Chapter 5265 Of The Amazing Son in Law

Soon, the first Xiaoqiwei who got the antidote from charlie came to the door of the office. He knocked on the door and said respectfully ,

“Chief Xiaoqiwei Youqi please see the special envoy!

out of the office.

charlie had noticed him as early as when he first met those twelve people. He looked more like a western face, but he also had some Asian features, so he must be of mixed race.

charlie, who was wrapped in a black robe, was sitting behind a large solid wood desk, looked at the middle-aged man in front of him, and asked, “Have you taken the antidote?”

The middle-aged man quickly said, “Master Special Envoy, Already ate it.”

charlie nodded slightly, and asked again, “How do you feel? Did you find anything unusual?” The

middle-aged man said without hesitation, “It feels good, and I didn’t find any abnormalities. I can obviously feel that after taking the medicine this time, there is no abnormality in the body. The suppressing power of the toxin is stronger, so it shouldn’t be a problem if it lasts for fifteen days.”

“Okay.” charlie nodded, smiled playfully, and then asked, “By the way, what position do you hold in the Xiaoqiguard? “

The man immediately said, “Master Special Envoy, the commander of the right banner among the three banners of Xiaoqiwei under his subordinates is in command of the entire right banner.”

“The commander of the right banner.” The

man hurriedly said, “Master Special Envoy, it is difficult to verify the lineage of my subordinates. As far as my subordinates know, there are Chinese, Japanese, British, German, Russian, and South American bloodlines. My earliest ancestors They are all Chinese, but since a hundred years ago, many other races have been added to the dead, so the bloodlines have become more and more chaotic.”

charlie was secretly surprised, it seems that after so many years of development, the broken Qing Dynasty, The bloodlines of the dead soldiers have already diversified.

Immediately, he waved his hand to that person and said, “Okay, you go down first, let the next person come in.”

The man respectfully said, “Your subordinate obeys!”

Soon, the second person knocked on the door, “Chief Xiaoqiwei Zhongqi please see the special envoy!”

charlie said, and the person hurried into the office.

He closed the door, came in front of charlie, and said respectfully, “I have met the special envoy!”

After finishing speaking, he looked at Jiedushi and others standing motionless beside him, and respectfully saluted the commander, “I have met Jiedu!” Your Excellency!”

charlie asked him, “Have you taken the antidote?”

The man hurriedly said, “Go back to Mr. Special Envoy, the subordinate has already taken the antidote!”

After finishing speaking, he hurriedly lowered his voice, and said flatteringly, “Mr. Special Envoy, My subordinates have two important things to report to you!”

charlie raised his eyebrows, and said calmly, “You can tell me anything.”

The man hurriedly said, “The first thing is, there is something wrong with this medicine!”

charlie was curious Asked, “What’s the problem with the medicine?”

The man explained, “Master Special Envoy, after taking this new antidote, all the toxins in the body disappeared!”


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