Chapter 5287 Of The Amazing Son in Law

“Appreciate the sunrise?!”

Thirty-nine zero was astonished, and at the same time asked excitedly: “Sir, are you serious?!”

charlie nodded: “I just said that in the future, I will definitely make sure that the deceased will be in any place.” During the time period, you can take turns to go to the ground, and this first time is reserved for those children who have never seen the sun, the moon and the stars.”

Thirty-nine zero was very excited, but suddenly remembered something, and asked charlie: “Sir, how about this time?” It’s still dark outside?”

“Yes.” charlie said, “In half an hour, it will be dawn.”

Thirty-nine Zero looked at the dense lights on the ceiling, and sighed: “It seems that the day and night inside us is different from the day and night outside.” It’s the exact opposite.”

charlie smiled slightly: “They don’t want you to calculate the date in real life, so they will naturally reverse and distort the time and reality.” After

that, charlie said: “But you Don’t worry, starting today, the day and night here will be the same as the outside, I will have someone prepare a clock for you, and your date and time will be completely synchronized with real life in the future.”

Thirty-nine Zero said gratefully and respectfully “Thank you, sir!”

charlie said: “By the way, there is another task for you.”

Thirty-nine Zero hurriedly said: “Please tell me, sir!”

charlie said seriously: “Starting tomorrow, you will send your people, Divide into three groups, with about 1,000 people in each group, and then select 130 laborers from each group to continue to participate in the daily production and mining of the copper mine.”

charlie turned around He said to Li Nianzong, who was following behind him, “For the sake of fairness, the same is true for the Xiaoqiguards ( Bickford guards ). Let the left, middle and right three banners each select about 20 laborers to work together with the laborers selected by the dead.”

Li Nianzong said without hesitation: “Don’t worry, sir, the subordinates will take care of it later!”

charlie also instructed: “The work adopts an eight-hour three-shift work system, with one break and one rest, so this requires that when selecting candidates internally, Select the most

Take one less team and rotate the teams within each group to make sure everyone gets a good rest. “

” No problem! Li Nianzong said: “The production scale of this copper mine is not large, and there are only more than 100 people working at the same time. of. “

charlie nodded and said: “We let them work, not to exploit their labor force, but to maintain the normal operation of this copper mine, so that Bickford  will not notice any abnormalities, so, you two Tell all the workers involved in the work that as long as they participate in the labor, I will pay them twice the salary of normal mine workers in Cyprus, and settle the salary in US dollars at that time. Li Nianzong

and 3900 looked at each other, and Li Nianzong said: “Sir, you don’t need the money… You have helped us so much, you are our great benefactor, how can we take your money again?” Money, and the ores produced by this copper mine are all handed over to the Bickford hui, and the settlement money will not go into your pocket. Doesn’t this mean that you are just paying money? “

“Yes…” Thirty Nine Zero also quickly echoed: “Sir, firstly, we can’t let you post money, secondly, the money is of no use to us at all, you just give it to us.” We, to those of us, are just a pile of waste paper, why don’t you keep this money, and it can be used for the cause of eradicating the Qing Dynasty in the future…”

charlie waved He waved his hand and said very firmly: “If you work, you will get paid. This is one of the few truths that have never changed since the development of human beings. You can save this money, or you can use it to buy something you like. But just like what 3900 said just now, for the sake of safety, you must not be allowed to go out and spend at will with money, but I will ask someone to give you a list of commonly used products, and then send the list to everyone, if you need it , Let Wanlongdian be responsible for the purchase, and then use concealed means to transport it here and hand it over to everyone. What I can promise is that Wanlongdian will never make any difference in price. “

Both Li Nianzong and 390 were a little surprised.

They didn’t expect that charlie would actually plan to use Wanlongdian to help them solve the simple shopping problem, which sounds obviously a bit too motivating.

However, when they think that everyone will really be able to earn money through daily labor in the future to purchase various things from the outside world for themselves and their families, they inevitably have some expectations in their hearts.

Especially 390, he doesn’t have as much freedom as Li Nianzong. After all, Li Nianzong was already the captain of Xiaoqiwei before. It is much stronger than 390, who lives underground all year round and is isolated from the world.

390 has been explaining to his son for several years in order to let his son understand that the earth is a circle.

However, his son has never been out on a mission, has never seen the outside world, and 3900 can’t even get a globe. There is no reasonable way for his son to understand this simplest truth.

Once the model charlie said is implemented and he earns money, he can buy a globe with only a few dollars to explain to his son the true composition of the world.

charlie said again at this time: “By the way, regarding the selection of labor force, I hope that you can take the family as the unit, so that each family can select a strong labor force to participate, so that fairness and justice can be realized to the greatest extent.”

“Okay sir!” Both of them nodded and agreed without thinking, charlie’s idea coincided with their plan.

charlie continued: “Also, if the family members participate in the logistics support work, they must also follow the actual type of work and workload

Salary settlement, and if there are underage children, each person will be paid a milk fee of 200 U.S. dollars per month, and the money will be collected and managed by their families. “

“Milk fee?” “The two were at a loss when they heard it, and they couldn’t figure out what the money meant.


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