Dragon Husband 1846

Chapter 1846 Be Faster

In fact, everyone knows in their hearts that Xinglin Bodhisattva is a very protective person, and he especially loves his great-grandson.

Now Xinglin Bodhisattva must want to find a table for his great-grandson, and use Wiliam to make a knife.

If Wiliam doesn’t answer well, ho ho ho…

Everyone looked at Wiliam, this was the first time that Wiliam had spoken about medical ethics, which was a testament to his level.

But don’t reveal it the first time you speak.

Wiliam looked at the people at the scene and said four words lightly, “Unexpected.”

These four words made the people at the scene breathe a sigh of relief.

Well, it was unexpected.

Not surprisingly.

To put it more seriously, it is deliberately making things difficult for people.

However, in the next second, their faces froze.

Because Wiliam’s words are not over yet.

He spit out five more words, “And of course.”

The scene exploded in an instant!

“That’s for granted! What nonsense are you talking about here!”

“The little white face who doesn’t know medical skills, just opens his mouth and talks nonsense!”

“Hoho, it’s a matter of course, it seems that you don’t know the hardships and hardships here!”

Wiliam almost became the target of public criticism, and everyone was outraged!

This rule is obviously unreasonable, this kid can’t even see it!

There was a strange look on Xinglin Bodhisattva’s face, but it was well hidden.

He continued: “Oh? How do you say that?”

Wiliam just said coldly: “It’s unexpected, you can see everyone’s reaction, and it’s a matter of course, ho ho…”

Wiliam looked around, and his tone became even colder and more ruthless, “Since it’s an immortal doctor seeking truth, the one chosen is naturally the dragon among people. This rule is just used to eliminate those mediocre and ordinary people.”

As soon as these words came out, the scene instantly fell silent.

It seems to make sense!

If the rules are not difficult, and everyone swarms, who knows when the real medical master will be determined?

Only under these extremely difficult rules and conditions can the masters stand out in the shortest time.

It’s just, the truth is this truth, but this kid is so annoying!

This is to directly despise and despise the 200 contestants at the scene!

Those who can come to the competition, who are not arrogant, who are not amazing in strength!

But when everyone shouted like that just now, it seemed that everyone was very out of place and was very intimidated.

Everyone looked at Wiliam with more disgust.

And Wiliam didn’t pay any attention to the eyes of these people. He only had two words in his heart for them, stubborn pen.

Where did it go, one by one shouted like this.

Xinglin Bodhisattva looked at Wiliam with strange eyes, but in the end he didn’t say anything.

I originally wanted to take the opportunity to attack, but I didn’t think that this kid would rather offend the two hundred contestants and let out some harsh words.

Hoho, as everyone knows, he pleases the referee, but loses popularity.

These two hundred contestants are the main force.

The only way to quench your thirst by drinking poison is to make yourself cornered and fall into a cliff.

Thinking of this, Xinglin Bodhisattva is not in a hurry to continue attacking.

Su Emei cleared his throat, as if echoing Wiliam, and said, “Exactly, today’s competition only has a one-day schedule, and we only have to select the best doctors as soon as possible. So the rules are like this, the dragon is the worm, and the competition is the best. Judgment.”

This also completely aroused the arrogance of the group of people, and everyone shouted: “Come here, whoever is afraid! I still don’t believe it!”

A group of people said that they were about to go forward to diagnose.

But at this time, Su Emei said, “Players, it’s not your turn yet.”

Everyone was stunned, are you playing with us?

Su Emei said lightly: “Because each patient’s disease is temporarily planted, the referee is not clear. First of all, you must ask the referee to make a diagnosis, so that the referee can be more impartial.”

With such an explanation, everyone does not feel so much resentment in their hearts.

In fact, if the referee is unclear about the condition, what kind of referee should he do?

And it would be even worse if the referees made the wrong diagnosis.

Su Emei looked at the referee’s bench and said, “Please make a diagnosis first.”

The one-handed ghost laughed and said, “I’m not good at learning, so I’ll go up and make a sample first, and I’ll be ugly.”

Saying that, he jumped and landed in the first pavilion.

For the sake of justice, the referee naturally does not have the previous rules about time and means.

The living ghost with one hand pulled the patient’s hand, spent dozens of seconds diagnosing, and then carefully observed it, and then showed a smile.

Next, he followed suit and made a full diagnosis for the following people in succession.

Everyone is also watching the living ghosts.

After all, there is a referee in front of you, so you can observe the referee first and get some clues.

Among the ten patients, six made the living ghost look suspicious.

Through the diagnosis, he slowly showed a satisfied look.

However, everyone also noticed that the questioning expressions on the faces of the living ghosts in the last two pavilions never changed.

He even left with doubts.

This made everyone at the scene bewildered.

We don’t know whether the first-hand living ghost is acting or revealing the truth.

If it is true, then the last two pavilions are definitely intractable diseases among intractable diseases.

And everyone noticed the time.

It takes an average of four minutes to live in one hand.

In fact, after the first-hand living ghost diagnosed the first one, Master Xuanhu had already made his move.

The time he used was a few tens of seconds shorter than that of a living ghost, but when he finally returned to the seat, his face was a bit dazed.

This undoubtedly increased the psychological burden on the people at the scene.

Can’t even the referee diagnose it?

Are these last two pavilions the devil?

Jiu Zong Medical Sage is a violent temper, and he spends about the same time as the previous two.

But after the diagnosis, he couldn’t help but scolded, “What the hell is this riding on a horse!”

Once again confirmed the purgatory mode of the two pavilions.

Only Xinglin Bodhisattva always has a confident smile.

His stay with the previous patients was short, just over a minute.

But he also stayed there for ten minutes in the last two pavilions.

But where he won was, back at the seat, he was confident.

In the two pavilions at the back, he also seemed to have the chance to win.

At this time, Su Emei had a troubled look on her face, and she said softly, “Wiliam, go and have a look.”

The people at the scene suddenly looked at Wiliam again.

Before everyone was busy looking for clues from the four Taishan Beidou, they forgot that there was a fifth referee for a while.

The fifth referee has yet to end the game. Is this a plan to waste everyone’s time, or is he just trying to be a tortoise?

Wiliam slowly stood up and walked towards the front.

Su Emei couldn’t help but reminded embarrassingly, “Wiliam, I guess you should hurry up.”

Wiliam didn’t come off in time, but now he is the finale, and everyone is watching.

As Wiliam walked, he said lightly, “Hurry up, right? I see.”


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