Chapter 5274 Of The Amazing Son in Law

Qiu Zhiyuan said truthfully, “Hui Mr. Wade, the condition for my talk with the Jiedu envoy is to stay If you have worked by his side for three years and performed well within three years, you can recommend me to join the Huben camp, and if you join the Huben camp, you can break through to a master of the dark realm within ten years.”

charlie smiled slightly, “That’s thirteen years.”

“Yes!” Qiu Zhiyuan nodded and said, “It will take thirteen years at the earliest.”

charlie looked at him and said seriously, “As long as you do things for me wholeheartedly, within one year, I will let you enter the first layer of darkness!”

“One year?!” Qiu Zhiyuan widened his eyes and exclaimed, “Mr. Wade, are you serious?!”

charlie asked him back, “Do you think I have to lie to you?”

Qiu Zhiyuan said with a look of panic, “I’m sorry wade Sir, I don’t doubt you…I just…I just can’t believe that you can break through to the dark realm in such a short time…”

charlie looked at him, pointed at Abbas, and said calmly, “You belong to abbas Master, in private, he wants to respect you, but after you join my command, stay here to help me manage this copper mine. abbas is your immediate superior, and you must follow his command and report to him in everything , can you do it?”

Qiu Zhiyuan said very piously, “Mr. Wade, I will follow your instructions!”

charlie nodded and said to Abbas, “abbas, Syria and Cyprus are only two hundred miles away. It is convenient to come from the base

of Wanlongdian in the Mediterranean Sea, which is 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000. It was only the first time Qiu Zhiyuan met, so charlie couldn’t trust him.

Just based on his selflessness to Abbas back then, it can be inferred that this person’s disposition will never be bad.

However, it will be known after a period of observation whether it can be used to great effect.

Therefore, it is definitely impossible for me to leave all the affairs here to him alone.

Abbas naturally understands charlie’s worries, and what charlie said just now is indeed very objective. In private, he is his master, but in public, he will be his subordinate in the future. He must also be strict with him.

For a mercenary like Abbas, he can handle this kind of relationship very well.

In the army, there are always some roles similar to the old squad leader. When the recruits were eggs, they were under him, taught and cared for by him, but as time went by, the old squad leader might still be the old squad leader, but a certain A new recruit may have become a senior officer in the army. In private, the old squad leader is the old squad leader who is always worthy of respect, but in public, subordinates are subordinates, and they are no different from other subordinates.

This situation is very common in the armies of various countries, and it is the same among mercenaries.

Therefore, Abbas said without hesitation, “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, your subordinates will be safe!”

After that, he thought of something, and quickly asked charlie, “Mr. Wade, there is one thing that my subordinates don’t want to understand. Can you please clarify your doubts?”

charlie nodded, “Tell me.”

Abbas said, “If you take all the knights and dead soldiers here under your command, how should your subordinates ensure the stable operation of this place and at the same time break the clear? Will you find any clues?”

charlie smiled, did not answer his question, but said loudly, “It’s almost time, let’s go meet those Xiaoqiguards first, and you will know when their problems are resolved. The answer to this question!”


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