Chapter 5288 Of The Amazing Son in Law

charlie just said indifferently: “It’s just a little benefit I give to the children. “

Speaking, charlie remembered something, and said to 390: “By the way, from now on, from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm every day, during these 18 hours, you can send at least 6 groups of people in turn. When they got to the ground, they could change into the uniforms of the Knights and go out on the ground for three hours, but they were absolutely not allowed to leave the copper mine without authorization, so as not to leak the wind. “

390 immediately assured: “Don’t worry, sir, I will assure you with the head on the item, that there will never be any dead man, or the family members of the dead man, leaving the copper mine area without authorization!” “

” Good. charlie nodded and said: “Okay, let’s organize the children to go up one after another now!” “

Soon, batch after batch of infants and teenagers began to take the mine’s lifting device one after another, all the way to the ground that they had never set foot in their lives. Among

them, some were just born Infants of a few months, children who are just babbling, and teenagers who are about to grow up.

In order to give priority to these children to experience the first sunrise in their lives, all adults are not on the list this time.

But there is an exception, that is, for all children under the age of three, their mothers can act as guardians and accompany them to the ground to experience the late first sunrise in their lives.

Children under the age of three are accompanied by their mothers, and those over the age of three come to the ground hand in hand with their brothers, sisters, or friends.

On the roof of the copper mine office building, more than 700 children under the age of 18 breathed the fresh air they had never breathed, and stared at the eastern skyline with excited and expectant expressions.

At the moment when the east began to turn pale, all the children were so excited that they didn’t even dare to blink their eyes, for fear of missing the first sunrise in their lives.

The pity is that although these children have heard their parents talk about the sun since they were young, none of them know what the sun looks like.

After all, there was not even a single photo related to the sun in the dead man’s residence.

Some children couldn’t believe what their parents said, that after the shining fireball ascended to the sky, everything on the earth would be completely illuminated by it.

Children have only seen lights since they were born, so in their impression, a lamp can only illuminate a house at most, and how can it illuminate everything on the earth.

Therefore, at this moment, they are all waiting for the moment to witness the miracle.

After a few minutes.

The sky gradually brightened, and the mottled clouds in the sky were faintly visible.

The unpredictable sky made all the children amazed. Everyone stared at the floating clouds in the sky and marveled. They had never experienced such a beautiful scenery.

As the brightness becomes stronger and stronger, looking around, everything on the surrounding land and the magnificent sea are already clearly visible.

Standing on the roof of this building, you can easily overlook the sea.

When the children saw this, they couldn’t help but let out exclamations.

They heard their fathers talk about the sea, saying that it is endless water. In the extreme distance, the sky and the water form a line, and the sea and sky are the same color, so spectacular.

It’s just that they can’t understand what it means to have the same color of sea and sky. After all, they have never even seen the sky.

Seeing the sky and the sea now, all abstract descriptions suddenly become extremely vivid.

Just as the children exclaimed, a golden light suddenly rose from the east, and the originally white skyline also turned into a piece of gold at this moment!

The next moment, a golden arc in the sky has already protruded from the other end of the sea level.

A child pointed at that arc and shouted excitedly: “Look! Is that the sun?!”


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