Chapter 5268 Of The Amazing Son in Law

speaking, he couldn’t help but look at the Jiedu Envoy and the Jiedu Envoy’s personal guards standing on both sides , couldn’t help asking charlie, “Are they all yours too?!”

charlie waved his hand, “They are not. I came here by myself tonight. They are just controlled by me with psychological hints.”

After finishing speaking , charlie said to Li Nianzong again, “By the way, I came today, and I brought thousands of antidotes that can completely remove the toxins in your body, so that all your knight guards and all dead soldiers can completely get rid of the control of the poison in your body.”

“In addition, I have heard what you talked to them in the next door just now. Although the courage is commendable, the strategy is still a bit weak!”

“If you people choose to stay here and stick to this copper mine, it’s only a matter of time before the Poqing Council comes in and kills all of you;

” I will kill you one by one without leaving any future troubles, and it is only a matter of time!”

“It’s just that the latter lasts a little longer than the former.”

Li Nianzong was silent for a moment, looked at charlie, He opened his mouth and asked, “Then I dare to ask, if you came here today with the antidote, can you give us a third choice?!”

“Of course!” charlie looked at him, nodded approvingly, and said loudly “I came here today to do three things! One is to control the special envoy and the Jiedu envoy here without bloodshed. As you can see, I have already achieved this.”

After speaking, charlie paused slightly and continued Said, “As for the second thing, it is to remove all the toxins in all of you without the CCP noticing, but the premise is that none of you can escape, and you must stay here and cooperate with me.” , Listen to my orders anytime, anywhere.”

“And the third thing is to let you stay here and cooperate with me inside and outside after detoxification, and prepare for the complete elimination of the Poqing Society!”

Li Nianzong frowned, and then said seriously “Since you want to be the enemy of the Poqing Society, you have a common enemy with us and are our comrades-in-arms, and you are willing to remove the poison in our bodies, then you are our benefactor. The Poqing Society controls us like that, and I, Li Nianzong, would like to follow your lead!”

charlie said calmly, “Since I have brought the antidote that can completely remove the poison in your body, I will naturally not turn around like the Poqing Society. Use such indecent means to control you to work for me.”

Then, charlie said again, “Besides, I don’t need anyone to simply work for me. What I need is that you and I cooperate with each other like comrades-in-arms. Together we will uproot the broken society, and II promise you, after the Poqing Society is eradicated, all of you will be completely free. At that time, where you want to go and what you want to do will be your freedom, and I, charlie, will never stop you! “

Li Nianzong was a little excited when he heard this!

charlie’s words released three huge surprises to him.

The first surprise was that they were able to completely remove the poison in their bodies, and they would no longer be bound by it for life after life!

The second The surprise is that charlie and them share the same goal, which is to eradicate the Po Qing Society. Originally, he never thought that he would have the ability to uproot the Po Qing Society, but charlie’s inscrutability made him subconsciously feel that, Following charlie, the probability of success will be infinitely magnified!

As for the third surprise, charlie gave him the promise of freedom!

This is the key to changing the tragic fate of these people for hundreds of years!

Their ancestors all longed for Free body.

But so many years have passed, countless people have sacrificed their lives for the Po Qing Society, and even been killed by the Po Qing Society, but no one has gained freedom in the true sense.

Some Xiaoqiwei and their “scholar” descendants have indeed The Poqing Society worked hard and gained relative freedom. However, as long as the poison is not cleared for a day, the freedom will still be firmly in the hands of the Poqing Society.

A bird in a cage has no freedom, and a rope is tied to its ankle. Parrots in chains also have no freedom.

Therefore, the conditional freedom of the latter has always been despised by Li Nianzong.

If given the opportunity, he would rather fight to the death with the Poqing Society. Even if he dies in the end, it will be considered a worthy death.

However, even though he has such thoughts, he is not a reckless man. He knows very well that if he just recklessly confronts the Po Qinghui, he will basically die in vain.

Until a few minutes ago, charlie’s antidote made him He ignited the confidence to fight to the death.

And after charlie told his real purpose, his confidence was even stronger!

As soon as he thought about it, he knelt down on one knee without thinking, clasped his fists with both hands, and said devoutly, “If Mr. can keep his promise, I, Li Nianzong, swear in the name of all ancestors that I will follow Mr. until Poqing will completely disappear from this world!”

As he said that, he suddenly changed his mind and said, “No! I would like to follow my husband and stand on my shoulders until my death. As long as my husband can give freedom to my children and grandchildren, I can live my life with a smile on my face and no regrets!”

charlie nodded, calmly Said, “I will naturally keep my promise, not only to you, but also to all the dead soldiers and knight guards who are controlled by the Poqing Society. On the day the Poqing Society disappears, I will return all the dead soldiers and knight guards to freedom!”


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