Chapter 5258 Of The Amazing Son in Law

“No.” Duan Liye shook his head and said, “The bodyguards on this ship are all Turkish cavalry guards. As for the crew, they are all peripheral The members are only responsible for sailing the boat, and they don’t know the specifics.”

charlie pointed to the motionless man standing in the corridor inside the door, and asked him, “Who is he?”

Duan Liye said, “He is my deputy.”

charlie frowned and asked, “Does your deputy have to meet your needs?”

Duan Liye replied, “He wants to join the Huben camp, but to join the Huben camp, he needs someone who has been trained in the Huben camp.” Recommendation, that’s why I used this as a condition and asked him to satisfy me…”

charlie stretched out a hand to interrupt him, “Okay, you don’t need to say anything.”

Duan Liye immediately closed his mouth.

charlie asked again at this time, “Is there any way for you to let me sneak into the copper mine with you?”

Duan Liye said without thinking, “It’s simple, you just need to wrap up in a black robe with me.”

“Black robe?”

“Yes.” Duan Liye stood up, took off two black robes from the hanger behind the door, and said to charlie, “Because I am a special envoy, only my superiors and my deputy can see my true face.” , In front of other people in the organization, I am always wrapped in a robe, so that no one can see any features.”

charlie nodded, and then asked, “The person in charge of the Cyprus copper mine, have you seen your real face?”

” No. “Duan Liye shook his head and said, “If you want to go in, you just need to get off the boat in a black robe like me later. After getting off the boat, the guards from the copper mine will pick us up.”

charlie asked again, “Then When will you return?”

“Tomorrow.” Duan Liye said, “After the ship docks, the knights on this ship will gather all the crew members in the engine room, and they will not be allowed to see the outside world. We will start unloading, and after unloading all the materials, we will start loading copper ore, and we will set off to go back when we are full tomorrow morning.”

charlie asked him, “What about you?”

Duan Liye explained, “I will meet you tonight. stay in the copper mines,Supervise the Xiaoqiguards taking the medicine, and then supervise the dead man taking the medicine. After making sure that everyone is taking the medicine normally, it will almost be dawn. “

” Good. charlie nodded and said, “Then I’ll go in with you!” After that, charlie asked again, “

Where’s the antidote you brought?” Duan Liye pointed to the

closet in the corner of the room, and said, “The antidote is in the closet.”

charlie nodded and said, “Take out the antidote. ” “

” Good! “Duan Liye immediately went to the closet, took out a heavy backpack from it, and put the backpack in front of charlie.

charlie opened the backpack and found that it was packed like a chalk box, which was full of There were more than 30 boxes.

He took out one box and found that a round badge was printed with wax paint on the top cover of the box.

charlie opened the box directly, and found that inside was a cylinder that was as thick and long as an index finger and rolled out of kraft paper.

The upper and lower seals of the cylinder also had a wax seal.

charlie tore off the kraft paper, Then he saw the ten small pills wrapped in it.

He put the pills under his nose and sniffed, and found that the antidote was similar to the antidote he had prepared.

Most of the antidote he had prepared was Some nourishing common herbs only have a very small part of them that actually have the effect of detoxification.

And this antidote is the same.

The effect of most of the herbs is to strengthen the body, while the part that really works is a kind of after- treatment The ingredients refined by a special method.

charlie immediately recognized that this ingredient contained a very small amount of aura. Although it was only a tiny amount, charlie could still clearly perceive the existence of aura.

This made charlie’s expression tremble , it seems that the person who refines this antidote can master spiritual energy just like himself!


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