Chapter 5276 Of The Amazing Son in Law

charlie on the stage smiled slightly, and said, “Today, I have good news for you all. The Lord of England has prepared a new antidote for you. This new antidote can make the poison in your body go away. It happens once every seven days, and it will be extended to fifteen days. I hope everyone can make contributions to the Lord of England in the future !” After finishing speaking

, he waved his right hand and said loudly, “Come here, give me medicine and wine!”

Duan Liye, Qiu Zhiyuan, and Jiedu When the Shi and others heard this, they immediately stepped forward and distributed the antidote to everyone. At the same time, they arranged for several middle-level and senior leaders of the Xiaoqiguards ( Bickford guards ) to bring out the white wine and wine glasses prepared in advance, and poured a glass for each Xiaoqiguard.

Among them, Ma Chenfei ( Ula ) handed the first glass of wine to charlie very attentively.

In his opinion, after today, he will become the commander here, and he will become the leader of the cavalry guards. In the future, he will inevitably meet with the “Master Special Envoy”, so it is naturally best to compliment him more.

charlie took the wine glass and said meaningfully, “Work hard, I’m optimistic about you!”

Ma Chenfei ( Ula ) trembled with excitement, and quickly said respectfully, “Don’t worry, my lord special envoy! My subordinates are ready to be loyal to my lord special envoy! I won’t let you The special envoy is disappointed!”

charlie held his wine glass and said with a smile, “No, it’s not for me, it’s for the Lord of England!”

Ma Chenfei ( Ula ) nodded like a pounding garlic, and quickly changed his words, “You are right! The subordinates should be the Lord of England Be loyal!”

After that, Ma Chenfei ( Ula ) was afraid that other people would see the clue, so he quickly said, “Master Special Envoy, if you have no other orders, the subordinates will return to the team first.”

charlie looked at the towel wrapped around his wrist, nodded slightly, He smiled lightly and said, “Go.”

After all the cavalry guards raised their wine glasses, and the cavalry guards who hadn’t taken the medicine got the new antidote, charlie said, “Everyone, take this antidote. The poison of the poison will completely disappear, and from now on, no one will be able to continue to control your lives with such indecent means!”

All the knight guards who didn’t have towels shouted excitedly, and then swallowed the antidote they just got without hesitation.

Ma Chenfei ( Ula ) and the others ridiculed these idiots in their hearts, especially Ma Chenfei ( Ula ), thinking gloatingly in their hearts, “What a bunch of idiots, do you believe this kind of thing? Don’t even think about it, Lord Ying.” How could it be possible for you to lose control? My lord special envoy is just playing tricks on you!”

However, he suddenly thumped in his heart, and said to himself, “The rebellion of these idiots has been aroused, and now the crowd is excited. I don’t know what will your lord special envoy do soon The end? If these people really want to betray the organization, we, number 20, are not their opponents… I don’t even know if the special envoy tells the truth, can they be captured without a fight?” He was nervous and

wondering At that time, the cavalry guards around him already felt the poison disappear from their bodies, and they were all extremely ecstatic.

As for Ma Chenfei ( Ula )’s followers, they were holding the antidote and didn’t know whether to take it or not.

At this time, I heard charlie say loudly, “Everyone, I think you already know what I’m going to do tonight, so I won’t say any more. I will drink this glass of wine with you today, and I swear that I will destroy you.” Qing will eradicate by the roots and never cause future troubles!”

A group of cavalry guards shouted excitedly, “Eradicate by the roots and never cause future troubles!”

Ma Chenfei ( Ula ) was shocked when he heard this, and thought to himself, “Master Special Envoy!” It’s too into the drama, dare to say such a rebellious thing…”

Different from him and his followers, those knight guards who had taken the antidote were staring at the wine glass in charlie’s hand with hot eyes, waiting for charlie to come back. Chen’s last signal!

Just when Ma Chenfei ( Ula ) was terrified by charlie’s “big rebellion”, charlie suddenly raised his head and drank the white wine in the glass, then threw the wine glass to the ground forcefully, and said loudly, “All officers and soldiers listen to the order!

” Roaring, “The subordinate is here!”

charlie smiled, waved his big hand, and said loudly, “Do it!”


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