Dragon Husband 1869

Chapter 1869 I don’t want my face anymore

The words of a single-handed ghost are aggressive!

Under the eyes of the audience, Xinglin Bodhisattva had no choice but to bite the bullet and said, “Of course, he can only be called a living ghost with this one hand!”

The audience suddenly burst into laughter.

Everyone could hear that Xinglin Bodhisattva was trying to deal with a living ghost.

And the one-handed ghost laughed out loud.

He really deserves this one-handed ghost.

But when Lu Ye came to be the boss, he was very happy in his heart.

“In that case, there shouldn’t be any problem with Lu Ye winning the final reward, right?” The one-handed ghost asked again.

“No, no problem.” This question was asked in Xinglin Bodhisattva’s heart, but what else could he say.

“Okay, since that’s the case, then there’s no problem. Come on, send the prizes of this competition to Lu Ye.” The one-handed ghost said loudly.

There was a master of ceremonies at the scene, who brought out the magic root medicine from before and handed it over to Lu Ye.

But at this time, there was a loud shout, “Wait!”

The crowd looked at the speaker.

This person is impressively an elder of Yi Nian Immortal Prison.

This competition was originally hosted by Yi Nian Xian Prison and Yu Shi Zhi Ren.

Although the arena is set up in the imperial world, there are many people who come to the Immortal Prison.

They didn’t speak before, it was entirely because Xinglin Bodhisattva’s status and seniority within the sect was very high, so they dared not speak.

But now, they have to say it.

On the one hand, the reputation of Xinglin Bodhisattva has been ruined, and the reputation of the sect cannot be ruined.

On the other hand, they are naturally reluctant to give up the magic root medicine as the treasure of Zhenzong.

Therefore, it is natural to strive for it.

“Elder Chen, do you have any opinion?” The one-handed ghost actually thought that there would be such an appearance for a long time, and it was not surprising.

The elder surnamed Chen stood up and said politely: “Can we have a discussion? Everyone knows that the magic root medicine is the treasure of our sect. Without the permission of the suzerain and several elders, we will also You can’t let it go.”

“Hoho, you can’t give it up, so Xinglin Bodhisattva just took it out as a prize? Are you teasing us when you think about the immortal prison, or can’t you lose at all?” Be polite.

The elder Chen’s face was ugly, and he tried to lower his posture and said: “We naturally won’t fool the people present, just want to discuss, can we use other medicines to replace the spiritual medicine?”

“No!” Knowing that Lu Ye is a warrior, he must also need this thing very much.

Even he vaguely knew that Lu Ye’s promise to participate in the second stage of the competition was entirely for the sake of this magical medicine.

Change now, what are you kidding?

“One-handed ghost! We kindly discuss with you, don’t be ignorant!” Another grumpy old man stood up directly.

“Oh, Elder Li, what you said is wrong. I respect the rules of the game, so I become ignorant?”

“Humph! The rules of the competition! Well, I’ll tell you about the rules of the competition!” Elder Li stood up, blowing his beard and staring, “It was stipulated at the beginning of the competition, one person will answer one booth!”
One-handed ghost smiled and said, “But, it was your Xinglin Bodhisattva who broke the rules first.”

“That’s his business, can he represent Yi Nian Immortal Prison?” Elder Li said directly as if he had thought about it.

One-handed ghosts were laughed at, “Don’t you want your face?”

Elder Li continued: “Also, everyone heard it before, this kid keeps saying that the players present are not worthy of participating with him, which also shows that he did not participate in the competition at all. He just wrote some answers outside the competition. I’m not a player, how can I get a reward!”

The people at the scene were also pissed off.

If people are quite unreasonable, they really don’t distinguish between the elderly and children.

As for the elders, they are really not as good as the rogues in the market.

“That is to say, you are just going to be rascals?” The one-handed ghost said directly.

“Why is this a rogue? We are clearly reasoning with you! Therefore, if you are not a contestant, you are not eligible to receive the final reward. When we think about the immortal prison, out of love for talent, we are willing to come up with other prizes. As an extra reward to Lu Ye, this is already a kindness outside the law, young people, you must know how to appreciate it!” Elder Li said loudly.

The scene was silent, and everyone looked at each other.

Really can’t complain!

Does Lu Ye still need their love for talent?

Just thinking about the immortal prison adds up, is it not worthy of Lu Ye to carry shoes?

Want to know love?

What the hell is this?

One Nian Immortal Prison, one of the nine sects, is really shameless!

On the side, Xinglin Bodhisattva, as a party, directly acted as a tortoise.

In fact, he was still very happy to see this scene.

As a party, it is inconvenient for him to go back on his word.

But others can.

If the two elders fought well, the outcome would not be wonderful.

And, it wasn’t that he was ashamed.

“Hoho, I’m going to give this reward to Lu Ye!” One-handed ghosts didn’t bother to chat with each other.

He walked directly to the master of ceremonies, picked up the plate with the spiritual root medicine, and handed it to Lu Ye.

“You dare! Come on! Bring me back our treasure of the sect!” Elder Li was furious and tore his face.

And the people who read Immortal Prison swipe up and stand up, there are forty or fifty people!

These 40 or 50 people went directly at the living ghost with one hand, and they were all trainers.

Su Emei secretly cried out in her heart!

Damn it, the immortal prison is actually sent by Lianjiazi!

This is the intention to seize power by force from the beginning!

However, the people who are now staying on the field are all doctors!

Even if you call someone now, it’s too late!

However, it is too late to call!

Su Emei quickly blew his whistle, resounding through the entire Yu Shizhuan!

The place was a mess!

And Elder Li obviously knew that Lu Ye was a martial artist.

He raised his eyebrows!

Those warriors who rushed out suddenly spewed a pale green gas from their hands!

“Poison gas! Everyone, run!” One-handed ghosts are well-informed and immediately shouted.

The hatred in his heart!

Just thinking about the Immortal Prison is a crime that deserves death!

In order to regain the treasure of Zhenzong, he actually used poisonous gas to create chaos, and he also attacked so many innocent people on the scene!


Most of those who participated in the competition were doctors who were helpless, so how could they escape.

The poisonous gas spread rapidly, and a large group of people fell straight down, wailing on the ground.

Seeing that those warriors were approaching a living ghost, his heart sank a little, and he secretly screamed badly.

One-handed ghosts are obviously not pure warriors. Under the pressure of so many warriors, they are not opponents at all.

Out of instinct, he shrank directly behind Lu Ye.

When Lu Ye saw this scene, he smiled slightly, and said to the living ghost: “You understand it quite well.”


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