Chapter 5279 Of The Amazing Son in Law

The mining location of this copper mine is about 500 meters deep underground.

charlie asked Li Nianzong and the Jiedushi controlled by him to take the crowd together to take the lifting cage to the station of the dead.

All the way down, Li Nianzong introduced the specific situation of this copper mine to charlie.

After decades of continuous development, the interior of this copper mine has become extremely intricate.

It consists of three parts. The first is the normal mining part of the copper mine, including the roadway and the mining face; the second is the living part of the dead and their relatives; the third is all materials section with device storage.

Going down from the wellhead to the bottom is actually just down to the working face of the copper mine.

After going down, it can be seen that this is a very standard medium-sized copper mine, all the facilities and equipment are required for production, and there is no abnormality at all.

Under the leadership of Li Nianzong, charlie walked out of the cage, looked at the deep mine tunnel, and asked curiously, “Where do the dead men and their relatives usually live?”

Li Nianzong hurriedly said, “Mr. This plane is all the working face of the copper mine, the area where the dead men live, you have to enter from a secret tunnel in front, and take another lifting cage to go down another 100 meters.” charlie nodded and asked him “Why

? No one is working here now?”

Li Nianzong hurriedly said, “Because today is the time to take the medicine, the dead should be driven away from the living area 600 meters back in advance as required, and let them wait there for the antidote to arrive and take the medicine together. “

Speaking, Li Nianzong said again, “Under normal circumstances, only the deceased working in the copper mine and their family members are eligible to come to this floor as miners. Others have always stayed in the lower floor. Only when you choose to go out on a mission, will you have the opportunity to come out.”

charlie asked again, “How do you usually manage these dead men who are miners?”

Li Nianzong said, “There are three teams of miners. Each team has about 100 people. They work in three shifts. The specific management method is the same as the prison management in the United States. Every class will have Xiaoqi who is in charge of this class.” The guards will count the number of people in advance, 

and then bring them up to work in person. The guards above will also count the number of people on duty under their management on time. After the verification is correct, all the replaced group of people will be sent back, and the number of people will be counted again after reaching the lower floor. After confirmation, this group of miners will go back to rest, and the guards who are in charge of supervising them will also go back to rest.” 

Charlie Ask him, “Is there any extra remuneration for the dead men and their families who

act as miners ?” No extra reward will be given.”

charlie nodded slightly.

At this time, Li Nianzong had brought him and others to a room that said power distribution room.

After entering the room, the first thing that came into view was the well-organized circuit equipment, but after Li Nianzong operated a group of distribution cabinets on the wall for a while, the whole wall suddenly opened slowly inward.

charlie can see from the side of the door frame that the door disguised as a wall is nearly one meter thick, and both sides are reinforced with very thick steel plates. Not to mention martial arts masters, even ordinary heavy firepower is not enough. Potentially blast this wall down.


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