Chapter 5264 Of The Amazing Son in Law

” Don’t forget that they controlled us in the past, relying on the antidote and the poison in our body! Do you think I didn’t want to fight against them for so many years? I am willing to give my life for resisting them, but they don’t give us a chance to fight head-on. As long as they stop supplying the antidote, all of us will die for at most seven days! Speaking of

this, he said with a firm expression, “As long as the poison in everyone’s body is detoxified, then we will organize everyone to ask their opinions. If they are willing to resist the organization, then we will use this as a base.” , Fight the organization to the end; if they tend to escape the control of the organization, then we will leave Cyprus overnight and disperse and flee around the world! “

With so many people fleeing at once, even if the organization wants to hunt them down, it may be difficult to catch them. As long as everyone escapes and hides their names as much as possible, I believe that some people will survive and live freely.” ! “

After finishing speaking, he looked around the crowd again, and said impassionedly, “Think about it, everyone, our ancestors fought all the way from the dead to the knights, and they couldn’t recover their freedom for hundreds of years. The bug of this new antidote is ours. The best opportunity, and it is a fleeting opportunity! Once they find this bug, then we will have no chance! You really want our future generations to be forever shackled by this unbreakable poison What?!

The short-haired man’s words made everyone around him eager to try.

One of them clenched his fist and said through gritted teeth, “Damn it, if we don’t seize this opportunity, our descendants will never know what to do next.” Toxic control for hundreds of years! Since this opportunity is once in a lifetime, we must seize it no matter what! “

After that, he looked at the short-haired man, and said firmly, “Old Li, just say what you want to do, brother, I will obey your orders from now on!” “

“Yes, Chief Zuo Banner, we all follow your command!” “

Others expressed their opinions one after another.

The short-haired man said happily, “Okay!” Since everyone is willing to fight, let’s make a plan first. The most important thing right now is to never let the special envoy know that there is something wrong with the antidote, so when he asks us to meet alone later, everyone must With a unified caliber, he said that no problems or abnormalities were found. In this way, heWe will definitely let the next batch of people come to test the medicine. What we have to do is to hurry up and tell them the situation before they are brought here, so that they will be like us and not reveal any clues! “

As he said, he paused slightly, and continued, “In addition, I guess that special envoy can’t be here all the time, waiting for all our Xiaoqiwei to test the medicine, and after more than 30 Xiaoqiwei’s leaders at all levels try the medicine, he must The medicine will be distributed to us, and let us distribute the medicine to our respective subordinates, so after everyone goes back, they have to say hello to their respective subordinates quietly in advance.

Everyone immediately nodded and said, “No problem! ” We all listen to you! “The

short-haired man said again, “I will take advantage of the time when the other two groups of people are testing the medicine one after another, I have to go down to the mine to meet some elders among the dead men, tell them about this, and let them share with us. Fight alongside! Everyone was born as a dead man, and they haven’t even had the chance to see the sun so far. I believe that they will seize this rare opportunity with all their strength! “

Everyone immediately agreed without hesitation, because in their view, the short-haired man’s plan is highly feasible. According to his plan, everyone will first get rid of the other 20 or so heads of the Xiaoqi guards, and then split up to get rid of the other people under their command. Xiao Qiwei, finally mobilize the dead soldiers. In this way, it will be easy to take down the entire copper mine.

However, these people don’t know that everything they just discussed has entered charlie’s words verbatim Ears.

There was an appreciative smile on the corner of his mouth. This person’s courage, courage, and strategy are obviously superior to those of the others. More importantly, his hatred for the Po Qinghui has not diminished because he became a Xiaoqiguard. The blood is still there.

At this time, he has become a little clear about the follow-up arrangements after occupying the copper mine.


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