Dragon Husband 1866

Chapter 1866 The dead speak

The problem, as expected, appeared on the tenth pavilion!

The remarks of the master master just now woke everyone up.

The last two pavilions, even the referee could not diagnose, let alone the use of needles.

And after Lu Ye had the foreshadowing of the previous eight pavilions, the treatment methods of the ninth and tenth pavilions made people think that they were good methods.

But what if not?

Who can see that?

What a terrible scheming!

This kind of warm water boiled frog makes everyone ignore the essence of the ability is also incredible.

If it wasn’t for a word from Master Master to wake up, everyone would still be kept in the dark by him!

And the patient in the tenth pavilion fell, as if confirming the words of the master master.

Everyone looked at the fallen patient, and the scene was extremely quiet for a while.

Until the living ghost woke up with one hand, rushed up and grabbed the patient’s wrist with the other!

The pulse on the wrist has stopped beating.

One-handed ghost heart suddenly hangs in the throat!

Unwilling, he probed the patient’s breath and heartbeat again.

The results are astounding!

This patient died on the spot!

“Dead.” In the end, the one-handed ghost said in a low voice, holding back a kind of unwillingness and anger.

When the people on the scene heard it, they exploded!

All the spearheads are aimed at Lu Ye!

It was Lu Ye, he died after treating him just now!

Doctors are dead!

This is a big accident!

Everyone’s eyes on Lu Ye suddenly changed.

Is it still a genius doctor who heals people to death under the watchful eyes of the public?

Even thinking of the words of the master master before, everyone shuddered.

This kid is too scheming, and his methods are too dirty.

If it wasn’t for the last patient who couldn’t bear to die, everyone would have been kept in the dark by him.

“Lu Ye! You have to give us an explanation! Why did this patient die in an instant under your treatment!” Everyone asked Lu Ye sharply.

Cold sweat poured out of the living ghost in one hand.

He never imagined that even one step away from conferring the gods, this step could also lead to ramifications!

Even this step may cost Lu Ye’s life!

Damn it!

Where is the problem!

Lu Ye was well treated before, so why did the last person die!

Lu Ye looked at the people at the scene and walked to the patient’s side.

He followed suit and checked the patient’s body.

But the result was exactly the same as what the first-hand live ghost checked out.


Seeing that Lu Ye also admitted that the patient was dead, Xinglin Bodhisattva on the side suddenly let out a sigh of relief.

Then came a vengeful excitement.

Finally, something went wrong!

This question is too timely!

If there is one more step, this kid can be conferred a god!

He can take away the treasure of Zhenzong in Immortal Prison.


This great-grandson of his own has some skills!

Actually waiting for Lu Ye here!

Well done!

The timing was great!

There is no time node that can bring a greater blow to Lu Ye than at this time!

Now this kid has fallen from heaven to hell at once!

“Lu Ye! You are talking! How could this person die! Did you heal him!” Lu Ye, who was on the scene, did not speak, and continued to attack.

Lu Ye finally spoke at this time, “People are dead, but there is no problem with my treatment.”

This sentence is like a spark thrown into a dry pyre, and the flames of anger burst into flames.

“Are you farting! You were the only one who healed him just now, and you said that your healing was fine!”

“Hoho, dare not admit it? Coward? Are you still a man?”

“This is a doctor’s accident. Just like you, you still want to confer a god! You don’t even have a doctor’s bottom line!”

The people at the scene immediately cursed.

Su Emei frowned.

A woman’s intuition makes her feel that there is definitely a problem inside.

The main reason is that the timing was too coincidental, and the coincidence makes people have to doubt it!

Lu Ye saw that the end was about to end, and the master master jumped out?

You know, Master Miaoshou was either fainted twice before, or he was too frightened to let out a fart.

What a coincidence, he jumped out at the last juncture and questioned Lu Ye plausibly.

And as his doubts fell, the patient died as if he was cooperating with him?

Is it too time to die?

There’s definitely something wrong with this clever boy!

“Everyone, listen to me!” Su Emei said loudly, controlling the audience.

Then she looked at Young Master Miaoshou and said, “Master Miaoshou, you must have evidence for suspecting people. Since you suspect that it is Lu Yedong’s hands and feet, then you can show evidence.”

The master man smiled without saying a word.

The public opinion was already one-sided, and Young Master Miaoshou was no longer guilty of arguing with Su Emei.

On the contrary, the more arguments, the more criticized.

Seeing that Young Master Miao Shou did not answer the move, Su Emei was trembling with anger.

She couldn’t help but blurted out: “I still suspect that it was you who did it! Why is it so coincidental that the person you said died as soon as you spoke!”

After speaking, Su Emei regretted it.

He couldn’t help but knocked his head.


How can you be so restless!

Isn’t this giving people another handle!

Sure enough, Young Master Miaoshou sneered: “Oh? The person I spoke to died, so instead of blaming the person who healed the patient, you blamed me for speaking? Your standard of suspicion is really good! “

The people at the scene immediately looked at Su Emei like an adulterer.

Moreover, the ridicule of Master Master is not over yet.

He said again: “Okay, even if your standards are notarial, then I will ask again, you doubt me, have you produced your evidence?”


Su Emei had long thought of this sentence!

As expected, Young Master Miaoshou used what Su Emei said before to counterattack.

Su Emei suffered two dumb losses all at once, feeling aggrieved in her heart, she couldn’t help but look at Lu Ye.

It seems to be asking Lu Ye for help.

Lu Ye shrugged his shoulders and sighed, “The tree wants to be quiet but the wind doesn’t stop, the villain is in charge, it’s ridiculous.”

“Forget it, let me finish all this, it’s boring.” After speaking, Lu Ye stood in front of the patient.

“Don’t you want to know why this patient died? Did I put it to death?” Lu Ye asked everyone.

Everyone nodded in unison.

“Okay, then I’ll let the parties explain it clearly.” Lu Ye said lightly.

Someone immediately sneered at the scene, “Hoho, that’s nice, let the client explain it clearly, even if the client is dead, let him say, your mouth is nonsense!”

However, Lu Ye let out a laugh, “Dead people can’t speak?”

“The dead can’t be saved?”

“Xia Zong can’t speak ice. Don’t use your shallow knowledge to arbitrarily determine the boundaries of medicine.”

“A bunch of idiots!”

When the living ghost heard Lu Ye’s words, his heart jumped wildly.

He had a hunch in his heart!

The real miracle, after Lu Ye said these words!

Just officially started!


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