Dragon Husband 1870

Chapter 1870 Ghost-seeking Pill Qi

This one-handed ghost was quite funny in Lu Ye’s heart.

The body is very honest. Knowing that he can’t beat him, he quickly hides.

Still hiding behind Lu Ye.

Would Lu Ye be afraid of this group of people swarming up?

What are you kidding?

In the medical way, Lu Ye can crush them thoroughly, and in the martial art, Lu Ye can crush them to death with just one finger!

Seeing the contestants around them collapse powerlessly and wailing in agony, Elder Li’s eyes were full of sternness, and he shouted: “Give it all to me, take back the spiritual root potion and talk about it!”

This is the end of the matter, and it is hard to get over the water!

Notorious is notorious!

Anyway, the medical profession is very special, and I am not afraid that no one will look for it.

In a few years, this incident will be drowned in the wheel of history, and no one will remember it.

However, there is only one treasure of Zhenzong, and it must not be lost!

“Lu Ye! Be careful!” One-handed ghosts hid behind Lu Ye, not forgetting to remind Lu Ye to be careful.

And Lu Ye took a step forward!

Those people just rushed in front of Lu Ye, and the sharp blade in their hands was just about to swipe at Lu Ye!


Lu Ye suddenly narrowed his eyes fiercely!

A screeching word came out of my mouth!

This word is like magic!

With Lu Ye as the center, a ripple visible to the naked eye quickly spread out!

Those who are in front of him are the first among them!

Under this mantra, everyone’s movements seem to be fixed!

Their eyes were distracted and their expressions were stunned!

Then, such a picture is still for a few seconds!

“Plop!” The bodies of these people suddenly fell to the ground!

This scene, frightened a living ghost!

This is so special!

What the hell!

Lu Ye just shouted out a word, it has such great power!

Soldiers without fighting?


It’s definitely not that simple!

Lion’s Roar?

It doesn’t seem right!

With himself behind him, it seems that he has not been affected in the slightest!

“This, this!” Xinglin Bodhisattva was far away, his body slowly fell down, and he felt incredible!

What has he experienced just now?

As Lu Ye spit out the word, his head was like being hit by a heavy hammer, and his headache was splitting!

This is a very scary feeling!

As if the soul was about to be pulled away, death was imminent!

Of course, Xinglin Bodhisattva did not know how Lu Ye did it.

To deal with these half-hearted warriors, Lu Ye’s trick is more than enough.

Soothe the soul!

As Lu Ye opened the soul-suppressing domain, this was just a small test for him.

He opened his heart and went down with a calming soul. It was because of Lu Yeliu that these people died.

It’s not as complicated as Lu Ye’s hands at all.

The people at the scene fell, and there were only a few who could stand.

Most of them were injured by the poisonous gas just now, and some were knocked down by Lu Ye’s stun move.

The person who thought of the immortal prison fell to the ground, full of fear and unwillingness!

Is the gap between warriors and warriors really that big?

This kid just roared, he didn’t even raise his hand, everyone fell down!
What a shame!

However, everyone also cast a shadow on Lu Ye!

Instigated by Elder Li before, everyone rushed forward as soon as their foreheads became hot.

Now that Lu Ye roared, they suddenly woke up.

A terrifying legend comes to mind!

This kid is the master of a sect with one foot!

The strange sword covers the sky is no better than their thought of immortal prison.

That is the authentic martial artist sect!

This kind of sect was flattened by Lu Ye!

Now that they go over, it’s not enough for Lu Ye to plug his teeth!

The shadow of terror quickly pervaded the hearts of these people, and it couldn’t be dissipated for a long time!

The body of a living ghost with one hand slowly moved out from behind Lu Ye.

He stared blankly at the fallen people in the audience, completely bewildered.

Will this accident come soon?

Hurry up!

The people who read the Immortal Prison immediately burst into flames, spraying poison and rushing towards Lu Ye.

It can be said to be a lightning-fast trend.

Is it going fast?

It’s even faster!

A scroll, summed up the life of the immortal prison!

Even the one-handed ghost didn’t have time to react at all, and the matter was over.

At this moment, Lu Ye completely became a fairy in the heart of a living ghost!

I can’t do it with medical skills, but if I want to mess with it, I will be screamed and kneeled.

Thinking about this immortal prison, it is miserable enough to meet Lu Ye.

The face was beaten.

Thinking of this, the one-handed ghost hurriedly handed the magic root medicine to Lu Ye.

It’s like throwing a hot potato.

Lu Ye took the magic root medicine and put it into his pocket casually, without showing any pity.

The person who sees the Immortal Prison is baring his teeth!

This is their baby!

And Lu Ye looked down at the elder Li who had also rushed over and fell to the ground just now, and asked with a smile, “Do you still want to fight?”

Elder Li was heartbroken!

Hit a hammer!

If conditions permit, Elder Li would want to go to Lu Yeben, which is too bullying!

How can a young man who looks weak and weak bully their forty or fifty strong men!


Hang up!

“What kind of skill do you have to bully us!” Elder Li, desperate to save face, roared stiffly.

Although his head hurts and his body is soft, his mouth is hard.

“Oh? Are you worthy of being bullied by me?” Lu Ye smiled and turned away.

“You, stop for me!” Elder Li shouted loudly.

“Is there anything else to be fooled?” Lu Ye turned his head and looked at Elder Li.

“You reckless man! Don’t you know how to do martial arts! What kind of hero are you!” Elder Li didn’t even know what he was talking about.

Anyway, it’s just trying to talk fast.

“Look, these people are going to die because of you, hahahaha! I’ll tell you plainly! All of these people are the ghost-seeking pills specially made by us in Immortal Prison! Hahahaha!” Elder Li seemed to find When he saw a point where he could mock Lu Ye, he suddenly laughed.

“Ghost-seeking pill?” Lu Ye frowned.

And the one-handed ghost on the side changed his face when he heard these four words!

“It’s over! This is actually the rumored ghost-seeking pill!” Living a ghost with one hand is like seeing a ghost.

“What is the ghost-seeking pill?” Lu Ye asked casually.

“The ghost-seeking pill is an extremely vicious poisonous gas! This poisonous gas is the poisonous gas they extracted from the used medicinal herbs. This poisonous gas is extremely terrifying! According to rumors, if a little bit of the ghost-seeking pill is contaminated, the body will Directly collapsed and unable to move! And the ghost-seeking pill will be based on the human body and spread rapidly! It takes ten minutes at most, and at least five minutes, and the person in the body of the ghost-seeking pill will start to turn into a pool of blood! Even if you have The ability to turn back in anger is useless!” When the one-handed ghost spoke, his voice trembled.

“However, what’s more terrifying is still to come! This ghost-seeking pill! It will spread in the air!”


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