Chapter 5271 Of The Amazing Son in Law

After Li Nianzong left the office, charlie did not let the next person come in immediately, but took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Abbas, asking him to land immediately according to the original plan, and go around to the back of the copper mine to wait.

At this time, the Wan Po Army had already brought the elites of the Wanlong Palace, the seven Xiao cavalry guards, Wu Siqi and others to the coastline of Cyprus by boat.

According to charlie’s request, they parked and waited less than ten kilometers from the coastline.

In the next two hours, charlie followed suit and met with the remaining heads of Xiaoqiwei at all levels.

This also allowed him to test out four more treacherous people who, like Ma Chenfei, intended to inform the organization in exchange for approval.

And charlie also continued to use the same rhetoric as when he was fooling Ma Chenfei, making them think that they had made great achievements, and let them develop their own offline, so as to ensure that all of their people would be able to take medicine in the public later stage. He held a towel in his left hand so that charlie could identify it.

At this moment, more than two hundred Xiaoqiguards have been virtually divided into two camps.

Those who are willing to follow Li Nianzong and others to fight against the Qing Dynasty and fight for freedom are ready to take over the entire copper mine.

However, there are still some brave cavalry guards who can’t wait to prove their sincerity in this “test”.

They were all gathered in Ma Chenfei’s office at this time. Ma Chenfei told them what had happened before, and then said excitedly, “Thanks to my cleverness today, I discovered something strange in the antidote, so I accidentally If I hit the right track and passed the test of the British Lord, if I get crazy and try to take advantage of this opportunity to get out of the organization’s control like

Li Nianzong and the others, I’m afraid we will all be doomed!” Similarly, they are eager to climb higher and higher in the organization, so after hearing what happened, they are all grateful and excited.

In their view, being able to successfully pass the test of the British Lord is a huge opportunity in itself, and everyone who seizes this opportunity will definitely be rewarded by the organization.

So, a group of people expressed their loyalty to Ma Chenfei excitedly, and one of them said excitedly, “Chief of the Central Banner, oh no, the future Commander, you will make a great success in the future, but don’t forget us loyal people.” Ma Chenfei laughed, patted his chest and said, “

Brothers, don’t worry, we will firmly grasp this wave of opportunities today. In the future, the important positions of the entire Xiaoqiguard will definitely be ours. The position will naturally be vacated. The left and right flag leaders will definitely be severely punished by the organization, and the other leaders under them will also be doomed. At that time, no one will take up these important positions. At that time, everyone will be able to go further as a whole!”

Hearing these words, everyone was even more excited, and each of them had already begun to calculate in their hearts, calculating what kind of huge reward they could reap after this test.

At this time, the voice of the chairman came from the radio, “Attention all the knights, gather in the staff auditorium in ten minutes, and the special envoy will distribute the latest antidote to everyone!”

Ma Chenfei stood up excitedly when he heard the radio, ambitious He said, “Brothers, it’s time to make contributions! Everyone, go back and get a towel and hold it in your left hand. After the special envoy sees it, you will know that we are absolutely loyal to the organization!

” It would be a little strange, in case other people ask, how should we answer? “

Ma Chenfei said casually, “Whatever they do, if someone asks, just say that the weather is hot, and prepare a towel to wipe off the sweat. Don’t care if they believe it or not. It’s just a towel anyway. What can they guess?

After all, Ma Chenfei said again, “Besides, this group of people can’t make any waves. After all, even if they take the antidote, the poison in their bodies will not be really cured. When the special envoy tells the truth, they still have to Give in? At that time, even if they know that we have already expressed our sincerity to the special envoy, so what? Anyway, they will either be executed in the future, or they will be included under our command and under our command. Are you afraid that they will cause some trouble? “

The man suddenly realized, and complimented, “Brother Ma is wise! It seems that today is a good opportunity for our brothers to make a fortune! Everything depends on Brother Ma, and we will definitely obey your orders in the future!”

Ma Chenfei nodded in satisfaction. Nodded, and said with a smile, “If you have these words from the brothers, I will not waste my intentions today, that’s all right! Everyone hurry back and prepare towels, and we will see you in the staff auditorium later!”

All Xiaoqiwei, When they were about to go to the staff auditorium, Abbas and his party had already landed smoothly and walked around to the back of the copper mine without making a sound.

charlie ordered the special envoy Duan Liye and Jiedu Envoy to go to meet them in person, and brought the group directly to the office building.

Except for Abbas, the others stayed in the meeting room for the time being, while Abbas, accompanied by Duan Liye, walked into charlie’s office.

After entering the office, Abbas respectfully bowed slightly to charlie, and said, “Mr. Wade, all the subordinates have arrived and are waiting for your further instructions.”

charlie nodded and said, “I have asked their The Xiaoqiguards gathered in the auditorium. According to the plan, first find out the traitors inside the Xiaoqiguards, and then hold a mobilization meeting for them. At that time, you will take the seven Xiaoqiguards and listen to my orders in the background.”

Abbas said without hesitation “Okay, Mr. Wade, this subordinate understands!”

After finishing speaking, he cupped his fists towards charlie, and subconsciously glanced at the few people standing motionless in the room.

It doesn’t matter at this point, he looked at one of the middle-aged and elderly people, and blurted out in shock, “Master?! Why are you here?!” The

person he called Master was a guard beside Jiedushi.

charlie didn’t pay much attention to this person before, after all, this person’s cultivation base is only the Great Perfection of Ming Realm, so charlie didn’t take it seriously.

Unexpectedly, this person would be the master of Abbas.

He frowned and asked, “Abbas, is this person really your master?”

“Yes!” Abbas subconsciously nodded and said, “He is my master Qiu Zhiyuan…” 


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