Chapter 5267 Of The Amazing Son in Law

The third person to enter the office was the short-haired man who mobilized the other cavalry guards to take the opportunity to resist.

charlie recognized his voice when he said the phrase “Chief Xiaoqiwei Zuoqi begs to see the special envoy” at the door.

So, from the moment he entered the door, charlie was watching his every move.

This man is about forty years old. Although he has a popular face, there is an unconcealable heroism between his brows.

Seeing charlie, he bowed slightly, and said as a matter of routine, “Master Special Envoy, I have tried the new antidote you gave me, and found nothing abnormal.”

charlie smiled slightly and asked him, “What’s your name? “The

short-haired man didn’t know why charlie asked his name. When he was puzzled, he could only answer truthfully, “Report to Mr. Special Envoy, the name of his subordinate is Li Nianzong.”

charlie asked again, “I remember that the dead are all named after numbers. The dead men must have been promoted all the way up, why do they have names?” The

short-haired man immediately said neither humble nor overbearing, “The subordinates in the dead soldiers camp are indeed named after numbers, but the ancestors of the subordinates put their surnames and first names in the dead soldiers. It has been passed down from generation to generation in the camp, and this is allowed in the camp of dead soldiers.”

charlie nodded, and suddenly took off the huge hat of the black robe, revealing his true face.

Li Nianzong was a little surprised, he didn’t know why the special envoy showed his true face, after all, he had never encountered this before.

Moreover, he was a little surprised by charlie’s age.

As early as when charlie gave them the antidote just now, he knew that the special envoy had changed this time. It was no longer the old man with a very old voice, but a newcomer who sounded younger.

However, he didn’t have any doubts about this. After all, the special envoy was not at the same level as him, and the special envoy’s personnel changes would not greet them dead men.

But when he found out that charlie was so young, he couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

Because in his opinion, charlie can become a special envoy at such a young age, so he must be very strong.

And being able to have super-class strength at such a young age also proves that this person is extremely talented and absolutely extraordinary.

Therefore, he was very worried that charlie would see the clues.

In addition, charlie’s behavior of showing his true face suddenly made him a little more nervous.

This unprecedented situation made him decide in his heart that this young special envoy was absolutely extraordinary. At this time, charlie looked at him and said with a smile, “Li Nianzong

, let me ask you, is there anything abnormal about this antidote?”

There is really nothing abnormal.”

charlie asked him with a smile that was not a smile, “I see, this is the unified rhetoric that you have discussed, right?”

Li Nianzong was startled, but he still forcibly calmed down, pretending to be stupid and said, “Master Special Envoy, the subordinate I don’t understand what you mean…”

charlie said calmly, “Li Nianzong, the poison in your body has completely disappeared, am I right?!”

Hearing this, Li Nianzong felt as if he had been struck by lightning.

He looked at charlie in horror and trepidation, and looked at his slightly lazy and casual smile. He suddenly realized that what happened just now in the meeting room next door seemed to him a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. , But looking at it now, it seems that the special envoy in front of him is deliberately playing a cat-and-mouse game with people like himself.

It seemed that everything was already under his control.

Even, all of this may be because he deliberately played with himself and other Xiaoqiwei brothers.

In desperation, Li Nianzong tried to make the last struggle. He shook his head and said to charlie, “Master Special Envoy, please forgive me for being stupid. The situation you mentioned has never been noticed by my subordinates…”

charlie stood up at this time, walked to Li Nianzong, and smiled lightly, “Okay, you don’t have to act with me anymore, the antidote you are taking is prepared by myself. What are the effects of these medicines? I am better than you.” Be clear.”

“What?!” Li Nianzong stared wide-eyed, looked at charlie with a face full of horror, and subconsciously asked, “Master Special Envoy…you…you said that this antidote…was prepared by yourself?!”

charlie nodded and said with a smile, “That’s right, I prepared it myself, and it’s not the antidote that you took before, which can delay the onset of the poison in your body, but it can make the poison in your body slow down.” The real antidote for the poison to disappear completely.”

Li Nianzong looked at charlie, and asked suspiciously, “Master Special Envoy…you…why did you do this?! Based on the subordinates’ understanding of the organization, the organization has always acted extremely Be cautious, never take such a risk…”

charlie nodded, and said calmly, “You are right, it is impossible for the Poqing Society to come up with such a real antidote, even if they can do it, They will never do it.”

Li Nianzong asked subconsciously, “Then why are you…”

charlie looked at him and said with a smile, “Because I am not a special envoy at all, and I am not a member of the Qing Dynasty, but He is the enemy of the Qing Dynasty!”

Li Nianzong was shocked, and blurted out, “This…how is this possible…” After finishing


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