Chapter 5283 Of The Amazing Son in Law

From the time Sanjiu could remember, his father used practical actions to let him understand that the fate of the dead is so difficult, but each generation is still alive and reproducing, with only one purpose, that is to look forward to their own His bloodline will finally be able to break the shackles of the Qinghui ( Benn ) completely one day in the future and truly win freedom.


  There are several mountains in front of this goal, and the first mountain that needs to be crossed is the severe poison that occurs regularly in the body.


  There is really no reason to talk about this kind of poison.


  No matter how hard so many dead men and so many generations try, they are still unable to dissolve this weird poison.


  Although 3900 has never forgotten his father’s earnest teachings, he is also very clear in his heart that this is simply beyond what he can accomplish.


  He has even pinned his hopes on his son, even the son of his future son.


  Just like the mentality of the dead men of all ages: Although I can’t break this shackle, my son and my future son must have a chance. As long as they can realize this wish in the future, then I can smile at Jiuquan.


  And he never expected that after he swallowed the antidote given by charlie, he could feel a special force rapidly spreading into his body, and then merged with the poison in his body.


  Immediately afterwards, the antidote and the poison disappeared without a trace, as if some kind of chemical reaction had occurred.


  If the poison was originally an iron chain in Thirty Nine Zero’s body that flesh and blood could not resist, then this antidote, like a strong acid that specifically dissolves iron chains but has no effect on flesh and blood, directly kills this chain. It melts cleanly!


  At this time, all the dead men and their relatives were staring at 3900.


  The huge scene was almost silent, and everyone held their breath, anxiously waiting for the feedback from 390.


  Ten seconds later, Sanjiuling, who had been cast as if he had been cast in a body-holding spell, suddenly burst into two lines of hot tears from the corners of his tightly closed eyes.


  In this hall where you can hear the sound of falling needles, you can even hear the sound of his tears dripping to the ground one by one.


  At this time, 3900 suddenly opened his eyes, looked at charlie with tears in his eyes, did not say a word, but kowtowed deeply to him respectfully, and could not afford to kowtow for a long time.


  At this moment, all the dead men and their relatives understood.


  charlie’s antidote must have detoxified Thirty Nine Zero’s body, otherwise he would never have given such a gift of worship suddenly.


  But at this moment, 3900 prostrated himself on the ground, his body trembling violently uncontrollably.


  charlie looked at him and asked loudly: “Thirty Nine Zero, how do you feel?”


  Thirty Nine Zero raised his head slowly, excited but more grateful and respectful: “Mr. …has disappeared without a trace…”


  As soon as these words came out, thousands of people around were shocked, and the excitement on everyone’s face was beyond words.


  Thirty-nine zero turned around and glanced at the dead men and their families on both sides and behind him, then turned to look at charlie, raised his fists with both hands above his head, and shouted loudly: “Sir! You are a person with great supernatural powers! We wait for the dead men I have been


  enslaved by the Qing Dynasty for hundreds of years, and have not seen the sun for hundreds of years, and I would rather die than live, please help us escape from the sea of ​​suffering, and I hope that for the rest of my life, only Mr.




  The crowd immediately kowtowed and shouted: “I will be loyal to Mr.  for the rest of my life, and Mr.  will follow suit!”


  The shouts of thousands of people made the whole underground feel a little trembling.


  charlie could hear the extreme urgency and desire in their voices.


  To get rid of the shackles of the Qing Dynasty, for each of them, it is their greatest wish, as well as that of their ancestors for hundreds of years.


  Now, the wish of more than ten generations finally has the opportunity to come true.


  Seeing everyone’s firm and excited looks, charlie couldn’t help pouring cold water on him, saying: “To be loyal to me, you must be an enemy of the Poqing Society. Although you are controlled by the Poqing Society now, at least you can still fight against the Poqing Society.” To live here, if you become an enemy of the Poqing Society, you may all face danger to your life, so, have you considered it?”


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