Chapter 5277 Of The Amazing Son in Law

Hearing charlie say the word “hands-on”, Ma Chenfei ( Ula ) was startled. One thought in his mind was “do it? What do you do? Mr. Special Envoy, don’t you want twenty of us to do more than two hundred of

them? This is obviously an impossible task!”

Xiao Qiwei ( Bertrand ), who was also holding a towel in his hand, was also at a loss. He didn’t know what charlie meant by “hands off”.

But at this moment, the knight guards around him suddenly moved!

Li Nianzong, the leader of the left banner, and another banner leader challenged Ma Chenfei ( Ula ) in an instant. Before Ma Chenfei ( Ula ) could react, both arms were tightly grasped by the two.

He was startled, and blurted out, “What do you two want to do?! In front of the special envoy, do you still want to rebel?!”

Li Nianzong said coldly, “Ma Chenfei ( Ula ), do you really think that today is the zodiac for your prosperity ? Is it auspicious day?”

Ma Chenfei ( Ula ) was controlled by the two, and he couldn’t break free at all, and those Xiaoqi guards ( Bickford guards ) who followed him and held towels in their left hands were subdued by other people around them in an instant.

After all, the gap in numbers between the two sides was too great, and Ma Chenfei ( Ula ) and his men had no room to resist at all.

Seeing that his entire army was wiped out in an instant, Ma Chenfei ( Ula ) didn’t realize that something was wrong with the special envoy. He thought it was because these cavalry guards thought that the poison in their bodies had been cured, and they planned to rebel directly under the leadership of Li Nianzong.

So, he looked at charlie with a face full of fear, and blurted out, “Master Special Envoy, tell them the truth! Tell them, what they are taking is not an antidote at all! They dare to betray the organization, and sooner or later they will be cleared by the organization.” Yes! Tell them quickly!”

charlie smiled slightly, and said calmly, “Ma Chenfei ( Ula ), in fact, I am not a special envoy at all. The medicine I gave you is the antidote that can completely remove the poison in your body, and I Originally, I really planned to give you all a chance to fight for freedom, but I didn’t expect that you would choose to betray your ancestors and your comrades in arms! Since you chose this path, the consequences will also be yours. take responsibility!”

Hearing charlie’s words, Ma Chenfei ( Ula ) was struck by lightning. He subconsciously blurted out, “You…you are not a special envoy?! Then you… who are you?! Why did you come here pretending to be a special envoy? !”

charlie looked at him, then looked at the more than two hundred guards below, and said with a smile, “Let me introduce myself, my name is charlie. From today on, I will temporarily become the supreme commander here. I would like to fight against the Poqing Society to the end with the Bickford  who compromised with the Poqing Society!”

Everyone in the audience was extremely excited, and they all raised their arms and shouted “Fight to the end! Fight to the end!”

charlie nodded, and stretched out his hand to signal everyone to temporarily Quiet, then raised his right hand and snapped his fingers.

At this time, Abbas walked up with the seven cavalry guards who had surrendered to charlie in Northern Europe.

When the Bickford  in the audience saw these seven people, they couldn’t help exclaiming!

They thought that all the 8 people who were sent out to perform the mission last time had all died, but they didn’t expect that 7 people survived.

Therefore, when they met suddenly, they were naturally shocked beyond words.

charlie pointed at the seven people, and said in a loud voice, “These seven people used to be your comrades, and they decided to pledge their allegiance to me in Northern Europe some time ago, and now I bring them back to let them return to the Bickford , and go to fight with them.” You fight side by side together!”

The seven people were also extremely excited at this time.

Being able to come back is something that was unimaginable before.

What’s more, right now charlie has completely controlled the situation here.


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