Dragon Husband CHAPTER LIST

CHAPTER 1 – 960

CHAPTER 961 – 1500

CHAPTER 1667 – 2000

Sign the divorce agreement, and follow Feliicity to the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow.”

Wiliam raised his head and saw Rebeca, his mother-in-law, throwing two pieces of paper in front of him in disgust.

And a woman with a pale face and a pale face stood behind Rebeca.

She is Wiliam’s wife, Feliicity.

No one in Q City ( Qena City ) knows the name of the Feliicity.

Born to be beautiful, but marrying is bleak.

No one in Q City ( Qena City ) knew that she was married to a useless son-in-law.

Seeing Feliicity’s coldness, Wiliam’s heart ached, and his hands trembled to accept the divorce agreement.

This day, after all, has come.

When Feliicity saw Wiliam accept the agreement, his expression darkened, and he turned away.

She was completely desperate for her husband who had guarded her for ten years.

Wiliam, I still remember Feliicity!

Ten years ago, a snowy night.

You are in ragged clothes and holding a wooden stick. In order to protect the stranger, I was bitten by a stray dog, but you refused to retreat.

With sticks as swords, heroes fight justice!

From then on, I began to worship you.

You are the brave hero in my heart.

But, I still remember your courage, too!

Over the years, you have thrown away all your blood and courage…

Look at how you are now, talking softly every day, I can’t fight back or scold me, do you still live like a man!

I really don’t want to see you like this…

I have waited for you for ten years, and you have let me down for ten years.

Today, you face this divorce agreement, but you dare to say a word!

I, Feliicity, dare to depend on you in this life!

Unfortunately, you dare not…

You have lost even the courage to catch your wife.

It’s good for us…

Thinking of this, Feliicity couldn’t help the tears in her eyes anymore and turned to leave.

But Rebeca looked at Wiliam in disgust, feeling extremely proud.

Ten years ago, my own stupid daughter rescued a kid, and she just kept him at home for ten years.

Even three years ago, he rejected all opinions and married him.

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