Dragon Husband 1867

Chapter 1867 The truth

Because of Lu Ye’s words, the scene was briefly quiet for a few seconds.

Then, a roar of laughter broke out again.

Dead people talk?

Rescue the dead?

Hahahaha, does this kid know what a dead person is?

They are all called dead, and of course they cannot be saved.

If it can be saved, is it still dead?

This kid doesn’t even understand the most basic life and death, and he dares to make nonsense here!

How dare you scold everyone in the audience for idiots!

Today I want to see him, how to play his own little cleverness!

Standing beside Lu Ye, a living ghost with one hand asked in a low voice, “Lu Ye, what do you need me to do?”

Lu Ye glanced at the living ghost and said, “You can just watch from the side.”

One-handed ghosts knew, and immediately went to the side to wait.

He looked at the laughter and scolding in the audience, and there was a nameless anger in his heart.

He had long suspected that someone was playing tricks here.

And the suspect is also the master of the master, but he can’t come up with evidence.

Now, this group of wallflowers, point east and west for a while!

Wait a minute, make sure you look good!

Lu Ye stood in front of the patient and lightly placed one hand on his forehead!

Then slowly closed his eyes.

After a few seconds, his eyes suddenly opened!


These two words, like the morning bell and the twilight drum, hit everyone’s heart fiercely!

Conjuring, what conjuring?

What soul?

All eyes were on Lu Ye’s hand.

At this moment, Lu Ye is no longer a doctor in everyone’s heart.

In the heart of half of the people, he is God!

And in the heart of the other half, he is a magic stick.

Master Miaoshou and Xinglin Bodhisattva looked at each other, their eyes full of jokes.

It seems to be saying that this kid is helpless now, and he starts to get weird, which is ridiculous.

Of course, no one at the scene could see what Lu Ye was doing.

What Lu Ye is using at this moment is exactly the summoning of the soul in “The Classic of Impermanence”.

As long as a person’s soul is forcibly used within half an hour after death, he can be reintroduced into the human body before the person’s soul is scattered, so as to achieve the purpose of bringing the dead back to life.

The patient in front of him had just died, and it was obvious that his soul had not yet dissipated.

It’s better to use the spirit.

As for Young Master Miaoshou and Xinglin Bodhisattva, they would never have imagined that Lu Ye would make such a miraculous move.

As Lu Ye drank it, the broken soul in his eyes slowly drifted back into the patient’s body.

After a while, the patient suddenly coughed.

This cough once again frightened the people at the scene to the point where they were shaking!

Can dead people cough?

Could it be a scam!

Young Master Miaoshou even got goosebumps all over his body.

What’s up with the horse!

Under the watchful eyes of the public, after the patient coughed, his eyes slowly opened.

This scene is enough to shock the audience!

There was a terrifying cry of exclamation at the scene!

“Damn it! Come out, my wife, come and see the fairy!”

“Bringing the dead back to life! This is really bringing the dead back to life!”

“After the judge’s diagnosis, this person is indeed dead, but now he is alive, what the hell is going on!”

“Is Lu Ye a human, a devil or a god!”

The one-handed ghost on the side really knelt down to Lu Ye!

Resurrection from the dead, I am afraid that it is not something that can be done by the Da Luo immortal!

Lu Ye actually did it!

No wonder, in the face of everyone’s ridicule before, in the face of the master’s hardship, he didn’t take it to heart at all!

It turned out to be in the chest!

It’s just that it’s so terrifying!

Seeing the patient open his eyes, Lu Ye also let out a small breath.

To be honest, this is the first time that Lu Ye has used conjuration seriously.

The summoning that I used on my grandfather before was mixed with other factors.

I didn’t think of it, it really came back to life.

Lu Ye’s heart was also a little excited, this skill is simply against the sky.

I really can’t imagine how my grandfather researched it.

Lu Ye’s admiration for his grandfather increased again.

At the same time, he was also thinking in his heart, it seems that Grandpa is definitely not easy.

He should still be hiding a lot of skills.

Even if he has lost all his martial arts skills, he should still be ahead of him when it comes to medicine.

Lu Ye then borrowed a silver needle from a living ghost again, and quickly pierced a few acupoints on the patient’s body.

After using the needle, the patient’s eyes slowly turned from cloudy and confused before to become sober.

After using it, Lu Ye stepped aside and signaled for the next place to be handed over to the living ghost.

And how could a living ghost live up to Lu Ye’s expectations!

He stepped forward immediately and took the patient’s pulse again.

“The pulse and the heart are beating again! This person is really alive!” The living ghost shouted excitedly after a brief diagnosis.

The scene erupted into thunderous applause!

This time, everyone was conquered by Lu Ye!

Even if Lu Ye is nothing in front of him, so what!

As long as there is this trick to bring the dead back to life, Fengshen is more than enough!

Some people started to feel ashamed.

Why was it so untenable before, and changed my position over and over again!

This darn good boy, he has simply crippled us.

When Young Master Miaoshou and Xinglin Bodhisattva saw this scene of resurrection from the dead, their hearts suddenly became cold!

Especially the master master, the whole person is not good.

What exactly does this feel like!

It was as if he had already pressed Lu Ye to the ground and rubbed it, and all the friction came out!

As a result, others told him that the blood was his own.

This works!

It’s over, it’s over!

There was an ominous premonition in Young Master Miaoshou’s heart!

And Xinglin Bodhisattva broke out in a cold sweat!

Pit father!

Don’t play like this!

Come back to life, is the medical way so big now?

My treasure of the town!

In the heart of Xinglin Bodhisattva at this moment, the treasure of Zhenzong has been handed over to others!

Under such a situation, it is absolutely impossible to hold on to it any longer!

Quickly hand over the treasure of Zhenzong to others, maybe he can recover some losses!

Can he blame his great-grandson for this?

Not at all!

If you want to blame it, you can only blame Lu Ye, this kid is too evil!

At this time, the living ghost motioned the audience to calm down.

He looked at the patient, “Can you hear me?”

The patient nodded, indicating that he could hear.

“Okay, then I’ll ask you! You must answer me honestly! Why did you suddenly get sick just now! Or even die!” The living ghost asked loudly.

He wants to give everyone a clear answer and the truth in front of everyone!

When the patient heard the death, his eyes became confused.

The one-handed ghost simply explained to him that he was back from the dead, thanks to Lu Ye.

The patient looked at Lu Ye with gratitude in his eyes!

Then, his eyes searched for a while in the crowd, and suddenly fixed on a person, and his eyes almost burst into flames!

“It’s him! It’s him who put me to death!”


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