Chapter 5272 Of The Amazing Son in Law

After finishing

speaking, he looked at the middle-aged man and blurted out, “Master, don’t you recognize me?! I am Po Army!”

charlie said lightly, “His mind is under my control now.”

Abbas was stunned for a moment, and blurted out, “Mr. Wade, my teacher respects him…he also joined that organization?! “

charlie nodded, and said with a smile, “I joined, but it seems that my status is a bit low, and I can’t talk here.”

After that, charlie looked at Qiu Zhiyuan and ordered, “You, come here!”

Qiu Zhiyuan heard charlie’s voice order, and then hurried to the front.

charlie glanced at him, waved his hand in front of him, and took back the aura that controlled him.

The moment Qiu Zhiyuan regained his sanity, he stared at charlie with a face full of horror, and blurted out, “You…what did you do to me?!”

charlie pointed at Abbas beside him, and asked, “You still Do you know this person?”

Qiu Zhiyuan looked at Abbas, and was even more stunned!

He looked at Abbas for a long time before asking in shock, “You…you are abbas?!”  knelt down

on one knee, and respectfully said, “Master, it is the disciple abbas !” Qiu Zhiyuan Subconsciously asked, “You… what is your cultivation level now?! Why can’t I see your cultivation level?! Could it be… Could it be that you have surpassed the Dzogchen Ming Realm?!”

Abbas looked at charlie, truthfully Said, “Return to Master, this disciple is fortunate to have Mr. Wade’s support, and now he has

stepped into the dark!” Shocked.

He widened his eyes, and said subconsciously, “This… This is impossible! I have been trapped in the Great Perfection of the Ming Realm for nearly 30 years and have not been able to break through. You and I have only been separated for a year. How can you become an eight-star warrior, All the way through the Great Perfection of the Bright Realm and into the Dark Realm?!”

Abbas respectfully said, “Master, this disciple just said that all this is thanks to Mr. Wade for giving this opportunity to this disciple.”

After speaking, he couldn’t help asking “Master , Aren’t you going to Yunyou? Why are you here?!”

Qiu Zhiyuan has realized that the mysterious young man in front of him, who is called Mr. Wade by Abbas, must be a master with extraordinary strength. Control, which shows that his means are already higher than his ownI don’t know how much.

Hearing that he gave his disciple Abbas a great opportunity, he couldn’t help asking respectfully, “Mr. Wade, I don’t know what your identity is?” charlie said lightly, “You are not qualified to ask about my identity

.” , charlie asked in a cold voice, “You haven’t answered the question that Pojun

asked you just now.” Qiu Zhiyuan was startled, and quickly said, “I joined the WTO and traveled in order to find a chance to break through the Great Consummation of the Ming Realm. I happened to be in North Africa

When I met the Jiedu Envoy here, he saw that my cultivation base had reached the Great Perfection of the Ming Realm, so he persuaded me to join the Poqing Society, and promised that after I had served in the Poqing Society for three years, he would recommend me to join the Huben Camp. As soon as he got hot, he agreed, but he didn’t expect that to join the Poqing Association, he would have to take a special poison, and he would need to take the antidote for life to save his life…”

Abbas asked in surprise, “Master, what kind of organization is the Huben Camp? “

Qiu Zhiyuan explained, “The Huben Camp is the base for the Po Qing Society to train masters of the Dark Realm. Every warrior who has completed the Ming Realm can successfully break through and step into the Dark Realm after joining the Huben Camp…”

Abbas endured “Master, according to my current understanding of this organization, this organization with a history of hundreds of years seems to be very evil. Why did you join such an organization and work for them?”

Qiu Zhiyuan sighed, “Because I want to break through Ah! Once upon a time, I was also an unrivaled genius warrior. I was in my thirties and made great strides all the way to the Dzogchen Ming Realm. But who would have thought that I was trapped in the Dzogchen Ming Realm for 30 years? … For the past thirty years, I have always wanted to break through to the last level, but such a big breakthrough is not easy, and I have not been able to achieve it for so many years…”

After speaking, Qiu Zhiyuan said again, “The Poqing Society promised to let me break through To the Dark Realm, I did not hesitate at that moment, and immediately agreed to them. For me, the biggest goal of my life is to be able to step into the Dark Realm. How can I not grasp this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…”

Speaking of this, he couldn’t help asking Abbas, “Pojun, why are you here?! Could it be that Wanlongdian is already an enemy of Poqinghui?”

Abbas arched his hands towards charlie, and said respectfully, “Return to Master, this disciple and tens of thousands of members of the Wanlong Hall have sworn to be loyal to Mr. Wade, and the reason why this disciple came here is because Mr. The Poqing Society will be completely eradicated!”

Qiu Zhiyuan looked at charlie subconsciously, and said frankly, “Little brother, although I have only joined the Poqing Society for a year, but just like a glimpse of a leopard in a pipe, you can know the whole leopard with a glimpse, the strength of the Poqing Society, It is much stronger than Wanlongdian. There are nearly a hundred masters in the dark realm alone in the whole Poqing Society. Breaking the sky will fight against it, like a fly shaking a tree, it is vulnerable!”

charlie smiled slightly when he heard this, and said calmly, “Even if it is a towering tree? I will take all its branches and buds one by one. Cut off all the roots, then uproot it and step on it!”


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