Chapter 5281 Of The Amazing Son in Law

At this moment, the dead soldiers kneeling on the ground waiting for the special envoy, and their family members did not know that the man in the black robe in front of them was no longer the special envoy they thought.

According to the regulations, on the day when the antidote was distributed, all the dead men and their relatives had to line up in this hall of tens of thousands of square meters in advance and kneel down to welcome the special envoy.

Seeing so many people kneeling on the ground, charlie was shocked by the scene in front of him.

This underground world with an area of ​​tens of thousands of square meters and a height of more than ten meters, combined with those huge support columns and the bright lighting on the top, makes this space have a sense of sight of a magnificent ancient palace, plus Thousands of people knelt in front of them in unison, and when they said the same sentence in unison, the echo made the entire underground space tremble.

Looking at these people, charlie couldn’t help frowning, and asked loudly, “Did they force you to kneel, or did you take the initiative to kneel?”

In one sentence, all the dead soldiers were shocked when they asked.

This was the first time they heard the special envoy say something other than the established lines.

The so-called established lines are nothing more than asking everyone to thank the Lord for the antidote, and everyone should go all out to be loyal to the Lord, and so on.

Therefore, in their impression, the special envoy is more like a human flesh repeater. There are only two things to do every time it comes over. One is to supervise the  ( Bickford ) guards to distribute medicine to the dead, and the other is to repeat that the dead will never believe it. , and don’t care about nonsense at all.

And charlie suddenly said such a sentence, which really shocked them. They didn’t understand what happened to this special envoy, he dared to say such a word, and even said “they”.

who are they? Aren’t they breaking the Qing Dynasty?

However, isn’t the special envoy himself a person who broke the Qing Dynasty?

Then he should say “we”, not “they”!

Just when everyone couldn’t figure it out, charlie asked again, “Who is the commander among you? Stand up and speak!”

A middle-aged man in the middle of the first row stood up slowly, and said loudly, “My subordinate, 390, is the person in charge here.”

charlie snorted and asked him, “Answer my question just now, it’s them.” Did you force you to kneel here to meet the special envoy, or did you take the initiative to kneel?”

Thirty-nine zero looked around, and said with a somewhat apprehensive expression, “Master special envoy, we kneel here to welcome you and the antidote bestowed by the British lord. It has always been a tradition, why did you suddenly ask such a question?”

charlie smiled and said, “Kicking football, right?”

Thirty Ninety quickly bowed and said, “I dare not! The subordinates are not representing themselves, It’s the three or four thousand men, women and children behind him, so naturally they don’t dare to talk nonsense.”

charlie nodded approvingly, it seems that Thirty-nine Zero is a bit smart, and when he is not sure about his background, he doesn’t speak too slowly , and didn’t show too much sincerity towards Po Qinghui ( Benn ), but instead defined charlie’s problem as a “tradition”. In this way, it can be regarded as offensive and defensive.

charlie didn’t embarrass him too much, but slowly took off his black robe and showed his true colors to everyone.

This move left all the dead men and their families dumbfounded.

They have never seen the true face of any special envoy, because according to the regulations of the Qing Dynasty, the dead soldiers can only meet with specific Bickford guards, and other than that, they are not allowed to face to face with anyone else in this organization.

The reason is mainly because of the special identities of the dead soldiers. Once they go out, they are going to perform important tasks. It is necessary to prevent them from recognizing any member of the Qing Dynasty when they are performing tasks.

Therefore, every envoy who came here wore a black robe and covered his face with a black hat.

But this time, charlie suddenly broke this long-standing rule, which made all the dead soldiers nervous involuntarily.


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