Chapter 5269 Of The Amazing Son in Law

charlie’s promise made Li Nianzong’s heart turbulent.

He knelt on the ground, looked up at charlie with eyes full of passion, and asked excitedly, “Sir, what should my subordinates do next, please tell me clearly!

” The envoys and special envoys are already under my control. Right now, you Xiaoqiwei are the people with the highest voice here, so I need you to cooperate with me. First, among the Xiaoqiwei, those who are determined to break the Qing Dynasty and will work hard, not one person will be left behind. Catch them all!”

Li Nianzong said with a surprised expression, “Sir, please forgive me for speaking bluntly, Xiaoqiwei has been fighting for a long time, but there is no chance to get out of their control, now sir can give us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I believe All the Xiaoqiguards will definitely follow in the footsteps of the master, obey the orders of the master, and go all out to defeat the Poqinghui!”

charlie shook his head, and said lightly, “You have courage, strategy and backbone, but it seems that you still lack a little bit of humanity. I fully understand.”

As he said that, charlie said with a stern expression, “You don’t know, just now the Zhongqi commander has told me the real situation of the antidote and your plan verbatim. Qinghui, or Desperate World, he prefers to stay in Poqinghui and climb up all the way.”

Li Nianzong widened his eyes and blurted out, “Sir… this… is this true?!”

“Of course.” charlie nodded, and told Li Nianzong the content of the conversation he had just had with the head of the banner.

Li Nianzong was furious when he heard this, he gritted his teeth and said, “This damned Ma Chenfei wants to betray the entire Xiaoqiguard! I must kill him myself!”

charlie said lightly, “There are not a few people like him among the Xiaoqiguard!”

After a slight pause, charlie said again, “According to what he said, there are at least a dozen people who he can be sure of. Those who are ambiguous or temporarily vacillating but will choose to betray Xiaoqiwei at a critical moment can’t be underestimated.” Wait!”

“Now I want all of you knight guards and dead soldiers to unite, pretending that nothing happened on the surface, and become a steel knife inserted into the interior of the Qing Dynasty!”

“However, if you want to achieve this goal, you must ensure that there are no traitors among you!”

“Otherwise, once someone tries to report the news to the outside, it may kill you!”

Li Nianzong said without hesitation “Don’t worry, sir, I will immediately lead someone to arrest Ma Chenfei, force him to name everyone else, and wipe them all out!”

charlie waved his hand, “It’s not right after all, because this matter is likely to I have already arranged this matter. That Ma Chenfei did not know my real identity, and he also believed my words. I have asked him to secretly mobilize those like-minded people. I believe those people will also I will help him bring other wavering people over. At that time, they will hold the towel in their left hand. All you have to do is to explain the situation to someone you absolutely trust, and when I go to distribute medicine for all the knight guards later, You use my throwing cups as an excuse to arrest all the people with towels in their left hands!”

Hearing this, Li Nianzong immediately said with a look of conviction, “Mr. Good idea! With Mr. Catch all the ones left!”

After that, he suddenly remembered something, and hurriedly asked charlie, “By the way, sir, what are you going to do with this group of people?”

charlie asked him, “Do you have any good ideas?”


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