Chapter 5263 Of The Amazing Son in Law

Hearing charlie’s words, the twelve people dispelled their doubts, and at the same time they were slightly excited.

Originally, the antidote was taken once every seven days, but now it will be extended to fifteen days. For them, this is definitely a good thing to celebrate.

Seeing that the twelve people were eager to try, charlie took out the twelve antidotes and handed them one by one, and said calmly, “Five minutes later, you will meet me in the next office one by one according to the order in which the medicines were distributed.

” Add a sentence: “By the way, the British Lord attaches great importance to this new antidote. During the process of testing the drug, if you have any feelings that are different from the previous antidote, you must give me detailed feedback. If there are major discoveries, I will definitely I will ask the British Lord for your credit!”

Everyone quickly nodded respectfully, then glanced at each other, picked up the antidote together, and put it in their mouths.

charlie didn’t stay where he was, but came out of the meeting room directly and closed the door at the same time.

In less than a few tens of seconds, these Xiaoqiguards will realize that this antidote will completely eliminate the poison in their bodies.

At that time, whether they choose to conceal it or choose to inform them will depend on each of them’s inner tendency to break the Qing Dynasty.

As soon as charlie returned to the office next door, the twelve people in the conference room immediately noticed something was wrong.

One of them opened his eyes first, and exclaimed in a low voice, “Everyone, how do I feel that the poison in my body has disappeared?! Could it be my illusion?!” The

other immediately said, “Mine also disappeared… yes It really disappeared, it should not be an illusion!”

“Me too!” The other person said excitedly, “Everyone, could it be that there is a bug in this new antidote?!”

“It must be!” The person sitting in the middle A man with short hair couldn’t hide his excitement and said, “No matter what kind of bug he has, now this antidote has removed the poison in our body, does this mean that we no longer have to listen to it?” Will it be under control?”

The man sitting next to him quickly asked, “You don’t mean to betray the organization, do you? If you are caught by the organization, you will probably die!”

The short-haired man who spoke just now retorted, “What are you afraid of? This time, we have all changed the antidote, as long as we stop talking nonsense and tell the special envoy that the antidote is not abnormal, then he will definitely give the antidote to other people!” After a

pause, the man said again, ” Don’t forget, we have more than 200 Valiant Cavalry Guards, hundreds of family members in the family area, plus thousands of dead soldiers below the copper mine! If the poison in everyone’s body can be completely removed, no matter whether it is Jiedushi Even the guards around him, it is impossible to be the opponent of so many of us, even if the special envoy is added, it is impossible to be stronger than us!”

“At that time, we can completely control them, and then occupy the entire Copper Mine!”

Someone immediately questioned, “What’s the point of occupying the entire copper mine? Once the organization knows that this place is out of control, they will definitely send people to encircle us!


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