Chapter 5278 Of The Amazing Son in Law

Not only will they be able to return, they will even be able to reunite with their loved ones here!

This is definitely the best result for them.

At this time, charlie said again, “I announce that from today onwards, all the cavalry guards will be reorganized. Li Nianzong will be the commander of the cavalry guards. The commander of the right banner will remain unchanged. The commander of the left banner and the commander of the middle banner will be nominated by Li Nianzong. Then you will vote among the five to choose the one with the highest number of votes!”

“In addition, Bickford  will form a cabinet starting today. The maximum number of cabinet members is eleven. Except for the commander, the left, middle, and right flag leaders, there are seven other people, and all members will vote by secret ballot. It is recommended that all the internal affairs of the Xiaoqiguards ( Bickford guards ) will be formulated by the cabinet in principle in the future, and proposals that can get at least six votes from the eleven members can be implemented within the Xiaoqiguards ( Bickford guards )!” Everyone did not expect that charlie actually wanted to let their internal

affairs Self-government, my heart is naturally excited.

And charlie pointed at Abbas, and said lightly, “This is Abbas, the master of Wanlong Palace. He will take charge of the affairs here on my behalf in the future. Although I fully respect your internal autonomy, according to my agreement with Li Nianzong, Before the Poqing Society is eradicated, you must obey my command and fight against the Poqing Society with me, so all the internal rules you make must be reported to Abbas for instructions, and Abbas also has a veto vote But don’t worry, as long as it doesn’t affect our cooperation and position, Abbas will not abuse the veto power.” Naturally,

everyone has no opinion on this, after all, they are now charlie’s subordinates, and the military discipline is strict , The military order is like a mountain, and any affairs of the subordinates are strictly enforced.In other words, they must be approved by their superiors, not to mention that charlie has given them considerable autonomy, which has fully demonstrated respect for them.

Immediately, charlie continued, “Right now, the first thing that needs to be decided internally by you is how to deal with these traitors.” Immediately, someone

shouted “Kill them traitors!”

Immediately someone echoed, “Yes! Kill them!”

Soon, many people excitedly shouted slogans, wanting to kill all these traitors.

charlie said very seriously, “This matter is not suitable for making a decision when the crowd is excited. I will give you three days to form a cabinet first, and then I will give you three days to discuss how to deal with these people. I hope you can calm down.” Come down, discuss and decide how to punish these people, if your decision is to execute them, or some of them, I will respect your opinions.” In charlie’s view,

if If we don’t stop these enthusiastic cavalry guards, I’m afraid none of the twenty people will survive.

However, if they were really asked to kill all these twenty people, charlie felt that it was somewhat overkill.

Therefore, let them calm down and discuss this issue carefully. At that time, I will not interfere with their judgment. If they finally decide to execute all these people, then I will respect their opinions.

After hearing charlie’s words, Li Nianzong said respectfully, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, the subordinate understands!”

Others also said loudly

, “The subordinate understands !” Detain them and keep them under strict supervision, take me to the bottom of the copper mine, and meet the dead here!”


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