Chapter 5275 Of The Amazing Son in Law

This moment.

More than 200 knights wearing overalls of the copper mine have arrived at the staff hall of the copper mine one after another.

This staff auditorium is a building that already existed when the Qing Dynasty acquired the copper mine. It was built in the 1980s and was mainly used for meetings, celebrations and ceremonies for the staff of the copper mine.

After the Poqing Society took over, all the Xiaoqiguards ( Bickford guards ) were assigned to serve as employees of the copper mine, and most of the Xiaoqiguards ( Bickford guards )’ families were used as logistics. On the surface, the copper mine was operating fairly well.

Even if local government officials occasionally came to inspect and inspect, they did not notice any abnormalities.

At this time, these knight guards came to the staff auditorium, giving people the feeling that the copper mine was about to hold a mobilization meeting or a summary meeting.

However, if you stand from the perspective of a bystander, you will soon find a problem, that is, among these uniformly dressed employees, there are more than 20 people holding a towel in their left hand.

And these people holding towels have been faintly excited, because they feel that after tonight, each of them will have a chance to improve to a higher level.

In addition to faintly throbbing with excitement, these people have been paying attention to other people around them, and are always ready to be asked about towels.

However, what surprised them was that no one came to ask about such an abrupt performance of holding a towel.

Everyone with a towel in their hand makes a little eye contact with each other when they see the other person with a towel in their hand.

But those who didn’t take their towels didn’t seem to care about their towels at all.

Some of these people don’t understand, they don’t understand why other people’s insight is so poor, along the way, these people don’t seem to be interested.

What they don’t know is that these people have already been ordered to pretend to ignore their weird behavior on the surface, and later just wait for the special envoy to throw a cup as a sign, and the people around them with towels in their hands, Catch them all!

The Xiao cavalry ( Bickford ) guards arrived soon.

After counting their subordinates, the three banner chiefs reported to the chairman respectively.

It’s a pity that only Xiao Qiwei ( Bertrand ), who is determined to break with the Po Qinghui (Benn), knows that the chairman has become a puppet.

At this time, the chairman walked up to the stage and said loudly, “All the cavalry guards obey the order and welcome the special envoy !

The Xiao cavalry ( Bickford ) guards were excited because they thought that they would be able to make contributions immediately;

while the other Xiao cavalry ( Bickford ) guards were excited because they thought that they would be able to completely escape from the control of the Qing Dynasty immediately and realize the greatest dream of their ancestors.

Both sides have their own thoughts and are looking forward to the appearance of the special envoy.

At this time, charlie, who was wearing a black robe but didn’t use a hat to cover his face, stepped onto the stage under everyone’s gaze.

The puppet chairman took a few steps back respectfully, leaving the middle position to charlie.

Seeing the “Master Special Envoy” showing his true colors for the first time, the guards who were divided into two camps in the audience didn’t think there was anything unusual.

After all, both sides have their own understanding of charlie’s behavior of revealing his true face.

And charlie stood on the stage at the moment, looking down at the more than two hundred people in the audience, and said with a smile on his face, “Everyone, I believe that today is a very meaningful day for all of you, and it is worth remembering.” One day! It is also a day to make contributions!”

The two people in the audience, because they had their own thoughts, so when they heard this, they all became more excited in their hearts.

Ma Chenfei ( Ula ), who was holding a towel, and his colleagues, who were holding towels like him, subconsciously held the towel tighter in their hands, as if what they were holding was not a towel, but an opening to the next scene. A ticket to prosperity and wealth.

However, they ignored that the knight guards around them who were not holding towels had already started to quietly look at them from the corner of their eyes, and were ready to attack them at any time.


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