Dragon King’s Son-In-Law Chapter 781 – Battling Ya Zi!

Chapter 781: Battling Ya Zi!

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“B*stard son!”

Qin Hong had turned into an azure Kirin, and he was furious when he heard those two words.

Many ferocious demon beasts lived in the Demon Sea since ancient times. He and Bai Ze were holy beasts from the Heavenly Realm and were there to guard the Demon Sea. He was supposed to be the perfect match for Bai Ze, but Zhen Yu’er fell in love with Qin Hong at first sight after coming to visit the Demon Sea.

Zhen Yu’er wanted to stay in the Demon Sea, so she got into a fight with Qiu Niu; she even gave up using her original name. Qiu Niu had gone to the Demon Sea, but Zhen Yu’er used her life to threaten him so that Qiu Niu couldn’t do anything about her.

However, Ya Zi had a terrible temper, so there was no way that he could back down from this. He had left his duty in the Heavenly Dao and secretly rushed to the Demon Sea at the speed of light. When he found Qin Hong, he killed him with one shot.

As a result, Bai Ze saved Qin Hong’s vital soul with all her cultivation strength and sealed him away, and she was sad and left the Demon Sea to wander in the mortal world. Then, she was able to meet her husband and become an ordinary housewife. Together, they gave birth to Wu Luoxue.

When there was still an opportunity to resurrect Qin Hong, Lady Zhen gave up her pride and begged her father for help. However, Qiu Niu was still mad, so he didn’t do anything.

Lady Zhen was very stubborn, so she broke off from her father for good.

These issues all started due to Ya Zi’s meddling. Now that Ya Zi stated that he would kill Zhen Congming, Qin Hong would not just sit there and do nothing!

Ya Zi was an Eight-Petal Realm Ancestral Dragon, and he was the most powerful amongst the nine sons of the godly dragons. He could kill whoever he wished, and he could basically do anything he wanted!

Even if Qin Hong couldn’t win, he would still not back out from the fight!

In the legends, Kirin looked children the most, let alone his own child.

“You’re begging to get killed! Don’t blame me for it!” Ya Zi looked down at Hao Ren, so he slashed his ax at the azure Kirin with rapid speed.

The Kirin spat out an azure light beam and aimed it at Ya Zi. If he were counted as a demon king, then he would be the strongest demon king in the Demon Sea!

If it weren’t for his strength, he would not be able to make those ferocious ancient beasts like Taotie obey him! When Ya Zi attached Qin Hong for the first time, Taotie and the others who were under the control of Qin Hong helped Ya Zi. Then, these ancient beasts all declared themselves kings and divided up the Demon Sea.

Lady Zhen hated them for that, so she used the Kunlun Godly Lamp to collect their souls to help resurrect Qin Hong!

“You’re just at Six-Petal Realm, and you dare to go against me?!” Ya Zi created a black crack in the sky which led to the void with his ax. “I was able to kill you a few thousand years ago, and I’m still able to kill you now!”

The black crack was like a broken piece of bamboo, and it sprung at the Kirin at the speed of light.

With Ya Zi’s realm, an ordinary attack had the power of breaking the space!

The Kirin let out a bright azure light, and he tried its best to defend. However, he was still not powerful enough and was knocked back to the ground.

The difference between that of the Six-Petal Realm and the Eight-Petal Realm was huge, much like the difference between the Foundation Building Realm and the Nascent Soul Realm! Ya Zi believed that he was the strongest. Therefore, even if he killed the Kirin, no one would dare to say bad things about him!

The Kirin was only hit once but was already bleeding everywhere. He was indeed the strongest in the Demon Sea. However, he was still no match for Ya Zi after his awakening.

There was only one entity who could defeat Ya Zi in this world! However, he was in the Heavenly Realm, and he was in no way related to the Kirin.

“Die!” Ya Zi put his hand in front and slapped the azure Kirin in the chest.

He didn’t hesitate, nor did he say much. It was already a failure for Ya Zi not being able to finish off the Kirin in one attack!

Ding! A golden light shone.

Ya Zi’s hand had turned into the size of half a city, and he was about to hit the Six-Petal Realm Kirin. The Kirin probably would be turned into slush if this strike landed.

“Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar!”

Ya Zi looked very vicious, but he seemed shocked right now. He suddenly pulled back his hand and then looked at the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar that Hao Ren used. With spite in his eyes, he shouted, “How dare you? You are only a Four-Petal Realm ant! I’ll squish you!”

He struck his hand at Hao Ren.

Ya Zi looked down at these Four-Petal Realm dragon cultivators. He was so aloof that he didn’t even show a tiny bit of interest in killing such ants. However, since such an ant dared to prevent him from killing the Kirin, he was going to teach this ant a lesson.

“Also, how dare he try to scare me with a fake Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar?” he thought to himself.

“Tiangang Array Formation!”

Hao Ren didn’t escape and simply clapped his hands together.

The Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar that had been shot out was spinning in the sky. Suddenly, it doubled, then quadrupled… Suddenly, there was an infinite number of spinning pillars!

Hao Ren had refined the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar into his natal dharma treasure, so he was able to use it as his sword energy. The golden shield was only a celestial treasure, and it could create many smaller shields. The Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar was one of the strongest treasures in the world, so it definitely was capable of such ability!

The whole name of the array formation was Glorious Tiangang Killing Array Formation!

It was capable of killing Five-Petal Realm cultivators!

Sword energies were everywhere, but they suddenly merged to form a cubic space. Then, it surrounded one of Ya Zi’s hands.


Hao Ren was floating in the same spot. He maintained his composure even though the hairy hand was only a few hundred meters away from him. The sword energies which were smaller Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar suddenly dashed inward.

Bam! Ya Zi lost one hand in an explosion!

The azure Kirin stood in mid-air in shock.

If he weren’t wrong, that treasure was the Ocean-Pacifying Godly Pillar! It was the legendary metal pillar from the legends!

“How did it end up with Hao Ren and even become his natal dharma treasure?” Qin Hong thought to himself.

After all, the previous owner of this treasure was…

“Nuwa Stone… why is the Nuwa Stone here!” Ya Zi screamed in agony.

Su Han who was in the hospital receiving the connate vital essence from Kui suddenly shivered, and a light appeared in her chest.

“Oh no! Ya Zi has found the Nuwa Stone in her. He’s coming to get it!” Kui hurried to stop the Nuwa Stone from flying out of Su Han’s body. He tried so hard that sweat was dripping down his forehead.

Ya Zi had suddenly sensed the Nuwa Stone that should have been stored in the Nine Dragon Palace, and he wanted to take the Nuwa Stone to heal up quickly.

However, if the Nuwa Stone left Su Han’s body, then Su Han would die for sure since the Nuwa Stone replaced her mystic crystal temporarily, and she wasn’t at the Heavenly Dragon Realm yet.

If it weren’t for the Nuwa Stone protecting Su Han’s internal organs from the devil essence, Su Han would be in an even more dangerous situation!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The nine Deputy Shrine Masters were standing on the balcony. One by one, they dashed into the sky to help with the situation. If Su Han were the Shrine Master’s daughter, then everything made sense.

Now, it made sense why the Shrine Master was very nice to her, why the Shrine Master would be more lenient on Hao Ren, and why the Shrine Master didn’t punish Su Han when one of the Deputy Shrine Masters found her reading forbidden techniques.

Now that Su Han was in a critical situation of life and death, these nine Deputy Shrine Masters who saw the Shrine Master as their master tried to protect Su Han with their lives!

Nine Three-Petal Realm cultivators were nothing in Ya Zi’s eyes! However, they were still going to help Hao Ren!

“Roar…” a black Kirin flew out from the hospital.

When Zhen Congming saw how his father was already puking out blood, he couldn’t help but fly out in his true form to help even though he had no memories of his father.


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