Dragon King’s Son-In-Law Chapter 782 – One Strike!

Chapter 782: One Strike! (1.3 for 1 Chapter)

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After being taken out of the Demon Sea by Qiu Niu, Zhen Congming had cultivated by Qiu Niu’s side and turned into his human form by taking a Transformation Pill, which got him to the Transformation Realm without experiencing the Heavenly Tribulation.

After that, Qiu Niu wasn’t in a hurry to teach him techniques. Instead, Qiu Niu only let Zhen Congming create fires and make elixir pills to toughen his mind, which was why Zhen Congming was barely at Zhen-level.

However, if Zhen Congming changed into his true form, even the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators on and above Fifth Heaven wouldn’t dare to mess with him! He could kill them with ease!

It was because he was a top-tier demon beast – the black Kirin!

All the demon beasts in the Demon Sea made ways for him since none of them could defeat him! Zhen Congming had reached the Five-Petal Realm before reaching the Transformation Realm and going through the Heavenly Tribulation.

He was the only son of two eternal demon kings, the azure Kirin and the Phoenix!

Since he would cause a great shock when he changed back to his true form, Qiu Niu had ordered him not to change unless he was in great danger, or he would be punished severely!

Obediently, Zhen Congming had never changed back to his true form after transforming to his human form. He kept his kid look and flew swiftly on dharma treasures after stealing spiritual herbs from the cultivation sects to avoid fighting with the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators.

However, Zhen Congming’s arrogant nature returned!

The black Kirin could ride on clouds and spit out lightning at birth! If Zhen Congming cultivated in his human form and reached peak Nascent Soul Realm, he would reach the Seven-Petal Realm directly after passing the Heavenly Tribulation!

At Seven-Petal Realm, Zhen Congming would have the power of destroying the world! Afraid that Zhen Congming would cause trouble, Qiu Niu hadn’t taught him any techniques, trying to slow down his growth.

“Good! Good! Good! I’ll kill you one by one!”

Ya Zi waved his ax and created deadly cracks in the sky. The shattered space could tear any cultivator into pieces!


The azure Kirin’s horns released two dashes of lights, blocking the black crack and stopping it from spreading to him.

“Go back!” He shouted at Zhen Congming who was now the black Kirin.

Right now, Zhen Congming was only at the Five-Petal Realm when he changed back to his true form, and he was seeking death by trying to fight Ya Zi who was in the Eight-Petal Realm!

If Zhen Congming hid and cultivated to the Seven-Petal Realm, he might have a chance for revenge! At least he wouldn’t be killed by Ya Zi so easily!

By fighting with Ya Zi, Qin Hong was trying to buy time for Lady Zhen to flee with Zhen Congming.

However, Zhen Congming was as stubborn as Lady Zhen. He would pursue anyone he liked without wavering and fight the people he disliked even at the price of his life!

The black Kirin spat out a wave of lightning energy which rolled toward Ya Zi like huge ocean waves in the sky.

This kind of demonic lightning could kill any demon beasts in the Demon Sea, and even the Soul Formation Realm cultivators must dodge.


Ya Zi swung out the ax and sent the azure Kirin flying for hundreds of meters.

The nine Deputy Shrine Masters of Dragon God Shrine couldn’t get close. The black cracks instantly shattered their dharma treasures.

The wave of black lightning bolts engulfed Ya Zi’s body.

“Humph!” Ya Zi shook his body, and the lightning bolts slid from his body like a shattered black net.

The demonic lightning bolts from the black Kirin who was at the Five-Petal Realm couldn’t do any damage to him! The lightning bolts could probably easily kill big demon kings, but they were no use against the Eight-Petal Realm Ancestral Dragon!

The huge ax swung out and crashed heavily on the black Kirin’s back.

Zhen Congming’s black scales flew out and revealed the bloody flesh beneath while he was sent flying to the distant ocean.

Ya Zi was so merciless that he would kill his own grandnephew!

With his horns broken, the azure Kirin knew that he and his son were no match for Ya Zi. Seeing Hao Ren hovering in the sky, he suddenly flew toward Hao Ren.

It seemed that only Hao Ren could injure Ya Zi!

Hao Ren had still been trying to recover after using the Glorious Tiangang Killing Array Formation while Zhen Congming dashed up and drew Ya Zi’s attention.

Seeing Ya Zi’s huge ax tearing Zhen Congming’s skin and flesh, Hao Ren activated all his nature essence to use another sword array formation when he felt that he was lifted!

The azure Kirin!

The azure Kirin, an eternal demon king, would rather act as Hao Ren’s mount to battle Ya Zi!

The scales on Zhen Congming’s Kirin body were harder than top-tier dharma treasures, but Ya Zi’s huge ax almost cut Zhen Congming into two halves!

This damage would kill Six-Petal Realm cultivators immediately!

Meanwhile, Ya Zi, an Eight-Petal Realm Ancestral Dragon, could block any powerful dharma treasures with his body!

The only thing that could break his almost unbreakable body was the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar, the No.1 Sacred Metal in the world!

While the azure Kirin rode on the wind at great speed, Hao Ren found himself flying! The azure Kirin’s horns were cut off, and red blood gushed out and splashed onto Hao Ren’s body.

Instantly, Hao Ren felt the blood surging in his body while abundant nature essence entered him. The azure Kirin was injecting his energy into Hao Ren so that the latter could use the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar against Ya Zi at full force!


The nine Deputy Shrine Masters stood in nine different directions, and each shot out a spiritual light.

With their Three-Petal Realms, they didn’t dare get close to Ya Zi, so they had flown into position to use the Dragon God Shrine’s Heaven-Locking Array!

With the nine Deputy Shrine Masters’ strengths, they could trap Soul Formation Realm cultivators with this Heaven-Locking Array which was one of the plans designed to deal with the human cultivators if the cultivation sect suddenly wanted to come back.

However, instead of using it to trap any human cultivators, this array formation was now used against the bloodthirsty Ya Zi!

Various lights formed nine loops, trying to lock Ya Zi’s hands and feet.

“You’re seeking death!” Ya Zi glared and released a violent nature essence from his body.

In a green light, the azure Kirin dashed toward Ya Zi while carrying Hao Ren on his back.

Lu Qi and other dragon cultivators from East Ocean University were astonished to see that Club President Hao Ren was riding on an azure Kirin’s back, piercing a long golden polearm toward Ya Zi who was emitting vicious black light!


The nine Deputy Shrine Masters were sent flying before they could lock Ya Zi.

The three top-tier Qian-level cultivators spat out blood and died instantly.

At peak Qian-level, Yue Zilong had a tough body and didn’t die instantly. However, he was sent into the ocean, and no one knew if he were alive or not.

The other five peak Qian-level cultivators were sent flying to the distance like kites with broken strings.

Bang! With their nature essence suddenly flowing backward in their bodies, the six Deputy Shrine Masters exploded as if bombs had been placed in their bodies!

Only Yue Zilong who had toughened his body survived. With his hands and feet broken, he sunk deep into the ocean.

“Ants!” Ya Zi glared around ferociously.

From his point of view, anyone below the Six-Petal Realm was a worthless ant. He would kill anyone who messed with him,


Furious, Hao Ren shot out the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar from the center of his palm.

One-line Snake Array Formation!

He used the most basic array formation!

Hundreds of thousands of small Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillars formed one long golden line, piercing toward Ya Zi!

“Humph! This place stinks with devil essence! I’ll kill you all!”

Ya Zi waved the huge ax like a huge mountain and hacked toward Hao Ren. Even a Six-Petal Realm cultivator would be hacked into two halves if the blade touched them.

The dragon cultivators here dared to mess with him! He wasn’t like his senior brother Qiu Niu who had a mild temperament!

“I’ll kill the entire East Ocean Dragon Clan and all the mortals within 10,000 kilometers! I’ll kill until the sky and the earth change colors!” It was the power that the Heavenly Dao gave to him!

Hiss… The Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar pierced the huge black ax like a needle before splitting into two parts and shooting toward Ya Zi’s eyes.

Only the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar could break Ya Zi’s huge ax!


Ya Zi suddenly widened his eyes, and the two Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillars changed directions before reaching his eyes!

He had forced back the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillars with the intense murderous spirit coming out of his eyes.


Sitting on the back of the azure Kirin, Hao Ren instantly flew past the huge ax and appeared above Ya Zi’s head. The dense metal sword energies suddenly condensed into a thick pillar.

Hao Ren clutched one end of the pillar and used the Mystic Water Sword Techniques abruptly!

Bam! He struck onto the top of Ya Zi’s head!

The time seemed to have stopped.

Lu Qi and the others who were standing in the East Ocean University were stupefied.

Staying behind in the wards, Lady Zhen and Kui stared at the high sky through the windows in a daze.

Hao Ren had smashed the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar onto Ya Zi’s head.

Bang! The two black horns on Ya Zi’s head shattered instantly.

Violent force gushed out of the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar!

Ya Zi was smashed down into the ocean!

The black Kirin who had been hiding in the ocean rushed out suddenly and crashed into Ya Zi’s waist.

The black Kirin’s horns were the hardest objects in the world, and Zhen Congming used all his force, trying to kill Ya Zi!

“Roar…” Ya Zi turned abruptly in a fury and lifted the black Kirin with one hand.

He was the most powerful Ancestral Dragons, and his horns were shattered! He would tear Hao Ren into pieces!

“Since this little b*stard stumbled into my hand, I will kill him first!” Ya Zi thought.

With his violent strength, he could tear apart the Five-Petal Realm black Kirin easily!

Hua! Hua!

From Eastern Hospital, two lights rushed out and attacked Ya Zi at the same time.

One was Kui, and the other was Lady Zhen!

They had been injecting connate vital essence into Su Han and Grandma, but they had to attack at this critical moment!

Kui was a Five-Petal Realm water-elemental dragon cultivator, and Lady Zhen was a Six-Petal Realm Phoenix!

Kui wanted to protect Su Han and avenge the nine Deputy Shrine Masters while Lady Zhen wished to settle all the old and new accounts with Ya Zi!

Flying into the sky, they dashed toward Ya Zi shoulder to shoulder.

They had met each other before, but it was the first time that they worked together!

With great talent, Su Han’s mom had ascended to the Heavenly Dragon Realm after only hundreds of years of cultivation. With her bold personality, she had ventured into the inner area of the Demon Sea and stumbled into Lady Zhen’s territory.

As a Six-Petal Realm eternal demon king, Lady Zhen had easily defeated Su Rui in six attacks. Thinking that Su Rui was cute in her dumb way, Lady Zhen sent her out of the Demon Sea.

Then, Lady Zhen remembered that she had once fought with Kui, another Heavenly Dragon, when she was traveling outside the Demon Sea. As a prank, she delivered Su Rui to Kui’s place after feeding her an aphrodisiac.

What happened next was simple. Kui fell in love with the beautiful Su Rui. However, he couldn’t go with Su Rui and travel freely since he wanted to charge at the Six-Petal Realm and was responsible for the operation of the Dragon God Shrine. Furious, Su Rui left and gave birth to Su Han after 100 years of pregnancy.

Not wanting to leave Su Han who had the rare Metal Water Physique to the metal-elemental dragon clan and reveal her identity, Su Rui thought for a long time and left Su Han at the gate of the East Ocean Dragon Palace which was renowned for its kindness.

She didn’t want to raise Su Han herself since their kid must grow independently to be strong in the traditional view of metal-elemental dragons. It would be better for Su Han to grow up in the East Ocean Dragon Palace.

Due to their battle of wills, Su Rui swore that she would never speak again while Kui swore that he would never set foot outside of the shrine. This couple had been in a cold war for more than 100 years.

If Su Han hadn’t been severely injured, and the world hadn’t experienced drastic changes, Kui probably wouldn’t have come out of his Dragon God Shrine!

Lady Zhen knew all about it since she caused this whole incident. She hadn’t expected that her casual prank would bring Su Rui and Kui together and create a dragon baby.


Bright lights were released from Kui’s hands.

Six-Petal Realm!

Kui suddenly revealed his true realm!

Lady Zhen was a bit surprised that Kui had elevated from the Five-Petal Realm to the Six-Petal Realm after cultivating for only a few hundred years!

“Everyone in this family is crazy for cultivation!” she thought to herself.

“Go!” Fire burned up in Lady Zhen’s hands, and two phoenix-shaped flames flew out of her palms.

Heavenly Phoenix of Destruction!

Ya Zi’s left eye saw boundless white light while his right eye saw limitless flames!

One Six-Petal Realm water-elemental dragon, one Six-Petal Realm Phoenix, one Six-Petal Realm azure Kirin, one Five-Petal Realm black Kirin, and one Four-Petal Realm cultivator who could control the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar!

Suddenly, Ya Zi dragged the black Kirin to the front of him.

“Let go!” Lady Zhen suddenly turned her attack toward Kui.

Ya Zi didn’t dodge. Instead, he intended to used Zhen Congming to block the attack. If Kui’s true-water touched Zhen Congming, he would melt!

Not expecting Lady Zhen to attack him, Kui had no choice but to block her attack with his own.

Bang! The water and fire collided! The violent energy waves lowered the sea surface by dozens of meters while the buildings by the seashore all collapsed!

Fortunately, the residents in those buildings had been evacuated by the government due to the appearance of the vortex, and thus no casualties resulted in this catastrophe.

While Six-Petal Realm cultivators fought, even with residual nature essence was great enough to destroy a big city!

“I’ll fight you after killing this little b*stard!”

Ya Zi pressed onto the bloody back of the black Kirin. With his horns shattered, he looked even more vicious.

While emitting azure flames from his four hooves, Qin Hong carried Hao Ren to launch the last attack.

Standing on top of the hospital, Bai Ze hesitated and didn’t know if she should enter the fray.

Tink! Many golden lights suddenly flew out of the hospital.

Together with the golden lights was a pure golden level 6 snow lion!

Zhao Yanzi who clutched onto the Purple Green Treasure Sword, Xie Yujia with the demonic bow, Zhao Guang, Zhao Hongyu, Lu Qing, and Sun Yun all flew out from the hospital.

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers of the East Ocean Dragon Clan rose from East Ocean, and six peak Qian-level metal-elemental dragon cultivators flew over with many metal-elemental dragons from a distance.

The young dragon cultivators of East Ocean University had also come to help!

Bam! Suddenly, a flash of white light shot from the distant sky and pierced Ya Zi’s hand which clutched Zhen Congming.


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