Chapter 5273 Of The Amazing Son in Law

charlie’s words not only shocked Qiu Zhiyuan, but also made him feel mixed feelings deep in his heart at this moment.

Firstly, he couldn’t figure out why this young man would be so confident to intervene and challenge the huge Po Qinghui;

secondly, he couldn’t even understand why the same people had different fates. He and Abbas were both martial arts geniuses. The cultivation before the age of 1000 was not only overwhelming, but even shocking.

To be able to cultivate eight-star warriors before the age of thirty is completely rare in the world of warriors he knew, and it is difficult to pick one out of ten thousand.

Therefore, when he decided to enter the WTO to roam around in search of a breakthrough more than a year ago, he sighed for the future of Abbas.

Because at that time, he felt that although Abbas practiced Yimapingchuan before the age of 30, he was a teacher of himself after all, and the way and mentality of practicing martial arts were exactly the same, so in the future he would definitely face himself for 30 years. An embarrassing situation that cannot be broken through.

When he decided to enter the WTO, Qiu Zhiyuan also talked about his worries to Abbas. He even comforted Abbas and promised him that once he found a chance to break through to the Dark Realm, he would definitely come back to help him.

However, who would have thought that when he made up his mind, took the poison and joined the Poqing Society, and was eagerly waiting for the opportunity to enter the Huben Camp, and then prepared to spend at least ten years in the Huben Camp to seek a breakthrough, his apprentice Abbas, It has already stepped into the sky and stepped into the dark.

This huge psychological gap made Qiu Zhiyuan feel very uncomfortable, even when facing Abbas, he couldn’t help feeling a little ashamed in his heart.

The feeling that the master was overtaken by the apprentice really made him feel mixed.

Abbas could also see the loneliness on Master’s face, and immediately blurted out, “Master, Mr. Wade is a man with real supernatural powers, and he is also the head of the Huaxia Wade family. This disciple believes that with Young Master Wade’s strength and potential, In the future, it will never be a problem to eradicate the Po Qinghui! Moreover, Young Master Wade is generous, repaying grievances with virtue, and convincing others with virtue! When the disciple cut off all the meridians at the beginning, it was Young Master Wade who helped the disciple completely repair them, and he allowed the disciple to step into it in just one stick of incense. The bright realm is perfect, and the disciple can step into the dark realm because of Young Master Wade, if you want, you might as well give your allegiance to Young Master Wade, and together with disciple, help Young Master Wade realize his great wish!”

Qiu Zhiyuan’s expression was extremely complicated.

He also knew that joining the Poqing Society was the worst of the worst strategies. If he hadn’t been unable to break through for decades and killed him, he would not have been willing to suffer such humiliation.

Among other things, when he was in the Wanlong Palace, although he was not the real talker, he was a patriarch respected by everyone, and his prestige was even higher than that of the Wanpo Army.

But after joining the Poqing Society, he is nothing more than a slave of the Poqing Society.

His status is nothing more than a guard next to the Jiedushi. It seems that he is under one person and above thousands of people here, but in fact, he has no command over the guards and dead soldiers.

And he didn’t have any subordinates, he just let Jiedushi call him around.

Not to mention that now, he has become Yechen’s prisoner to some extent.

Thinking of this, he knelt down on one knee without hesitation, clasped his fists towards charlie, and respectfully said, “Mr. Wade, if you don’t dislike me, I’ll be by your side to do my best for you!”

charlie nodded slightly, Ask him, “What’s the condition for you to talk with the Jiedu envoy? Did he promise you how long it will take for you to become a master of the dark realm?”


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