple!” Suan Ni tossed out the words.

Boom! Another part of the sky collapsed!

In a white light, Suan Ni flew toward the sea surface and vanished in the void.

Looking after the fifth Ancestral Dragon who came and went in a flash, Hao Ren turned his head toward Little White who was now in her lion form.

Little White emitted layers of golden light while her paws released red flames; she had reached level 10 instantly!

As the ancestor of all lion-form demon beasts, Suan Ni saw that Little White was one of his descendants, so he had blocked Ya Zi’s strike for Little White and elevated her to level 10 while he was at it!

It was an easy thing for Ancestral Dragon Suan Ni at the Eight-Petal Realm to elevate Little White to level 10; it was a gift to his future disciple. By improving Little White’s physique, he could teach her more conveniently in the future.

Bang! Bang! Qiu Niu’s Heavenly Sound Guqin turned from white to red while he attacked with the sound waves, leaving many wounds in Ya Zi’s body instantly!

The white and red sound waves swept past Ya Zi and surged up ocean waves that were as high as 1,000 meters.

Hao Ren remembered his fierce battle with Qiu Niu in the Nine Dragon Palace and now knew that Qiu Niu had gone easy on him and Su Han.

“Kid, I will leave the rest to you!”

After tossing a small bag to Hao Ren, Qiu Niu turned his head and glanced at Lady Zhen and Qin Hong before leaving to repair the collapsed Heavenly Dao.

Being beaten repeatedly by Qiu Niu and Suan Ni who had appeared suddenly, Ya Zi almost fell into the ocean, looking disheveled and distressed.

With his usual combat force, he was not afraid of Qiu Niu and Suan Ni!

However, he was surrounded by so many cultivators, and his hands had been injured by Hao Ren who also hit him on the head. Caught off guard, he had been forced back continuously by Qiu Niu and Suan Ni’s attacks!

Although Suan Ni didn’t use his full strength and just assisted, Qiu Niu had launched fierce attacks at Ya Zi repeatedly, and the sharp red and white sound waves had severed several of Ya Zi’s meridians!

He didn’t expect Qiu Niu to be so protective of this wild grandson that he had left his position of supporting the Heavenly Dao and came to fight!


Ya Zi punched the golden shield and instantly shattered the tens of thousands of golden light shadows, leaving a deep crack in its body!

This kind of celestial treasures were only top-tier treasures in the Heavenly Realm, and it wasn’t powerful enough to disturb Ya Zi!

After being beat by Qiu Niu, Ya Zi was deeply displeased, hating the fact that these cultivators and treasures had witnessed his humiliation!

His murderous spirit came out violently, and several metal-elemental dragon cultivators were immediately drawn to him.

The metal-elemental dragon cultivators changed into their dragon forms, trying to flee, but Ya Zi caught them in his hands as if they were some golden earthworms!

Surprised that Ya Zi was still fierce after Qiu Niu’s lecture, Hao Ren immediately shot out the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar.

Not expecting Ya Zi to vent his anger on the metal-elemental dragon cultivators, Kui released boundless true-water from his sleeves.

Seeing Ya Zi revealing his viciousness again, Lady Zhen was afraid that he would attack Qin Hong again. Besides, she was still resentful due to their previous feud. Without hesitation, she shot out two Destructive Heavenly Phoenix Fires from the center of her palms.

In her mind, she had no longer regarded Ya Zi as her Second Uncle!

The insignificant energies arrows from Xie Yujia, the Big Dipper Stars from Zhao Yanzi, blue icy-fire from Little White, and the dense, long spears from the East Ocean soldiers all shot toward Ya Zi.

Seeing these ‘ants’ daring to attack him, Ya Zi unleashed a chilling aura and hacked the broken huge ax toward a large group of East Ocean generals and soldiers.

Qiu Niu and Suan Ni had indeed wounded him, but it wasn’t severe. Even injured, he wouldn’t be defeated by these ‘ants’!

Three of the metal-elemental dragons in his hands were crushed to death while the other two fled from the cracks between his fingers.

After all, he was Ya Zi, the Killing God. It only made sense for his rivals to beg for his forgiveness; he would never admit his mistake and retreat in defeat!

The azure Kirin flew up and spat out a beam of light at him.

“Hahaha…” Blood gushed out from the many wounds on Ya Zi’s body while surges of murderous spirit spread all over the area.

A killing spree!

He would spare Qiu Niu’s grandson so that Qiu Niu wouldn’t come after him. However, he would kill all the people who offended him!

Everyone watched while Ya Zi’s huge ax crashed toward the sea surface where hundreds of thousands of East Ocean generals and soldiers stood

Suddenly, a wave of sword energies dashed over from a distance

Sword array formation!

Seeing these colorful sword energies, Hao Ren’s spirit perked.

Zhao Kuo was back!

Sure enough, the black dot shooting over from a distance was no other than Zhao Kuo!

After getting defeated by Su Han, Zhao Kuo’s spirit was low. At Zhao Guang’s arrangement, he had gone to the southern cities to unwind himself in the company of Elder Xingyue. Determined to get some rest, Zhao Kuo had not sought any news about the Dragon Tribe, including if Su Han had passed or failed her Heavenly Tribulation.

While he and Elder Xingyue enjoyed the sceneries as if they were on a honeymoon trip, he suddenly got the news that East Ocean Dragon Palace was in danger. Anxious, he had hurried back at the very moment that Ya Zi launched his fierce attack.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

All the attacks landed on Ya Zi’s body.

Despite his Eight-Petal Realm, Ya Zi felt a bit unsteady under the fierce attacks from three Six-Petal Realm cultivators and Hao Ren’s Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar when he was already injured.

While Ya Zi was being attacked, Zhao Kuo’s sword energies blocked his huge ax so that the East Ocean generals and soldiers wouldn’t be killed by it.

“Third Lord!”

Seeing Zhao Kuo, all the generals and soldiers cried out in exhilaration.

Instead of answering them, Zhao Kuo turned abruptly in the high sky and drew out his Black Dragon Spike, battling Ya Zi together with Hao Ren!

Hovering in the high sky, Ya Zi looked like a giant who was being attacked by many cannons. Although he didn’t fall, more and more wounds appeared on his body!

These small ants which he could crush with one finger were now recklessly attacking him, an Ancestral Dragon! Being restrained by three Six-Petal Realm cultivators, he couldn’t launch attacks toward these ants!

Kui’s boundless true-water could melt his skin, Lady Zhen’s Destructive Heavenly Phoenix Fires could burn his meridians, and Qin Hong’s roars disturbed his mind!

Meanwhile, Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo were piercing toward his eyes!

“Out!” Ya Zi let out a furious roar and shot out black lights from his eyes.

This intense murderous spirit could shake Three-Petal Realm and Four-Petal Realm cultivators to death!

To his surprise, Hao Ren’s Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar suck away his murderous spirit while Zhao Kuo’s Black Dragon Spike broke his murderous spirit!

“How…” Ya Zi looked astonished.

He could understand that the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar was able to block his thick murderous spirit, but he was puzzled as to why the ordinary-looking sword could break his murderous spirit!

Ya Zi’s eyes were pierced by the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar and the Black Dragon Spike, and he felt acute pain!

“How could it be? I can destroy Three-Petal Realm cultivators with one finger!” Ya Zi let out a huge silent roar.

Lady Zhen and the others were also surprised. They had restrained Ya Zi but didn’t expect that Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo could get close to Ya Zi, break his powerful murderous spirit, and pierced his eyes!

They didn’t know that Hao Ren and Zhao Kuo’s weapons had condensed the power of sword array formations! They looked to be ordinary weapons but held many sword energies inside!

Ya Zi’s huge body shrunk to a thin and blind black wolf-like creature, which was his weakened true form.

Still furious, Hao Ren picked up the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar and crashed toward him!


A loud shout suddenly came from the high sky.

Among the nine Ancestral Dragons, eight supported the Heaven Dao, and one ruled the mortal world; this was the Heavenly Dao cycle. However, Hao Ren had severely wounded Ya Zi!

Even Qiu Niu and Suan Ni joined the fight, which caused the tilting of the Heavenly Realm. Many palaces collapsed, and many cultivators in the Heavenly Realm were seriously wounded!

“Ok! Ok! Don’t make the situation worse. Peace is everything! Peace is everything…” Zhen Yuan Zi came down from an auspicious cloud, trying to smooth things over.

Hum… Suddenly, dozens of groups of heavenly generals and soldiers appeared in the high sky.

Despite Ya Zi’s viciousness, it was his way of doing things, and the Heavenly Dao needed him to do the killing. By offending the Ancestral Dragon, Hao Ren had broken the Heavenly Laws!

Since Hao Ren was Zhen Yuan Zi’s brother, he was on the level of True Immortal and must take responsibility to look after Heavenly Dao, and this was already expressed to him. Now that he had offended an Ancestral Dragon for his personal interests, he must be arrested and punished.

Even the good old Zhen Yuan Zi couldn’t protect him!

As to the other cultivators who were not True Immortals, they wouldn’t receive any punishment!

“Arrest Hao Ren!” A crisp voice spread through the clouds.

The broken golden shield flew to Little White’s side crookedly. After being severely injured by Ya Zi, its spirit property was greatly damaged, and it couldn’t battle alongside Hao Ren in a short time.

“I’m not afraid of you! Attack!”

While Zhen Yuan Zi hesitated, trying to think of a way to make peace, Zhao Kuo suddenly picked up his Black Dragon Spike and rushed toward the heavenly generals and soldiers.

Zhao Kuo would fight whoever tried to arrest his nephew-in-law!

He wanted to see how powerful the cultivators from the Heavenly Realm were!

Hao Ren was furious, and the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar in the center of his palm shook slightly as if it were excited.


Hot blood surged in his veins.

Boom! The black Kirin rushed up from the ocean and flew up with Hao Ren, disrupting the neat formation of the so-called heavenly generals and soldiers.

“Brother! Brother!” Zhen Yuan Zi called out.

He tried to tell Hao Ren that the elixir pills which he made in Penglai Island in the past few days could also remove devil essence for Su Han and Hao Ren’s grandma. However, Hao Ren, Zhao Kuo, and Zhen Congming had dashed up into the high sky and disappeared in the clouds while they battled with the heavenly generals and soldiers!


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