Chapter 5270 Of The Amazing Son in Law

Li Nianzong looked He said firmly, “The subordinates believe that these people ignore the tragic experience and deep-seated hatred of their ancestors, and only care about their own interests, and even betray their comrades who fought side by side. , and even personally killed the traitor Wu Sangui of Emperor Yongli of the Southern Ming Dynasty?!”

charlie never thought that when Li Nianzong mentioned the traitor, he would think of Wu Sangui hundreds of years ago.

However, he soon understood why.

Many of the ancestors of these Xiaoqiwei should be the people of Nanming. Nanming was the last dynasty of the Han people. To the Han people at that time, Wu Sangui was the most treacherous official in the world.

Not only for his own glory and wealth, he put the Qing army into the pass and took away the country and land of the Han people. He even served as a pawn for the Qing army and committed many unforgivable crimes against his compatriots.

What is even more outrageous is that this person was originally a courtier of the Ming Dynasty, but after he surrendered to the Qing Dynasty, he personally captured the last emperor of the Southern Ming Dynasty, Emperor Yongli, to Chuncheng, and killed him with his own hands. In the long history of thousands of years, it is rare.

Therefore, this person can almost be regarded as the biggest traitor among the Han people. However, Charlie

 waved his hand to Li Nianzong at this time and said, “Although I agree with your evaluation of these people, I do not agree with your punishment of these people.”

Li Nianzong quickly asked, “Sir, what do you think is wrong?”

“Killing is always easy, but most of the time, killing is not enough justice. After all, you are just a group, not a sound society. If you want to kill them, first of all, there is no law to follow, and second, you may not be able to fully obey them.” Everyone, if your actions give other people a feeling of “those who oppose me will perish”, then to others, what is the difference from being controlled by the Poqing Society?”

Li Nianzong was stunned,Ask him, “Sir, what do you mean?”

charlie said lightly, “Once today’s goal is achieved, you will be out of the control of the Po Qinghui in a practical sense, and I am not your new master. You have reached a fair agreement. The content of this agreement is that I will give you the antidote, and you will fight against the Cracking Society with me. Once the Cracking Society is eradicated, this agreement will naturally terminate

; During the stage, although your general direction must follow the agreement with me, but within you, you need to establish a set of internal order with credibility, and when making decisions on any internal affairs, you must be able to convince the public.”

Said Here, charlie paused, and continued, “Once this credible internal order is established, this set of order is equivalent to your internal basic laws. Everyone’s behavior must be bound by this set of basic laws, and you To ensure the fairness of this set of rules, make sure that it applies to each of you; “

“As for those who intend to betray the knight guards, they should be punished with this set of basic rules after the establishment of this set of basic rules Punishment, so that we can truly convince the public.”

At this point, charlie looked at Li Nianzong, and said earnestly, “If you really want to kill them, everyone must kill them, not just you,

Li Nianzong After a long silence, he said gratefully, “Sir, I understand what you mean! “

charlie hummed, and said lightly, “You go down and prepare first, find someone you can trust completely, tell them the situation, and let them prepare. I will meet the people behind me one by one, and look inside. Is there anyone else who is like Ma Chenfei? If so, I will also let them hold a towel in their left hand to distinguish them, and then you will lead someone to catch them all! “


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