Chapter 5262 Of The Amazing Son in Law

charlie nodded and stretched out his hand , patted him on the shoulder lightly, and as a trace of aura entered the other’s brain, charlie said calmly, “Very good, but from now on, you will do

whatever I say, understand?” The person’s eyes froze, and then he said without thinking, “I understand!”

The people behind him were still a little puzzled at this moment, wondering why the special envoy said such words to Jiedushi.

After all, in the Qing Dynasty, the British Lord is the only supreme existence, and no one is allowed to disobey, let alone offend the superior, but the words of this special envoy seem to want to cultivate his confidants within the organization.

Seeing a few people hesitate, charlie deliberately sneered and asked, “Why? You guys don’t want to be loyal to me like him?”

The middle-aged man said without hesitation, “I only follow the lead of the hero!”

charlie smiled Nodding his head, he said lightly, “It’s really commendable to be loyal! Seeing that you are so loyal to the British Lord, I can feel relieved.”

charlie’s words made a few people feel a little relieved, thinking that charlie was just testing their attitude towards the hero. organizational loyalty.

At this time, charlie walked in front of a few people, stretched out his hands and shook hands with them respectively. After everyone’s brains had been transfused with spiritual energy by himself, he cleared his throat and said sharply to them, “From now on! In the beginning, your only mission is to be loyal to me, understand?”

“Understood!” At this time, charlie had completely completed the psychological suggestion of several people, and agreed respectfully one by one.

After controlling these people, charlie began to prepare to execute his plan.

Through his understanding of the Poqing Society, he can conclude that the dead soldiers and their families must be full of hatred for the Poqing Society in their hearts.

Therefore, as long as the poison in their bodies can be detoxified, they will definitely be instigated by themselves.

However, the Xiaoqiwei group should be relatively cautious.

Because although the Xiaoqiguards are also born as dead men, after all, some Xiaoqiguards have obtained a relatively free status and have entered the promotion ladder that Poqing will tailor for them, so some people must have turned their hearts towards Poqing. Yes, and decided to rely on my own efforts to make great achievements in the Chaqinghui.

Therefore, charlie came up with an idea to eliminate rape.

He planned to let these management personnel call the heads of Xiaoqiwei at all levels to come here first, and let them take medicine here intensively.

After they take the medicine, calmly give them a chance to have a direct interview with their “special envoy”.

The antidote brought by charlie, as long as these Xiaoqi guards take it, the poison in the body will be disintegrated in an instant. At that time, if anyone keeps a secret from himself after taking the medicine and leaves silently, it must be against him. With reservations.

However, if someone comes to inform me immediately after taking the medicine, then this person’s heart must have completely fallen to the Po Qinghui.

Through this method, although it is impossible to determine whether those who have reservations are really at odds with the Poqing Society, at least they can screen out the traitors in the Xiaoqiwei first.

So, he asked the Jiedu envoy, “How many leaders are there at all levels in the Xiaoqiguard?” The

Jiedushi said without hesitation, “The Xiaoqiguard has a commander, three banner commanders, nine battalion commanders, and twenty-seven Captain.”

After that, he said again, “However, the last mission lost a commander, a battalion commander and two captains.”

charlie nodded and said lightly, “Divide the rest into three groups , bring a group of people here first, prepare a room for them next door, and let them take medicine there.”

Jiedushi immediately said respectfully, “Your subordinates will arrange it!”

charlie hummed and instructed “After you bring the person, come here to find me.”


Waited for about a few minutes.

The Jiedu Envoy came back in a hurry, and respectfully said to charlie, “Master Special Envoy, the first group of twelve people has arrived, please move to the conference room!”

charlie nodded, wrapped in a black robe, and led by the Jiedu Envoy , came to the huge conference room next door.

In the conference room at this time, there were already twelve middle-aged men who were restless.

These people are all leaders of Xiaoqiwei at all levels.

When charlie stepped in, all of these people looked very nervous.

charlie walked up to the top of the conference table, looked at the twelve warrior guards, and said lightly, “Everyone, thanks to the benevolence of the hero, I specially changed the antidote for all the warrior guards. I called you here today to hope Everyone can try this new medicine first.” When they

heard that it was a new antidote, everyone’s expressions were terrified.

At this time, they were all very surprised.

Because, in their memory, they have never heard of the organization changing new drugs.

charlie then continued to say, “Recently, the situation has changed suddenly. I think you have heard that Xiaoqiwei will face more difficult tasks in the future, so the effect of your medicine for the previous seven days is obviously not enough, so the hero has prepared a new one for you. The antidote, the effect of the new medicine will be extended from seven days to fifteen days.”

Hearing this, the twelve people immediately dispelled a lot of doubts in their hearts.

charlie took out the antidote he had prepared, and said lightly, “Everyone will take the medicine here this time. After taking the medicine, I will talk to you one by one next door. At that time, I need you to tell me the truth about your feelings about taking the medicine. I will record it and present it to the Lord of England when I go back!”


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