Dragon King’s Son-In-Law Chapter 371 – I’m not the Greatest Hero

Chapter 371: I’m not the Greatest Hero

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Zhen Congming stopped right before entering the room and looked out the window.

Little White stuck its head up as well, hyper-focused.

With their demon beasts’ instincts, they noticed that the intense battle under the ocean had begun in the distance.

Splash…splash…splash… Sea waved rapidly smashed onto the rocks on the beach, creating loud noises.

“How can there be so many tides at this time of the day…” Yue Yang was extremely sensitive to the sound of the waves due to her profession, and she frowned at this observation.

Splash… Splash… Two even more intense waves smashed onto the beach outside the house.

Yue Yang checked the time and realized it was already midnight. She quickly took out her phone and dialed a number.

“Hello, I’m Yue Yang. Is this the Ocean Environment Center? Is there any particular change in the statistics you gathered in the East Ocean?”

“Ms. Yue, the statistics today are fairly regular,” people answered on the other side of the phone.

“How about now? Look at the graph of the past hour,” Yue Yang continued.

“The statistics on tides haven’t been changing much… Wait a minute… There is a giant vortex about 100 kilometers away from the East Ocean City,” the observers in the station said hastily.

Shoo… As soon as they answered, another storm suddenly broke the quietness of the night.

Countless fishes and shrimps were falling alongside the heavy raindrops!

It wasn’t raining! The seawater just got thrown into the sky!

This was the sign of an upcoming tornado!

The war between the East Ocean Dragon Clan and the West Ocean Dragon Clan underneath the sea generated enough energy to form a tornado above the sea!

Streaks of visible white energy were shooting out above the ocean in an

A single one of them could turn half of the East Ocean City into a wasteland!

Boom! Boom!

Two tornados accidentally smashed into each other on the ocean surface and broke a hole in the clouds!

“Announce an alert right away!” Yue Yang commanded calmly into the phone. She picked up a blanket from the couch and put it around Grandma. Then, she hastily walked her to the garage while holding her arm.

She had been studying meteorological environment for over ten years and had never witnessed something as horrifying as this. According to her judgment, these tornados that suddenly appeared could reach the East Ocean City in half an hour!

There was a basement connected to the garage, and it was an extra space offered to them when they purchased the beach house. It was useful for storing things, but it also became Yue Yang’s top choice to hide from the tornados.

“Zhonghua, take Zi and Yujia and follow me!” Yue Yang turned to Hao Zhonghua as she walked Grandma to the garage.

Hao Ren, as a Gen-level cultivator, deeply admired how calm Yue Yang was when such terrifying tornados were quickly getting closer to them.

“Let’s go!” Zhao Zhonghua dragged Zhao Yanzi and Xie Yujia, who were already stupefied by the ‘fish rain’, and ran into the basement.

“Ren, Bring over Congming!” Hao Zhonghua shouted at Hao Ren while he ran.

Beep… Beep… The siren woke up the sleeping people as it went off through the entire city.

Even though Hao Ren’s family lived far from downtown, they could still clearly hear the alarm.

Yue Yang clearly knew about the unpredictable changes in the ocean climate. A tornado could form immediately and disappear quickly as well. These tornados might go away before they could even get onto land, but she had to get the people prepared.

She was willing to take responsibility for alarming the entire city and turning it into a semi-chaos.


Another two tornados smashed into each other, and tons of ocean water formed into a storm, pouring down rapidly from the high sky.

Hao Ren knew that the East Ocean Dragon Palace was not far from the beach. The fierce storm on the ocean surface could be the beginning of the war between the East Ocean Dragon Clan and the West Ocean Dragon Clan.

Although the war between the dragons was taking place deep in the ocean, it would definitely harm mortals on the land.

That was why East Ocean tried its best to avoid head-on confrontations with West Ocean; Zhao Guang didn’t want to harm innocent people.

However, under Zhao Haoran’s tough attitude, the war was inevitable.

The battles between the elders of the two dragon clans underneath the ocean made the nature essence dash out of the sea and generated turbid airflows above the ocean.

There were quite a few Qian-level and Kun-level masters on both side, and they could easily flip over mountains and oceans. Ten East Ocean City would have been destroyed if the war took place on land.

“Little White, Congming, go in the garage!” Hao Ren pointed to the garage. He created a red energy shield with both hands and suddenly dashed into the sky.

Su Han was recovering in the East Ocean Dragon Palace, so she probably wouldn’t be able to get out of there during this tangled warfare.

On the other hand, Qin Shaoyang was just severely injured by Hao Ren, and even his dharma treasure was in Hao Ren’s hands. On top of that, he didn’t have enough of an emotional connection with the East Ocean City to fight for it…

This meant that Hao Ren, the assisting inspector, was the only one who could protect the East Ocean City at the moment!

Hao Ren had just leveled up to Gen-level and hadn’t stabilized his realm yet. However, he had to put up a line of defense to stop the wild tornados.

Zhen Congming was good at setting up array formations, but he was too weak. He could only look up at Hao Ren who was in the red energy shield and flying toward the sky.

There was a streak of pure nature essence in Hao Ren’s body, and even Zhen Congming couldn’t see through it. Zhen Congming assumed that this was precisely the nature essence that helped Hao Ren achieve Gen-level all of a sudden…

He whipped his hair and dashed toward the garage, hoping that the rain wouldn’t drench him.

Little White looked at the sky, worried. It ran a few steps toward the garage before it turned and transformed into its snow lion form. Then, it hopped into the sky.

Although it hated the feeling of getting soaked by the rain, it didn’t want to let its owner go on his own.


Little White carried Hao Ren!

The flame under its paws spread all around it, and the fire soon covered Little White in no time!

It was like a giant fireball hanging in the dark sky! However, this fireball was surrounded by the red energy shield and couldn’t be seen by ordinary people!

Little White was high in spirits as it became a level 2 demon beast! Its four legs turned into a pure golden color!

Hao Ren felt the warmth on Little White’s back. He looked down at Little White’s shiny eyes and the crazy fire around him. He immediately sensed Little White’s strong battle hungriness!

The raindrops around them were instantly evaporated!

Mortals couldn’t see this scene. Otherwise, it would have been so cool to be seen riding a snow lion who was covered in flames.

Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll, Sword Array Formation!

Hao Ren’s 320 sword energies spurred out of him on command.

There was a loud noise coming out of the ocean, and the tides splashed up. There were millions of vertexes in the sea, and Hao Ren could imagine how intense the battle between the East and West Ocean Dragon Clans was underneath the water.

Another streak of powerful nature essence spurred out of the ocean, and the strong energy broke through tons of water and generated a vacuum zone. The surrounding water poured into the bottomless pit, forming another giant vortex.

In the meantime, the dashing nature essence twirled up the airflow and generated another tornado!

The war underneath the ocean was at least ten times as intense as the tornados that were above the ocean!

Shoo… A tornado splattered toward the direction of East Ocean City.

“Two Dragons Array Formation!”

Hao Ren flicked his fingers, and the 320 sword energies dashed toward the tornado.

The tornado was a few thousand meters high and twirling at a speed of 800 mph. It was immediately chopped into pieces by Hao Ren’s sword energies as a cucumber was cut with a sharp knife.

The tornado died down and blew toward the shore in the form of fierce wind, sending yellow sand into the air.

Another two tornados twirled toward the south region of East Ocean City!

Large amounts of rain and seawater splattered around the tornados!

The 320 sword energies divided into two groups and dashed into the center of the tornados and formed two One-line Sword Array Formation to destroy them.

The died down tornados threw a large number of fishes on to the roofs and streets in the south region of the city.

There was a dozen of unsteady tornados on the ocean surface, which formed and disappeared randomly. They swiped around crazily, but none of them could get near East Ocean City!

The people who lived near the ocean and in the skyscrapers downtown could see the tornados getting close and collapsing one by one!

They had no idea that Hao Ren, in the red energy shield, was defeating the invading tornados all by himself with ease!

The 320 sword energies formed a defense web which spread over a few dozen miles and eliminated the tornados.

Hao Ren wasn’t entirely sure what kind of strength he had as a Gen-level cultivator. However, even though his realm wasn’t even steady yet, he could still easily stop four to five tornados that were powerful enough to rip up any houses or trees and were rarely seen by mortals. He knew that the so-called cultivators were indeed far above mortals with domineering prestige!

Shoo… The 320 sword energies whipped through the surface of the ocean, and it chopped off the roots of all the active tornados and splashed waves of tides on the ocean. Then, the tornados all disappeared at once.

The storm over East Ocean City immediately stopped as well.

Beep… Beep… The siren sounding across the city slowly stopped.

It was fortunate that the tornados did not get to the land. In the eyes of mortals, it was only a sudden level 8 typhoon in the middle of the night.

Yue Yang walked out of the garage with her arms over Zhao Yanzi and Xie Yujia.

Hao Zhonghua also carefully got out of the garage, holding Grandma by her arm.

Zhen Congming covered his mouth with his hand as he yawned deeply, and he hopped over the ‘pond’ in the garden and headed to the house.

“Ren! Ren!” Hao Zhonghua shouted.

Hao Ren lied on a big rock in the garden as if he had fainted. He slowly lifted his head and asked dizzily, “Is the typhoon gone, Dad? I just slipped and passed out.”

“Ah, so useless!” Hao Zhonghua walked over and pulled Hao Ren up by the latter’s arm. Then, he looked back at Zhao Yanzi and Xie Yujia as he said to himself, “How do you deserve Yujia and Zi?”

Xie Yujia laughed while covering her mouth, and Zhao Yanzi pouted, poked Hao Ren’s waist, and said ‘reluctantly’, “Since you are such a coward, I’ll sleep in the same room as you tonight to comfort you.”

” My lover is the greatest hero in the world. One day, he will come to me on a seven-colored cloud in a golden helmet and armor and marry me. 1 ” Zhao Yanzi secretly recited this line in her head.


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